iRobot Roomba Troubleshooting Guide – How to Correct Roomba Error Codes

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Roomba Troubleshooting Guide

Like most household appliances, your Roomba too isn’t invincible and can run into trouble at times and look back at you beeping and refusing to move. If you are wondering why your Roomba keeps beeping, gets hung up and gives you a dreaded code, you are in luck.

Do not freak out! And, do not open up your irobot Roomba or else your warranty will become void. So, what do you do? Read our Roomba troubleshooting guide!

In order to get your Roomba vacuum cleaner up and running, carefully listen for the error number or the beeps so that you can understand what has possibly gone wrong.

To help you further, we present to you, a comprehensive Roomba troubleshooting guideline that includes everything from charging issues, error codes, battery issues, and sensor fixes. Read on for more!

iRobot Roomba Troubleshooting

Roomba Error Codes & How to Fix Roomba Problems

While the iRobot Roomba botvacs are quite sophisticated, equipped with various sensors and features – they are, after all, machines! Owing to various reasons, including wear and tear and improper usage, your Roomba botvac may malfunction and display certain error codes.

The good thing is that you can check the specific Roomba error codes and figure out the source of the problem. The Roomba models beep in many ways and playback error codes for easy identification and troubleshooting. Once the source of the error is identified, it will be easier to resolve your Roomba’s problems.

Common Roomba Error Codes

Listed below are the most commonplace Roomba error codes:

Error 1 (single beep)

This error occurs when the Roomba botvac is stuck on a surface or corner of the room or a side-wheel has got stuck. When this takes place, you can check the side wheels and clean any debris that is leading to wheel jamming.

Error 2 (twin beeps)

This error occurs when the device’s brush rollers get stuck in hair or fur. Often homeowners find their Roomba’s brushes not spinning and do not know what to do. If you hear twin beeps emitted by the device, check the brushes.

Error 5 (5 beeps)

It happens when one of the device’s side wheels gets stuck. You will need to check the side wheels.

Error 6 (6 beeps)

iRobot Roomba Troubleshooting

This error code indicates something is wrong with your irobot’s cliff sensors. The cliff sensor may malfunction or it may find it hard to distinguish overlapping surfaces in some situations. This can be usually resolved by wiping off the cliff sensors with a clean soft cloth.

Error 8

This error affects the botvacs in the company’s roomba 800 or 900 series. It indicates a clogged filter or motor malfunction. Cleaning the filter usually resolves the situation and fixes your irobot.

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Error 9 (9 beeps)

This error indicates the bumper sensor has become dirty or the bumper is compressed. Clean the device’s bumper to address the issue.

Error 10

This occurs when a side-wheel somehow gets tangled or the botvac’s bumper has issues detecting objects. You can try cleaning the wheels to resolve the irobot roomba error.

Error 11

Specific to the series 800 and 900 Roomba robotic vacuums, this error indicates the bin is not working well. It may be time to replace the device’s bin.

Error 14

This irobot troubleshoot error hints at the bin not being set up in the right way. You can clean the bin contact points and try resetting it.

Error 15

This is among the most common iRobot Roomba problems and it can affect all Roomba models. When you get this error just reset the device once. Press on the ‘Clean’ button to restart the device.

Error 16

This is caused by the device staying laid and you simply need to restart it physically according to the guide manual.

Error 17

This error is caused in those models with virtual wall features. If there is any change in the room environment after specifying a virtual wall range – this can occur.

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Error 18

When this occurs, you will find that the Roomba is not docking to the recharging base. This can happen if the recharging dock somehow gets loose from the plug point or is unplugged.

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4 Beeps

This takes place when the botvac battery is totally exhausted. The device may also sound “Please charge Roomba“. You will have to charge your robotic vacuum cleaner by taking the irobot to its charging station.

11 Beeps but No Voice Message

It indicates the device can’t detect obstacles around. It may get stuck and give this error too. You need to check the bumper and try cleaning Roomba wheels too.

Only Voice Messages

In some situations, the Roomba botvac may only emit audible alert messages like “Please remove and clean Roomba’s brushes” or “Please examine and clean Roomba’s wheels“. There are no beeps or codes associated but you know what to do to resolve such issues.

Analyzing these error codes will help you in troubleshooting your iRobot Roomba.

