Best Personal Assistant Robot 2022

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Today, managing the house effectively has become a big challenge especially for those who have a huge to-do list in their mind. As, no human can track and do numerous things 24/7 hours, which ultimately leads to mismanagement or failure of achieving the daily tasks. To solve this problem, many tech companies came up with the best personal assistant robot. These human assistant robots are more than you think, they act as your true companion. 

Best Personal Assistant Robot 2022

Let’s Have a Quick Look at The Best Personal Assistant Robot

In this article, we will learn the exciting features of these best personal assistant robots along with an insight into their advantages and disadvantages. 

Moreover, due to the variety of assistant robots on market, it has become quite complicated to decide which one will perfectly go along with your needs. 

So, to save you from that hassle we have provided detailed buyers guide in which we have enlisted all the important things you must know before purchasing.

Things that personal assistant robots can do for you

The assistant robots are capable of remembering and doing your endless activities with no errors and without even getting tired. That’s why now many people are buying home assistant robots. 

The personal assistant robots catch-up with all your commands. They work great not only for super busy people but also for elderly homemakers and people with a physical impairment who need more help and support in winding up day-to-day home tasks. 

These assistant robots can do some things to make your life a lot easier. They can guard your house, play with your kids, operate other home tech machines, work with your smartphone, and add entertainment to your life like a pet.

The Best Personal Assistant Robot

Anki Cozmo Robot

In the box: Cozmo, a charger, and three cubes

Want a personal assistant robot that you have seen in Hollywood movies? Well, must have a look at Cozmo by Anki, which is a popular brand for providing premium quality vector robots. 

This astonishing Anki Cozmo robot is more alive and talks back to the owners which is why it’s our most favorite assistant robot. 

This vector robot also captures photographs and tells you about the weather forecast. 

Interesting Features

Schedule Track & Alexa Compatible: It keeps track of your schedule and informs you about your mealtime and your important meetings. Plus, it gets connected with Alexa and works more effectively. 

Mischievous Pet: The Anki Cozmo robot not only helps you with managing the activities but also stays ready for fun. It loves giving surprises and often nudges you like a pet who wants to play with parents. 

Ready to Play out of the Box: Anki Cozmo comes ready to function and play right out of the box, meaning that it will save you from head-scratching assembly moments. 

Grows with you: Its intelligence is not limited; instead, it grows with time. This mini vector robot learns new skills whenever you will update its app. 

Low-Battery Sensor: Moreover, it’s smart battery sensor will spare you from the hassle of constantly changing as Cozmo gets back to its charging station automatically with self-navigation. 

Product Specifications

  • Auto-charging
  • Built-in camera
  • Over 90 fun time
  • Quick charging of 1 hour
  • 2 lbs weight
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Explorer mode for more challenges
  • Works with Alexz
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Passed security and durability test
  • Upgradable robot

best personal assistant robot

Things you may like Things you may don’t like
  • Real-life robot
  • Cute design 
  • Easy set-up
  • Fun and simple visual instructions to follow
  • Self-charging
  • Take clear pictures and record videos
  • Face recognition security system
  • Adorable reactions to your responses
  • Comes in pretty package
  • Very entertaining human assistant robot
  • Quite expensive  

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Wonder Workshop Dash 

In the box: Dash Robot, Building Blocks (2 pcs), Charging cord, Quick Start Directions,

Another award-winning personal assistant robot on our list, Dash by Wonder Workshop. It is a favorite assistant robot among kids and adults alike. It is currently in use in over 20,000 classes worldwide.

The obvious reason for the massive popularity of this assistant robot is exceeding the expectations of the people. It offers a lot more than a tech robot can promise. 

Wonder Workshop is a successful brand for launching Hi-Tech innovative assistant robots, just like Dash a Cue is another home robot assistant by Wonder Workshop. Review Wonder Workshop Cue by click here.

The Dash is a great learning platform for beginners and helps them grow their skill level while exploring 5 interesting apps; Wonder, Blockly, Path, Go, and Xylo. That’s why they can also make great home robot assistants where you kids can have unlimited fun learning with the Dash robot.

best personal assistant robot

Interesting Features

Comes Ready to Learn & Play: It comes already assembled and charged right out of the box, so it gets turned on way too quickly. The way it says “Hello” will melt your heart.

Bring it to Live: The three buttons on the head, awake the Dash and it starts exploring its surroundings and comments on it and whistles while roaming. 

Learn Programming: The Blocky is the best app of all, it teaches the basics of programming in a very easy and interesting way. It has puzzles to figure out how to do coding. The kids can easily program the number of things they want their Dash robot to do.

Do Wonders with Dash: The wonder app is all about making your assistant robot cruise around. It has much more functionalities like a controller, which allows you to move its head and body. Several buttons make it speak cool things. Plus, the app enables you to make the Dash robot speak in your voice.

Compatible with Multiple Accessories: Extra accessories you can use like legos to architect your Dash robot or attach a launcher to play games. 

