Clean Your Debris Intelligently With iRobot Roomba 805

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iRobot Roomba 805 is the most recognizable name in smart vacuums. These little devices quickly and thoroughly clean all kinds of floors. The newest versions are programmable, in order that they will avoid obstacles and clean within the most heavily trafficked areas of your home.

With our guide, you’ll choose a model to assist you to retain your floors clean so you’ll spend longer doing what you enjoy.

iRobot Roomba 805

Roomba may are around for nearly 20 years already but their offerings still desire the longer term of cleaning for a few.


  • iAdapt Navigation uses a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to your changing home -AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System delivers up to 50% more cleaning performance
  • Tangle-free extractors help prevent hair and debris clogs -AeroForce High-Efficiency Filter captures up to 99% of allergens, pollen, and particles as small as 10 microns
  • Conveniently schedule up to 7x per week, or just press CLEAN on the robot -Automatically docks and recharges
  • Avoids stairs and other drop-offs -Automatically adjusts to all floor types – carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate & more -Two Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers manage where your robot cleans
  • Lithium-Ion Battery delivers up to 3x the best Roomba battery cycle lifetime -3.6″ low profile cleans under furniture, beds, and kickboards.


  • The dimension of the merchandise is eighteen .2 x 16.5 x 5.5 inches in total.
  • The weight of the merchandise is approximately 8.4 pounds.
  • The device makes a mean amount of noise thanks to powerful suction.
  • This cleaning robot follows a 3 stage cleaning system that creates cleaning simpler.
  • It is auto-adjustable which suggests that the device can automatically adjust itself to different floor types
  • The robot vacuum 805 is powered by a Li-ion battery which lasts longer than normal batteries.
  • It works with an auto-scheduler and may function on preset time up to 7x every week
  • The device includes high-efficiency filters

iRobot Roomba 805


  • Extremely Durable.
  • Easy to Grasp.
  • Front Soft-Touch Bumper.
  • Easily operative.
  • Edge Cleaning Functionality.
  • Long-lasting Battery.
  • Self-Adjustment Controls.
  • Smart and Intelligent sensors.


  • Marketed only in Black color.
  • People having enlarged houses generally need to schedule it daily rather than once for the whole week.
  • The Roomba805 vacuum cleaner filters tiny and that’s why you need to devoid it can clean it after each cleaning.


When we mention the iRobot Roomba vacuum device design, it stands out among competitors because this device is meant within the shape of a circular disk. it’s three circular rings, the outermost comprising of a soft wall bumper and therefore the innermost containing the central processing unit with an access button positioned on top.

roomba 805

To perform the cleaning function, all you ever need to do is simply place it on the ground and click on on the button. The disk will move around the floor and clean not only your room but the entire floor if there aren’t any pitfalls on the ground aside from stairs.

Cleaning capability:

The iRobot Roomba 805 has two factors. One is that the high-efficiency cleaning filter which is capable to get rid of particles as small as up to 10 microns.

This suggests that the machine doesn’t only suck up specks of dust but is additionally capable to suck up different allergens and pollens.

With a clean rate of up to 99%, it ensures to offer users a high hygiene floor.

Secondly, the device installs a high powered pump capable to suck air 5 times quite previous floor cleaning models. Combining both, the new Roomba has now considered the best vacuum cleaner and becomes a fast-paced cleaner that beats every other similar product on the market.

Automatic Recharge:

The Roomba 805 ready to automatically detect its home base and recharge itself for subsequent cleaning. It’s one of the various causes which enable you to use the device effortlessly 7x every week.

Whether your device is within the living area, kitchen, or the bedroom, once it’s through with the cleaning it can replace itself back to its charging dock and fix itself automatically for a full recharge.

roomba 805

Low Height:

Roombas, the 805 features a low height which will allow it to succeed in various areas around the house. It’s just 5.5 inches high so it’ll still fit under your furniture with low height clearance.

This offers more coverage. It’ll also free you from worrying about having to maneuver big furnishings every so often just to wash under them.


Roomba 805 has this level of the collection that captures allergen particles like dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and even mold or mildew spores. However, a couple of years ago, iRobot and a number of other large robot vacuum vendors stopped gaining the HEPA certification.

roomba 805

Their filters are an equivalent, except for some unknown reason (I am guessing cost) the HEPA certified label went away. Now, Roomba boasts a “high-efficiency” filter rather than a HEPA filter. What you would like to know: it’s an equivalent filter.

The high-efficiency filter still captures up to 99 percent of in-home allergens and is simply as effective because it was when it had the HEPA label.

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