The Ultimate Merkury Smart Wifi Camera Review

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Merkury Smart Wifi Camera is the ultimate solution to your security problems. It is the perfect solution to keep a watch on your house. Merkury innovations smart wifi 720p camera allows you to do quality recording and it also has a feature of listening and speaking to anyone standing at your door. Let’s do merkury smart wifi camera review.

More and more homeowners are using smart locks and smart security cameras to increase the convenience and security of their homes as part of their smart home ecosystems. In fact, these smart locks and security cameras allow you to keep a check on your home. 

Since there are too many smart wifi outdoor security cameras available in the market and it becomes difficult to choose the best one. That’s where we play our role, we have done intensive research so that you may not have to waste your time looking for the best smart wifi outdoor security camera. We have tested and come up with the review of the Merkury Smart Wifi Camera.

Smart Wifi Camera

Merkury Smart Wifi Camera Review

It is a pleasant surprise to find the Merkury Smart WiFi Camera among the cheap security cameras. The security camera doesn’t go over the top in terms of features, but it fits into a decent smart home ecosystem. Following is the review of Merkury Innovations Smart Wifi 720p Camera:

What’s Inside the Box of Merkury Smart Wifi Camera?

Merkury Innovations Smart Wifi 720p Camera comes with the following accessories:

  • Merkury Smart WiFi Camera
  • USB cable
  • The power adapter
  • The adhesive for mounting
  • A user’s guide 

Design of Merkury Smart Wifi Camera

A thin stem with a round base of 2 inches stands atop the white, puck-shaped Merkury Smart Wifi Camera housing. You can bend the rubberized stem 90 degrees to get the best viewing angle, but bending the stem will cause the camera to topple over, so you should attach the base to something stable with the included adhesive pad. The camera has a height of 4.4 inches when stood upright.

Performance of Merkury Smart Wifi Camera

Tests show good color reproduction and no noticeable distortion on the camera’s daytime video, while its black-and-white night video is bright and crisp out to about 20 feet. It is easy to use and never fails to bring up a notification and video clip whenever there is a motion or sound, and the video footage recording matches the live stream in size and color.

The audio quality for the two-way conversation is subpar: The volume is weak, and the sound is not very clear. Some of the audio quality is similar to that of drive-through speakers at fast-food restaurants. This problem is probably caused by the tiny rear-facing speaker on the Merkury Smart Wifi Camera.

Video Quality of Merkury Innovations Smart Wifi 720p Camera

Comparing it to other cameras in this price range, the Merkury Smart WiFi Camera doesn’t seem too complicated in terms of technology. With a 720p video resolution, it offers plenty of detail to satisfy most users without consuming too much storage space or data.

The camera’s 115-degree field of view works well with the high-resolution, and it provides a clear view of a room even when installed in a corner. Unlike its competitors Wyze and Eufy, this security camera offers good night vision and video quality that matches the daytime video.

Recording Storage of Merkury Smart Wifi Outdoor Security Camera

Among the greatest weaknesses of Merkury’s Smart WiFi Camera is the lack of cloud storage. As an alternative, you can take screenshots and download short video clips directly from live video feeds. A microSD card is necessary for all video storage needs.

You can record up to 128GB on this IP camera, which can last for months before recording starts overwriting old recordings. According to Merkury, if the camera records video with motion detection, even a smaller card will be adequate for long-term storage.

One of the downsides is that no microSD card is included. The cost of the camera will increase when you need to buy a memory card, reducing its affordability. MicroSD cards aren’t included in most competitors’ products either, so this is more of a general complaint than a real negative.

Easy Wi-Fi setup

In addition to connecting to your home Wi-Fi network, you can control this camera with a smartphone app called Geeni (Geeni is a Merkury Innovations subsidiary). Using the app, you can stream live video from your camera, watch recordings, and talk with people, which is possible with the two-way audio from the Merkury Smart WiFi Camera.

It features a bendable stand so that you can point the camera at a specific vantage point, such as an entrance or a fancy home theater. It isn’t supported by 5GHz Wi-Fi networks, so if you struggle to connect, you may need to change your phone’s wireless setting to 2.4GHz during the setup process.

The App of  Merkury Smart Wifi Camera

For the wifi camera to function, you need the Geeni app. An app like this is used to control several different products including smart bulbs, smart switches, and the usual stuff. One of the things that makes this app stand out is actually how decent it is and how pleasing it is to the eye. 

This is integrated right into Geeni’s app. Apart from that, the app is completely free of unnecessary features and clutter. Our favorite part is that you can watch all videos live on your smartphone or save them to an optional SD card. Unlike other cameras, most of them do not offer such a feature.

In addition to the ability to set up multiple homes, we also found it fascinating that each house could have an unlimited number of rooms. Such tools may prove useful in certain situations, for example, if you have an elderly relative with dementia that you need to monitor, or if you are a landlord that needs to monitor properties, or if you have a home and a cottage that you need to monitor simultaneously.

Our only regret is that we wish we had known about this product line two years ago when we were seeking a similar solution. 

We do not mean to go off on a tangent, but this device could certainly help you accomplish that task because with the multiple home functionality, you could have your own house set up as smart home, and from the same account and app, you could manage a whole other property. That’s not a feature we’ve seen in any other app we’ve tested. It’s one of those things you never realize how much you need until you realize that it exists.

Despite this, there is only one drawback about the app itself–it makes deleting multiple photos very difficult. The option to do that is by hitting delete, selecting all, and hitting delete again, but that only removes the ones currently loaded on the page. To remove all those photos, you have to scroll to the bottom of all the pictures, select all, then delete, which will delete all of them. One of the reasons we hate continuous scrolling is because it takes up too much time.

If we sum up all the features of Merkury Smart Wifi Camera we can say that it has

  • Night Vision Feature
  • A motion detector detects motion
  • Sensors for detecting sound
  • A push notification system
  • Listen and talk (microphone and speaker)
  • High Definition 720P
  • The field of view is 115 degrees diagonally
  • It is compatible with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • This uses your home wireless (2.4 GHz only) so no additional hub is required


  • The price is right for this option
  • You can control it via your mobile app
  • The stand is flexible
  • Provides support for multiple voice assistants
  • There are many smart home devices available


  • Cloud storage is not available
  • There is no MicroSD card included
  • There is no 5GHz Wi-Fi network support
  • There are sometimes problems connecting to Wi-Fi

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We have presented you with the review of the Merkury Smart Wifi Camera. With the innovations in technology, people are shifting towards looking for new options for securing their properties. Merkury Smart Wifi Camera is one of those options which provides you the convenience to look after your house remotely. Readers are recommended to thoroughly go through this review of Merkury Smart Wifi Camera before making any purchase.


What’s the procedure for setting up my Merkury Smart WiFi Camera?

Merkury Smart Wifi camera setup process is not difficult. Just follow these steps and you are good to go

  • Before plugging the camera in, connect the USB cable and power adapter.
  • Using the Geeni app (available on Google Play and iOS), connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Make sure the settings are correct, link the voice assistant, then insert a memory card as necessary.
  • The camera can be placed on a flat surface or attached to a wall with the adhesive pad included. 
  • You are good to go

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