The Roomba i7 Vs 980- Which Robotic Vacuum to Choose?

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If we talk about the latest technology in robot vacuums, Roomba i7 and 980 are the top names that we hear. Both of these machines offer the best robotics in the industry and that’s what makes them the best choices. If you have planned on getting a Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner and you want to get details on Roomba i7 vs 980, here is a close look at the features of both as compared to their price tags.

Roomba i7 is a high price tag machine and to buy that, you need to be sure if it works well or not. On the other hand, the Roomba 980 vacuum cleaner offers a great deal at a much cheaper price. So, here is a detailed comparison of both so that you can be sure which one to buy. 

Roomba i7 Vs 980

Roomba i7 vs 980 Features Compared

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Roomba i7 Review 

This Roomba i7 robot has updated software iAdapt 3.0 with a persistent mapping system. This way all the maps are saved in the iCloud. 



  • Clean efficiently with the iAdapt 3.0 navigation system
  • Self Base Cleaning technology cleans the bin for you
  • Roomba i7 plus comes with extra autonomy 


  • Really expensive 
  • You will have to spend extra cost on vacuum bags

Roomba 980 Review

Roomba 980 has been on the top of the line for a long time. It has the software of iAdapt 2.0 and this navigation system allows it to move back and forth. 

Roomba 980



  • The navigation pattern of this vacuum cleaner works efficiently 
  • Performs excellently on the hard floor as well as carpet


  • It has the same price as the base version.

Which One is Better? 

The price tag has an obvious difference so if we talk about the robot, the Roomba i7 is the better one. The mapping and navigation are upgraded in this model and it has improved the overall functionality of the robot. Along with that, it has the ability to clear its base dock on its own so you don’t have to touch it for weeks. The price point of this robot is very high and not everyone can afford such expensive cleaning items. But, in case you think buying it is not a big deal, it is worth all the hype and money so you should totally go for it. If you don’t want to go for i7 plus, you can choose this i7 model as it also has an upgraded navigation system. 

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Roomba i7 Vs 980 Similarities 

After we get to know what is the difference between these two, here are some of the common features that both of the robot vacuums have. This way you will know how the same features are shared between two machines that have such high price differences. 

Vision Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (VSLAM) Technology 

You will be surprised to know that both Roomba i7 and 980 have the VSLAM technology that is actually the brain of these robots. This software allows the robots to navigate the area and clean efficiently in a proper pattern. VSLAM actually makes the robot smart enough to clean according to the map. 

Roomba i7 Vs 980

Voice Control

You can easily control Roomba i7 and 980 by using just your voice. There is a smartphone app present that can help you use the robot but using it by Google Assistant or Alexa gives you an extra edge and makes the process super easy. You can just say the name of your voice control and tell the robot to clean the house any time you want. 

Bristle-Less Extractors

After the Roomba 800 series started, all models came with this new feature of rubber extractors. So instead of using the previous combination of bristles and blade, the new models have extractor made up of rubber without bristles so you don’t have to maintain your robot. 

Wi-Fi Connection 

iRobot home app works with the internet and you can connect your robot to the internet with the inbuilt wifi system. The features of the app depend on the model of your Roomba vacuum robot. 

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