Roomba Charging Errors

The Roomba errors are not restricted to the cleanup alone. There can be device charging errors too.

1. Single Blinking Indicator

The device says “Charging error one”. It indicates the battery is not in place and you have to position the battery the right way.

2. Blinking Indicator Twice

This indicates a device-level charging error and the device says “Charging error 2”. You need to get in touch with iRobot customer care for troubleshooting guidelines.

3. Thrice Blinking Indicator

This indicates a charging error related to the device and the message readout is “Charging error 3”. You have to contact iRobot customer care to resolve the issue.

4. Indicator Blinking 5 Times

This indicates something is wrong with the charging system in your Roomba model and the device says “Charging error 5”. In most cases, it is caused by counterfeit batteries. Cleaning the battery with a clean cloth may also resolve it.

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5. Indicator Blinking 6 Times

The device says “charging error 6” and the battery becomes warm when this occurs. It indicates issues with battery charging. If the battery is authentic, ensure the device is not placed near a heater or a place that is too hot.

6. Indicator Blinking 7 Times

The device says “Charging error 7” and that indicates the battery is in a very cold or hot environment.

7. Indicator Blinking 8 Times

The charging error 8 is caused by a counterfeit battery or batteries placed in cold or hot environments.

8. Indicator Blinking 9 Times

The charging error 9 is caused by a defective battery. When this takes place, you have to contact the Roomba customer care team.

Use this Roomba troubleshooting guide for understanding issues related to charging.

Roomba Battery Problems

Roomba devices may get affected by specific battery problems from time to time. However, the good thing is most of such battery errors are easy to detect and fix.

Listed below are the most commonplace battery problems and their solutions for effective Roomba battery troubleshooting.

1. Charging Woes

At times, you may find the Roomba botvac is not charging even after it is in the charging dock. This can happen when the battery is just very hot. Let it cool down and it may work.

You may also check if it is charging from the electric outlet directly. If it does, then the dock is problematic, not the battery!

2. Power Light Dead

If you find that the LED is dead and your Roomba won’t turn on, the battery may not be positioned correctly or it is drained. Try repositioning the battery and check all the chords.

3. Resetting the Device

Sometimes, you can resolve the battery problems just by resetting your Roomba device. For this, just remove the battery, hold down the device’s power button for 15 secs, and reinstall the battery. Now, plug in its charging cable. Charge it for a full cycle and things will be fine.

4. Draining the Battery and Recharging

If you find the Roomba battery is dying too soon after a recharge, there is a solution. You should drain the battery totally and then recharge it. Repeat the charging and discharging cycle once more.

If this tactic does not help, maybe it is time to replace the device battery.

Roomba Operational Errors

Even when the battery and accessories of a Roomba are working well, the device can run into operational errors. For older models, you will hear beeps in varying patterns and for wifi models, you can use the app to run diagnostics.

Listed below are the common Roomba operational errors:

1. Roomba Getting Stuck on Floor

This occurs when your botvac gets stuck on uneven surfaces like carpets and rugs. You will hear a single beep. It may also happen if very long fur or hair jams the wheels. Cleaning the wheels should be enough to resolve this.

2. Brushes Getting Tangled

Roomba Brushes Not Spinning

Those with pets in homes with long fur can find the fur causing the cleaning bristles or brushes to get jammed. This causes the device to beep twice and you see that the Roomba brush is not spinning.

You can lift it up to see if the brushes are jammed and cleaning them will resolve it.

3. Cliff Sensor Problem

The Roomba’s cliff sensors prevent it from toppling down from the top of the stairs. However, these sensors may get dirty and then the device will not move. It may also mistake black patches on carpets as depth and stop there. Cleaning the sensors will resolve this issue.

4. Dirty Bumper Issue

When the bumpers of the device get too dirty or debris gets sucked in around its body, the device may beep 9 times, cleaning the bumper with a soft cloth and using a brush to get rid of soaked debris around the body will help resolve the problem.

5. Roomba not Returning to Charging Dock

Your Roomba is a piece of workmanship but at times you may find that your Roomba won’t dock. This could happen due to many reasons. One of the main reasons could be that the charging base is covered in debris and needs a quick clean-up.

Another possibility is that it may be sitting on an uneven surface or has too many obstacles around it to get to its docking station. A quick clean-up of the charging base and your surroundings will get your Roomba zipping through the house again.

