Roomba vs Regular Vacuum : Can A Robot Vacuum Replace Your Regular Vacuum Cleaner?

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Roomba vs Regular Vacuum

Cleaning up can be a daunting task, especially when you have large spaces to maintain. But the same task can be made easy with the help of vacuum cleaners in a short span of time. Now, many people are pondering over the topic of Roomba vs regular vacuum and today we are going to have a detailed analytical discussion over the same. But before that, we are going to take a look at the definition of robotic vacuums and their working mechanism.

What are the Robot Vacuums?

The robotic vacuum cleaner is also known by the name of Robovac and has been able to make cleaning a lot easier than it used to be. It is undoubtedly an innovative as well as a welcome change and it has all its cleaning procedures pre-programmed. It comprises two types of working systems – one that can be operated by remote and the other one is self-driving. If you think that robotic vacuum is something entirely new, then you are wrong because this device can be traced back to the year 1997.

It was first launched in the name of Electrolux in 1997 and resurfaced in the name of Roomba in the year 2002 by the company called iRobot. The Roomba is more of an advanced thing to use because it can auto-detect dirt and clean up along with obstacle detection and direction change without any assistance. Also, it has the capacity to sense steep surfaces so that it does not go down the stair while no one is looking.

The working mechanism of the Robot Vacuums

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Right now you will get to have an array of options to choose from among the numerous robotic vacuums and they all have the basic working mechanism. For understanding the concept of Roomba vs regular vacuums better, you need to know about the functionality of every component of the robovacs.

1. Random Bounce

The random bounce feature of the vacuum is something that is responsible for the detection of the obstacles while cleaning and wall-following technique so that it understands the wall pattern and does not fall off on any steep surface. It retraces on the freshly clean areas to double-check and pick up anything that has been left out. Its blue light lets you know about the exclusively dirty places as well.

2. Onboard sensors

Robot vacuums have brilliantly designed sensors implanted in them to detect the problems and the progress in the cleaning process. At the very top of the device, you get to see the infrared beaming sensor and it is again accompanied by a photocell sensor. Just beneath it, there is a default touch sensor that can locate any hindrance in the path and slow down. It is smartly designed so whenever it feels it might get tangled in its own wires, it stops the rotational process and goes in linear motion while parking itself at the side.

3. Mapping

The earlier versions of Roombas had one downside – they could not create a map of your cleaning and therefore the cleaning used to be a random thing. But now with the help of upgraded programming, the route map is chalked out in the device and that is why it is a systematic and fast-paced approach.

4. Wireless System

The latest versions of the Roomba robot have been able to bring up no connectivity issues because you can operate it from anywhere. It is controlled by remote and is also an application-oriented so even if you are not at home, you can get the cleaning up done even then.

Who should be the ones using Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

1. Working Individuals: If you are a working person and you spend most of your time outside, then this is definitely something that you will need to keep the space clean. When you want to relax after you are done with your work, you definitely would not want to go for a cleaning. But with the help of remote-controlled devices, you will be able to have the house clean while relaxing right back on the sofa.

2. People with Physical Constriction: There are a lot of people who have physical problems and they cannot bend or go for regular cleaning regimes. This robot vacuum cleaner can help the person in cleaning up according to his or her convenience so that it is no longer a hassle some task.

3. Tech Oriented People: Some people are downright tech-oriented and they do not need a proper reason to use a robotic vacuum. They would use it just to enjoy the utility of the same – and since this has gained a lot of popularity over the years, many people are using it to make their daily work less hassle.

Does this mean that Regular Vacuum Cleaner is an absolute Obsolete Thing?

Can a Roomba Replace a Vacuum

If you have the pondering question – ‘can a Roomba replace a Vacuum‘, then you have to understand that any innovative up-gradation of a particular device does not in any way mean that it is absolutely replaceable or becomes obsolete. Since robotics run on their own and are not necessarily human-like, therefore, they are more likely to miss a lot of dirt that you would generally gather with the traditional vacuum cleaner. This has been revealed by an experiment done in a reputed lab, both the vacuums were used on carpets which were padded with 100 gms of talcum powder. While the traditional one took up more than 50% of the powder, the robot vacuums one could pick no more than 20%.

Therefore, all we can say is that robovac might be an amazing thing to use if you are cleaning your house frequently, but if it is a once in a while process, it is always a better option to go for the normal vacuum cleaners.

Is Robovacs Cost-Effective?

