Roomba 670 Review [Cleaner of the Year 2020]

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Roomba 670 is efficient and innovative home maintenance and cleaning solution, the iRobot Roomba 670 Robotic vacuum features a 3-stage cleaning process and therefore the iAdapt Navigation system to effectively remove dirt, dust, and hair from your floors.

With support for both Alexa and Google Assistant (data charges apply), the irobot 670responds to certain voice-executed commands.

It is Fully functional and straightforward to schedule, the Roomba 670 delivers an hour and a half continuous cleaning capabilities before wanting to be docked and charged once more.

The round-shaped irobot Roomba 670 clears areas under furniture that is hard to succeed in without crouching on the ground. It comes with an app that you simply use to schedule regular cleanings with the machine. For learning more functional support to cleaning shark robot vacuum comes for your place.


  • Automatic Navigation: Roomba cleaner moves around the room learning all the dirt. Roomba wheels are set to show altogether directions even opposite to every other, meaning the machine can spin and clean any area.
  • Time-Saving: A robot vacuum can save tons of your time since you’ll program it to try to do the cleaning in your absence. The machine is in-built with a scheduling panel through which you’ll preset it for up to seven times every week. Additionally, you’ll set the Roomba 670 price for spot cleaning, quick cleaning, or scheduled cleaning. Even though you can have easy pool cleaning gadgets; the best robotic pool cleaner for your pool cleaning.
  • HEPA Filters: Latest Roomba cleaner models have double HEPA filters that help to pick up all allergens including dust, filings, and pet fur.



  • They are noisy – you’ll not be comfortable with the noise generated during normal operation, a bit like with the other robotic vacuum. you’ll avoid the noise by scheduling it to vacuum while you’re away.
  • They cannot maneuver around all obstacles – although it can find its way around furniture, you’ll click to seek out it stuck in odd spaces with its battery dry. Before you’ll fully trust its capability, take time to watch which spaces through which it can navigate. Although,  cleaning your home is easy with Roomba but for your garden cleaning, you may have the best robot lawnmower.
  • They operate on level floors – you’ll need to perform the normal cleaning parts like stairs since it can neither descend nor climb elevated surfaces. Their operation is restricted to a 35-degree slope, so it won’t even remove stains from the sofa.
  • They require routine maintenance – you continue to got to clean the machine routinely after three or four uses. Change the bin when the indicator signals it’s full, empty the machine of any debris, and rinse its air filters.

Design and Features

The design includes a set of sensors and full-body bumpers that keep the Roomba from becoming damaged bumping into things.

The robot maneuvers around complex objects and furniture, and it can move underneath your couch and other raised furniture to supply a deeper clean.

Also included is an edge-sweeping brush, which uses a special 27-degree angle. this enables it to comb the debris from the corners and edges of the space without a drag.

The Roomba 670 measures 34 cm in diameter and is 9.2cm tall, meaning it can fit beneath most beds, sofas, and other furniture.

Roomba 670 feature’s Dirt Detect sensors confirm the Roomba works harder on particularly stubborn areas of dirt and stains also as high-traffic zones of your home. Elsewhere, it’s an Edge-Sweeping Brush to tackle corners and skirting boards.

Battery life

iRobot claims the Roomba 670 will run up to 90 minutes, but this is often considerably hooked into the floors it’s cleaning, how dirty they’re, if the Roomba 670 replacement parts must navigate around multiple obstacles and more.

iAdapt Navigation

Dirt and mud are not any matches the sensors the machine contains. Its intuitive design makes the robot know which areas of the house to offer extra attention to.

Roomba 670 specs sense debris on the ground and move over it several times to loosen it up and take away it from the surface.

Status Monitoring

Keeping track of freedom robotics and the progress made while the Roomba 670 cleans is straightforward. Monitoring takes place through the mobile app.

If you’ve got any issues with the Roomba 670 manual get through,

You’ll send it back to its dock until you’ve got an opportunity to seem at it. Sticking to a daily cleaning robotic history; a schedule for brushes and filters is very recommended by the manufacturer because it keeps the machine working without incidence longer.

What Does The Roomba 670 Have To Offer?

The Roomba 670 is the most inexpensive robot vacuum during this guide.

It doesn’t offer an equivalent level of efficiency or an equivalent set of features because the other robot vacuums during this guide, but it doesn’t get to. Instead, this robot vacuum delivers an efficient and effective vacuuming experience.

To use these Roomba 670 parts, you’ll be using either a foreign control or a sensible device.

With this robot vacuum, you’ll use your smartphone or an Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant device. this suggests that you simply can use your voice to regulate the robot vacuum.

While using those devices, you’ll change the cleaning mode that the vacuum is using, create a custom schedule, tell the vacuum to recharge, and switch the vacuum on and off.

Those are simple settings, but they create it easy to tailor the vacuuming experience to your needs.


The promise of robot vacuums is leaving the house within the morning and returning to a totally vacuumed house. the truth is somewhat different.

There are many robotic vacuum models offering very similar features for similar prices but iRobot has long been a pacesetter during this market, so if you’re keen on giving a robot vacuum a whirl, or already own one and need to upgrade.

The Roomba range generally may be an excellent spot to start out and therefore the 670 offers many positives.


Q. How many cats can fit on a Roomba 670?

It depends on how thin you slice them. Not as many that can fit in your dishwasher, though. Honestly, while cats riding Roombas make for funny videos, it will void the warranty and cause the Roomba to overheat. The performance will suffer as well, which none of us want.

Q. Do I have to have WiFi to use a Roomba?

No. All Roomba vacuums come with local controls that you can use instead of the mobile app or voice commands. The controls are a bit limited, but you will still get clean floors without WiFi.


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