Roomba Virtual Wall Vs Lighthouse : How to Use Roomba Virtual Wall

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Roomba Virtual Wall Vs Lighthouse

In the recent days of extreme workload, we hardly get any time for ourselves let alone cleaning the house – which is why robovacs are important. But now the main topic of discussion is Roomba Virtual wall vs Lighthouse which is an exemplary device to be used with the robovacs to increase efficiency. Today we will have a detailed talk about the same.

Roomba Virtual Wall Vs Lighthouse

A Brief Overview of the Virtual Wall Scenario

What is a Roomba Virtual Wall Barrier?

A virtual wall is a definite boundary that will not be overstepped by Roomba and it makes it a lot easier to control the movements of Roomba. This means that now you will be able to create a specific confining zone for the Roomba to operate in and therefore you would not have the anxiety that it might go and bump into something fragile or expensive.

You will be able to set up a confining zone up to about 7ft. The barrier that is made is cone-shaped which is the reason why it gets wider gradually and allows the free movement of the Roomba but with limitations that it will not cross. It is actually a hologram-like thing that protects the interiors of the space while getting the cleaning done.

Roomba Virtual Wall

The working mechanism of the Roomba Virtual Wall

The working of the virtual wall is absolutely smart and it comes with numerous setting options as well. Yes, it is true that even without the virtual wall, it would not tumble off the stairs, but even then you need to keep it confined so that it does not roam around freely and hit or break something expensive.

If you have a plan to let the Roomba on overnight for cleaning the hall, then a virtual wall needs to be set up to avoid it from coming into the bedrooms.

You will need 2AA batteries in the device and once you turn it on, see to it that the line on the upper side is directed towards the space that you want to be blocked. There are some manual settings that you need to do like the mode selector and the range selector that will help you in blocking off areas that you do not want to give access to.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Robotic Vacuum Virtual Wall Barriers


  • Instead of giving the robotic vacuum-free access to your house and making random movements, now you can actually confine it to the spaces that you want to be cleaned and you can even map it is difficult to reach places.
  • This will also help you in saving a lot of time because you do not need to prep up your room to get it cleaned. All you have to do is to change some of the settings and the virtual wall will help the Roomba move accordingly.
  • The Battery power of the Robot remains intact because it does not repeat cleaning the spaces that have already been cleaned if you are clever enough to map the spaces first. This means that the durability of the machine also gets increased to a great extent.


  • The virtual wall barriers are in need of Batteries so that they can work. So you have to spend a lot of money in the long run and keep on replacing the batteries which can be an annoying thing to do.
  • You must be physically present in the room so that you can change the setting so if you are planning to get the house cleaned while you are at work, the virtual wall cannot be set up because of its manual setting mode.

How to Open a Roomba Virtual Wall Barrier?

Opening a Roomba Virtual wall is easy and hassle-free, which makes it one of the best accessories to be used with the iRobot vacuum. To open it, all you need is 2AA batteries with the help of which you will have to operate the device.

Once you turn it on you will see that the sensor light is pulsating for a few seconds after which it is stagnant which marks that it is active and ready for the settings to be implemented. If you see that the lights are regularly pulsating, then you have to understand that the battery is low and needs changing.

How can we replace the Roomba Virtual Wall Batteries?

Roomba Virtual Wall Battery

The first thing that you have to find is the logo of the iRobot below the Roomba virtual wall which is a switch. Now you need to press and hold on to the switch – and while doing it you have to squeeze the sides of the device and pull it off so that the wall gets off. Now you have two separate units.

Then you will find the space for two C alkaline batteries and place them in it. Make sure that you check the positive and the negative portal. Once that is done, place the cover back in and press it to fit. It is absolutely easy and once you learn the procedure you will need no help in replacing the batteries.

Which Robovacs are Compatible with the Virtual Wall?