6. Roomba Returning to Dock with almost Full Battery Earlier

If you find the Botvac is returning to the dock with the battery almost full much earlier than usual, check the device well. If the indicators are glowing, you may reset them.

For the 500 and 600 lineup models, press both the Dock and Spot Buttons together for 10 seconds. For Roomba 800 and 700, press and hold its Clean Button for approx 10 seconds.

FAQ’s About iRobot Roomba Problems

1. How to get my Roomba back to the Charging Dock?

To ensure your Roomba gets back to the charging dock automatically after the battery depletes, you should ensure the charging dock is kept in an optimum position.

The connectors or cables should not be loose. The dock should be placed on a flat and smooth surface. It should not be surrounded by too many objects.

2. How do you Reset a Roomba Battery easily?

Resetting the Roomba battery resolves a lot of device errors. To reset the battery, you need to switch it off and flip it over. By depressing each side of the battery pack, you can take off the battery.

Now, press the power button for 10 seconds approximately. Then reinsert the battery in its place and secure it. Charge the device for 72 hours.

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3. Why my Roomba cannot Hold Charge?

Typically, when you find your Roomba botvac is not holding a charge for the expected duration, something can be amiss with its battery. Draining the battery completely and then recharging it fully a few times should resolve the battery life issue. If that fails, you may need to get a new battery altogether.

4. Why my Roomba Brush is not Spinning?

The most probable reason for the Roomba brush not spinning is hair getting stuck in it. This happens a lot in the house where furry pets live. The pet fur may clog the brush or bristles so much that they cannot operate as they should. Switching the device off and manually cleaning the clogged brushes solves the situation.

5. How should I clean a Roomba?

Regardless of your Roomba model, performing basic cleanup is necessary from time to time. Cleaning the dust bin after 2 weeks or so is necessary. The dust filter has to be cleaned too.

A small scissor can be used to cut off hair and pet fur that gets stuck in the side wheels or rotating brushes of the device. Be careful so that you do not damage the brushes.

6. How can you easily Clean Roomba Filter?

Cleaning Roomba Filter

Looking for tips for cleaning Roomba filters? After taking out the air filter of the Roomba, you can clean it thoroughly. Use an old toothbrush to wipe away debris or particles.

Then put the filter in hot water and rub it to clean it well. After that, let it dry in an airy and well-ventilated place. When it is fully dry, put it back into the particle bin.

7. How Many Years Can a Roomba Battery Last?

It is hard to say how many years your Roomba’s battery will last. A lot depends on your usage pattern and frequency! The company says one battery can last up to 400 charging cycles. Maintenance also has a direct impact on battery life.

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8. How long can a Roomba take for Cleaning a Room?

It is hard to say exactly how much time Roomba botvac will take to clean up a room. It depends on the size of the room, the condition of the floor, and the number of obstacles. The flooring surface is also a factor here. The device may need more time to clean carpets than hardwood or tiled floors.

9. What exactly is Roomba Diagnostic Mode?

Roomba Diagnostic Mode is a feature that lets users check the sensors on the device. This is not meant for new users. This is for advanced troubleshooting and has several stages. Wrong steps taken during the mode can make your device unusable and void the warranty.

10. How to Reset a Roomba?

Resetting a Roomba botvac can resolve many Roomba troubleshooting issues. To reset a Roomba flip it down and take out the battery by pressing releasing tabs. Now press and hold its power button for 5 seconds or so. Then, fix the Roomba battery in the slot and flip the device back on top.

Now plug it into the charger and charge for 72 hours. If you are still unsure how to reset Roomba check the company site for video tutorials or check their manual instructions.

11. Can Roomba be used in Rooms with Kids or Pets?

Roomba is equipped with several safety features that make it safe for use in rooms with pets and children, in general. It shuts off when someone picks it or the sensors detect depth ahead. Still, it is better to supervise rooms with kids and pets when Roomba is in operation.

Final Thoughts

The iRobot Roomba botvac can develop certain operational and charging errors over time. These can be caused by improper maintenance or situations. However, resolving the errors and detecting Roomba battery problems is not tedious.

By taking preventive measures and cleaning the device regularly a lot of such hassles can be kept at bay. If just using the Roomba troubleshooting guide does not yield results, call the manufacturer for expert help.

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