Getting Smart With Maxclean Robot Vacuum Debris Cleaner

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Maxclean Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Robovac IQ Technology

The Maxclean vacuum robot has super suction features which make it the perfect vacuum cleaner for your home. It sucks all the dirt particles on the floor as well as on the carpets too. There are a lot more amazing features of this Vacuum Cleaner. Below mentioned Maxclean robot vacuum review is good enough to give you in-depth knowledge and quality information about Maxclean vacuum.  Some of the features of the Maxclean Robot Vacuum Cleaner that can be found in this Maxclean robot review are as under ;

maxclean robot vacuum cleaner

Design of The Maxclean Robot Vaccum

Unlike traditional vacuum, the robotic mop and vacuum unit are shaped like a disc. It is designed to remove dust from under fixtures and access areas that a standard vacuum cannot reach. There is no need to move chairs, sofas, low tables, or stools when there is a Maxclean smart robotic vacuum within the room.

The Maxclean Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a unique robot vacuum because it is designed to clean an area a couple of times so that no dust can stay behind. The robot vacuum is also equipped with bumpers to prevent any sort of collision with stationary objects.


The New RoboVac: The 11S Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an all-new type of vacuum cleaner that is re-engineered to boost its suction power as well as maintaining the quality of the product. It is one of the most durable and strongest vacuum cleaner available in the market. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the strength of this amazing machine.

IQ Technology: There is a built-in IQ, technology system which helps the vacuum cleaner to automatically increase suction power within just 1.5 seconds. It provides the best cleaning as well as the extra strength to clean the floor properly. It is quite efficient in its work.

Quiet Cleaner: The vacuum cleaner does not make a noise like all other vacuum cleaners. It is as loud as a microwave oven. The vacuum cleaner can work up to 100 minutes continuously on the wooden floor and does not make noise. The advanced brushless motor reduces the vacuuming noise as well as the noise of brushes too.

Voltage Usage: 11S vacuum cleaner works with voltages ranging from 100-240 volts. This is why most of people prefer this Vacuum Cleaner as it does not require high voltage to work.

Design:  The design of this Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is quite slim and can go under your sitting chairs and sofas very easily. Therefore it is very convenient to use it for cleaning your home. It is ultra-thin and only 2.85” in height. It can glide under the furniture and quietly cleans your home.

3 point Cleaning System: The vacuum cleaner works on the principle of three-point cleaning systems. First of all the strong suction power loosen then extract and finally vacuum dirt particles to clean the floor properly and effectively. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the proper cleaning of your home.

Smart Return Back: The smart return back feature allows the robot to come back to the charging position once its battery gets low. You don’t have to worry about the battery of your vacuum cleaner as it can charge itself automatically.

Versatile: The vacuum cleaner can perform different cleaning functions with the help of versatile cleaning modes that are built-in and allows proper cleaning of the floor. You can relax while the vacuum cleaners ensure effortless cleaning of your home.

Sensing Technology: The max clean 11S robot Vacuum cleaner uses advanced sensing technology to detect drops due to which the chance of falling down from stairs reduces significantly. Hence you don’t have to follow the machine and relax while it cleanses your home properly.

Infrared Sensors: There are not only dropping sensors but also 10 built-in Infrared sensors too. The infra-red sensors help the vacuum machine to recognize its surroundings properly. Hence it knows the location and the things that surround it.

Anti-collision sensors: The anti-collision sensor does not let the vacuum cleaner to bump into the objects and avoid any accidents at your home. So, this is an amazing feature that protects your furniture as well as the machine too. The large wheels can roll over the carpet and can work continuously for hours.

Maxclean robot review

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  • Extra slim body to glide under the furniture which ensures proper cleaning.
  • Durable design
  • Zero Vacuum noise
  • Intelligent programming system
  • Three-stage cleaning system
  • High suction that sucks even the smallest particles on your floors as well as on the tiles or floor too.
  • Simple remote control
  • Multiple sensing technologies that help in the proper cleaning of the floor.
  • Extended cleaning time which helps to clean the whole house once the machine is fully charged.


  • The 11S Max Vacuum cleaner is much more expensive than other products with the same qualities.
  • The machine hits the rails.
  • The cleaning of the bin is quite a difficult task and it requires a lot of time. Therefore you have to waste a lot of time cleaning the machine.
  • There is sometimes loud transition sounds when the vacuum changes its mode of cleaning.

Maxclean Vacuum review

What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner can win the title of the Best Vacuum Cleaner if it has the following features to fulfill the needs of the users. The Best Vacuum Cleaner must have:

  • Quiet Cleaning Technology
  • Efficient Voltage Usage
  • 3 point Cleaning System
  • Versatility
  • Smart Return Back
  • Sensing Technology
  • Infrared Sensors
  • Anti-collision sensors


Overall it is a very good vacuum cleaner with advanced cleaning technology. It can help you to clean your home without making so much noise but it is a bit expensive.

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