Almost every kind of robovacs can be used with the virtual wall as they are designed by professionals in a similar way. Some of the prominent companies are Neato D7, Eufy robot vacuum, Dyson 360 eye, etc.

Each of these robotic vacuums needs to have a controlled sense of movement for the sake of the space that they are cleaning. Otherwise, there can be a massacre with fallen items and obstacles which might not let the cleaning process go on smoothly.

Also, it is mostly advisable to let the iROBOT vacuums be co with the iROBOT virtual walls only so that it fits in perfectly. You can even check out the models like the x620 robovacs with Roomba virtual walls and even they are sure to work.

Analysis of the Virtual Wall Lighthouse

What is Virtual Wall Lighthouse?

Virtual Wall Lighthouse

Virtual Wall Lighthouse is a system that uses infrared radiation to help the Roomba robovac in going from one place to another by catching up with its sensor board. It helps in guiding the device from one room to the other and taking care of complete cleaning without letting the Roomba hit or bump into something.

If there is any off-limit zone in your home, then the lighthouse will restrict the movement of the robovac to go there so that those places can be secure.

How can we use the Roomba Virtual Wall Lighthouse?

The Virtual wall lighthouse mode is a gate-like model that automatically blocks off the areas that you do not want to be cleaned and only opens the gateway for the areas that need cleaning. It will help Roomba in cleaning one room after the other without stepping into the off-limit areas of your house or office.

After the cleaning is done of all the rooms, the infrared sensor will help it in getting back to its normal position from where it started. The maximum time taken to clean a single room is about 25 minutes. The most impressive factor about the lighthouse is that it complies with the robovac and knows when to turn it on and off without your assistance.

It is always advisable to place the lighthouse mode at the door of the room which needs to be cleaned.

There are certain indicators that show some kind of behavior about the Roomba lighthouse. For example, if there is no light that means the robovac is not paired up as yet. If the light is steady, it means that the robot is on and the vacuum is going on.

If you see a series of 5 lights blinking that means that the communication between the lighthouse and the robovac has already begun with the help of radiofrequency. In case you notice a slow and steady blink, make sure that you replace the battery.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Roomba Virtual Wall Lighthouse


The best thing about this system is that you can navigate the way you want and it does the most accurate space cleaning which is an incredible feature. The navigation control is quite lucid and helps the robovac in concentrating on the designated areas to a great extent.


Again like the virtual wall barrier, your physical presence is needed so that you can do the settings. Not only that, it is only compatible with some models and not all of them so you have to be careful while buying. Also, the Roomba lighthouse battery is not a durable one.

What are Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers?

Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier

Right now it is available for the best robovacs of the iRobot named the Roomba 980 and the Roomba 960. The dual-mode virtual wall barrier is a great navigation control device. It comes in dual modes like the virtual wall barrier and a lighthouse so that you can set it up according to your convenience.

It also comprises a halo feature which is a four-foot halo that has been used to protect the things that you do not want to be touched in any manner. A halo of 24 inches from the central wall can be created and is perfect for pets who want their food bowls untouched.

Roomba Virtual Wall Vs Lighthouse: The Key Differences

On the basis of the Definition

Wall Barrier – It confines your Roomba to the spaces using an infrared beam so that robotic vacuum cleaners do not hit anywhere.
Lighthouse – Helps in the room to room cleaning with the help of infrared radiation and also acts as a virtual wall at the same time.

In terms of Compatibility

Wall Barrier – Roomba virtual wall compatibility is with 400 series, discovery series, 870, 770, etc

Lighthouse – Some 500 series models, 780, 790, and 880.

Final Thoughts

Roomba virtual wall vs lighthouse has been a topic of discussion for a long, and it is time that we learn to choose the settings perfectly.

Now that we know all about the different kinds of devices, it will help you choose the compatible system for Roomba to behave in the best possible manner and work in a controlled way. If you have a lot of rooms and some off-limit spaces, then it is best to use these devices.

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