Roomba Charging Issues: Error Codes And Their Meaning

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Roomba cleans pet hair, soil, and various debris and junk from your floor while you’re elsewhere completing something different. The flying-saucer formed vacuum cleaner runs on a battery-powered scheme, and you can buy an optional charging station called the Home Base to keep it charged.

At the point when Roomba won’t charge on the base, potential issues for cleaning are because of, some improper sort of battery or issues with the power source. You’ll get an error code saying to you about the error, and you can normally resolve the issue to cop up a difficult situation.

Does the base has power?

At the point when the Home Base is connected and Roomba isn’t charging, the power light should be on. if that it isn’t, check the source to ensure it has power.

Roomba 1800 Lithium Ion Battery


You may have connected the charger to a GFCI source that has tripped. It’s also possible that the breaker for the circuit tripped for reasons unknown.

If the source has power, confirm the attachment is fixed in the source. You may need to plug the base into another source to check if that it’s working.

If you can’t get the size to the base station, call iRobot customer care at 1-877-855-8593 for consultation. You can also contact iRobot directly by going to their office.

Roomba Error Code Recognition

At the point when the Roomba is appropriately charging, you won’t observe any lights on the device itself. These are purposely stopped to save energy. Anyhow, if an issue happens, the gadget will say “oh goodness,” and an inspecting light will squint.

Roomba Integrated Dock Charger


The times it squints continuously makes you aware of the issue. The device will also talk about the code. There are eight such error codes. You can get help settling the vast majority of these by opening the iRobot application on your cell phone or PC.

Code 1: The Code 1 error happens when the base station can’t interact with the battery. This might be basically on the grounds that you neglected to remove the yellow draw tab earlier setting Roomba on the charger. It might also happen in light of the fact that the battery wasn’t introduced correctly. Remove it, and reinstall it.

Codes 6 and 7: If the Roomba battery is excessively hot or excessively cool, it won’t charge. You’ll get a Code 6 warning if the battery is too warm and a Code 7 if it’s excessively warm or excessively cold. Eliminate Roomba from the base and allow it to rest at room temperature for an hour prior to attempting to recharge it once more.

Codes 2, 3, 5, 8, and 9: Five of the error codes demonstrate either a correspondence issue between the base and the battery or an issue with the battery itself. You might have the option to determine these errors by cleaning the contacts on the base and on the Roomba. Do this with a dry fabric or a material saturated with liquor simply following unplugging the Home Base.

Hard Reboot

Charging errors can happen due to spoiled memory in Roomba’s processors, and you can clear the bugs by rebooting the device.

To do this, hold the CLEAN button down for 10 seconds. Leave it when all the marker lights indicate. The device will at that point restart. It won’t need schedules and different settings, so you’ll need to repeat these.

Robot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum


Charging a New Battery

Extra lithium-particle battery won’t work until you wake it up. To do this using the base station, set the station on a level surface; plug in the station, and check that the marker light goes ahead.

Place Roomba on the base station and sit tight for a few seconds until the battery awakens. At the point when it does, the light on the base station will go out, and the battery marker on Roomba will start blazing

The CLEAN button shows the status of the charge. The red light shows the battery is unfilled, blazing golden that the charge is in progress, and green that charging is finished.

A rapidly blinking golden light reveals that Roomba has entered the 16-hour charging mode, which it does irregularly to extend the life of the battery.

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