If you are thinking about whether or not it will be a good thing to spend your money on robotic vacuums, then it is something that you should go for if you want the cleaning to be done with sophistication. The major producer of Robotic vacuums is the iRobot, and the Roomba models have a varying price from $300 to $900. Knowing that the conventional vacuum cleaners cannot be completely replaced with the help of Robovacs, people might be apprehensive about buying it at first, but there is no doubt about the fact that it makes one of the toughest daily chores invariably easier.

Roomba vs Regular Vacuum

Robotic vacuums work in a manner so that after the operation module is set, you do not have to look back and you can engage in other activities while the cleaning gets done automatically. After an hour or so, you get to have a spic and span room without having to move an eyelid. Most of the tech experts would advise in favor of buying the device because it will help you in saving a lot of time in the long run. In today’s busy lifestyle, there is hardly any time for people to assign a separate time for cleaning, and in that case, robotic vacuums are the best solution that you can ever come up with.

If you are worried about the price, then you have to understand that even in families with parents who are working, they hire cleaners every week to get their spaces cleaned and that costs a lot of money. So by doing a one-time expensive purchase, you are actually saving money because you can actually clean your house regularly even while being at work!

Roomba vs Regular Vacuum: The Key Differences

 RoombaRegular Vacuum
Staircase CleaningRobotic vacuum cleaners do not do the stairs because they stop at steep drops and they are only good for cleaning up flat surfaces. The upgraded versions can clean up the landings but they cannot roll down a flight of stairs while cleaning it.Traditional cleaners are used with the help of human assistance which is the reason why you will be able to clean the staircases with these vacuum cleaners.
Suction PowerRobotic cleaners are the ones which work towards the saving up of battery, which is the reason why they have lower suction power. But if it is used for regular cleaning, then it can be absolutely effective in making your place spic and span.Traditional vacuum cleaners are used by continuous power plugging so they work in full force. And therefore you can get the cleaning done all by once.
Struggle with the clutterRobotic cleaners work efficiently with the clutter because there are high quality sensors for detecting the clutter and picking it up on the way.Traditional cleaners work well on small objects but might get stuck in case of large litter.
AutomationRobotic vacuum cleaners are absolutely automatic by nature and that is the reason why you do not have to be anxious about the whole working process. It does not have to be driven by hand and is easily operated with the help of remote or applications.Traditional vacuums on the other hand are hand driven and you have to be present at the place where the cleaning needs to take place.
ExpenseRobotic vacuums price can range from $300 to $900 so it is higher priced to a great extent. But since it replaces manual cleaners, it actually saves a lot of time and money.Traditional vacuums are actually lower in price but then it needs a lot more time than actually required by robovacs.

5 Reasons for Buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Here are the top 5 benefits of the robot vacuum cleaner and the reasons for buying one:

1. Manual Operation not Required

If you are a neat freak and yet you cannot go for your daily cleaning regime because of your physical problems, then this is the perfect kind of vacuum cleaner that you have been craving for. It is even efficient in case you are a working individual and you hardly have time for yourself, let alone cleaning the house. Now all you have to do is to make sure of the fact that you set up the app while working outside and you are good to go!

2. Extreme Time Saver

We all know for a fact that time is money and with the help of this device you actually get to save a lot of your time. The traditional vacuum cleaners take a lot more time to clean up and also need human assistance while in the case of robotic, the only assistance needed is internet connection and direction of the same.

3. Self Charging Technique

If you have been thinking that you have to take care of the charging, it is absolutely not so – this is because it auto-detects when it is having a low battery and the machine returns back to its dock to get itself charged. So even if you are not at home and you want you’re cleaning up to go unhindered, charging will not be an obstacle.

4. Brilliant Operative Technique

The most impressive factor about the Roomba is that it can detect various kinds of surfaces and that is the reason why it does not stumble and fall off. The inbuilt sensors can detect the obstacles so that they can move off without hitting the hard surfaces. Also, it auto-adjusts the cleaning setting so that every surface can be cleaned like tiles, carpets, marble floors, and so on.

5. Easy to Repair and Upgrade

The first thing that strikes our minds while buying a device is whether it can be repaired or upgraded easily. Each and every component of the device can be found in the markets easily and it has been designed to bring out a considerable amount of dirt.


Roomba vs regular vacuum has been a topic of discussion for many, but now that you have detailed knowledge about the same, all you have to do is to make sure of the fact that you buy the best of the Roomba models so that you can spend your leisure time engaging in your hobby instead of cleaning up your rooms. After all, you can effectively save your time and money using these Robovacs!

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