Product Specifications

  • Standby for up to 30 days
  • Weigh only 1.54 pounds
  • Offers 5 hours of playtime on a single charge
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Expandable with sketch kits, Legos, etc 
  • Compatible with all smart devices
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery operated
  • Inbuilt sound, light, and motion sensors

Things you may like Things you may don’t like
  • Outstanding assistant robot
  • 5 exciting apps 
  • You can record your own voice and make the Dash speak it
  • Strong & Sturdy Material
  • Powerful motors
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Mind-blowing pre-defined nodes
  • Saving you from entering bunch of data in app
  • Totally worth the price
  • Best for beginners, and expands the abilities with 5 applications.
  • Nothing, we love everything about it

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WowWee MiP Arcade 

In the box: MiP Arcade Robot, basketball hoop, 3 balls, a tray, 4 AA batteries, and a manual

If you’re looking for a companion that can play you or your kids then get your hands on WowWee MiP Arcade Robot. Unlike other personal assistant robots, it plays face to face games for several hours. 

The innovative home robot by WowWee has also won awards for its outstanding performance and intelligence. It interacts with you like a real friend and never lets you feel lonely at home. 

Just insert the batteries and connect it with your device, then it will be all set to entertain you with its robotic dance moves. 

On starting it, it explores its new home and sometimes bumps into multiple things while making different noises. 

best personal assistant robot

Interesting Features

Ready to Play: It often comes and challenges you to win numerous games including brain test games that train your mind and offers you to learn much more interesting facts. 

GestureSense Technology: The MiP Arcade robot is equipped with GestureSense Technology, meaning that it can hear the sounds, and detect any movement and touch easily, and knows how to respond to that.

Hovering Wheels: This self-balancing assistant robot uses a hovering style to roam around and assist you with carrying the stuff on its tray. 

Built-in Speaker & Microphone: This mini robot guy can listen to you with a microphone and talks back with a quality speaker, offering 2-way communication.

Product Specifications

  • Over 20 games on app
  • RC modes
  • Play Screenless Games with Arcade
  • Controlled by Mip Arcade App
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 2 lbs weight

Things you may like Things you may don’t like
  • Self-balanced robot
  • Really interactive robot sidekick
  • Tires are sturdy
  • Easy to use and play
  • Can sense any movement or touch
  • Two-way communication
  • Bunch of fun games in its App
  • Challenge to play fun 1-to-1 games
  • Comes with number of accessories
  • Carries things around the house
  • Can’t move over thick carpets or grassy lawns
  • Some people complain about Bluetooth connectivity

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Appbot Riley – Security Robot

In the box: Abbot Riley, docking station, Li-ion battery, manual, adapter, and cable

If you travel a lot and want someone to watch out for your home then Appbot Riley is just right for you. This little rover has a built-in security camera that has infrared abilities and night vision. 

best personal assistant robot

Interesting Features

Mobile Connectivity: You can connect this home robot with your phone via Wi-Fi to control it and see whatever comes the way of Appbot Riley. 

In-build Camera Head: The amazing thing is that its head moves around up to 120 degrees and gives clear images. It can also capture and record the videos for later watch. 

Motion Detector: This smart robot rovers around to recognize and record every moving thing with its motion detector. If it falls, you can make it stand up again by merely a click on the “ Get it upright” button in your phone App

Two-Way Communication: It also has a microphone to provide effective two-way communication which means you can easily communicate with your pet robot.

Auto-Connect to Charging Plate: Moreover, it automatically senses the docking station from a 1.6 ft distance and gets connected. While on the docking station, it rotates at 360 degrees to provide full coverage of every moment at home. 

Read the full review by click here.

Product Specifications

  • 5 MP HD camera
  • Provides live view of house
  • Both way communication with built-in microphone and speaker
  • Infrared night vision
  • Passcode protected App to gain access
  • Auto Stand-up feature
  • Motion detector and recorder
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

best personal assistant robot

Things you may like Things you may don’t like
  • Amazing home security robot that won’t get stuck anywhere
  • Docking Station for quick charging
  • Detects movement and face recognition
  • 360-degree rotation on dock and 120-degree head tilt 
  • Provide 720p HD quality
  • App needs upgradation
  • Some complaints regarding app connectivity
  • Riley can get overcharge

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Sphero BOLT

In the box: BOLT, dock, stickers, charging cable, and a compass

The Sphero Bolt is a great assistant robot that gives you endless opportunities to learn exciting things while having so much fun.  

Don’t let the size fool you, this mini robotic ball is programmed with two special intuitive applications; Sphero Edu and Sphero Play. All you need is to download the apps and scan it by bringing the mobile close to the robot. Once connected, you can easily control it with your smartphone. 

Interesting Features

Customized Coding: The Bolt provides a great interface to learn and do coding with the Sphero app. The coding can be done by drawing, connecting blocks, or simply by traditional text. 

Driving Modes: Sphero Play offers multiple driving modes; tilt, scream drive, kick, joystick, face drive, and a slingshot. Also, you would get a bunch of fun games in this application which you can play by controlling the Sphero Bolt.

Product Specifications

  • Water-resistant robot
  • Durable anti-scratch cover
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 4 hours battery run
  • Multiple sensors; Gyroscope, Motor encoders, Light sensor, Infrared, Accelerator, and Compass  
  • Compatible with Android, iOS Kindle, Chrome, and Mac Windows

Things you may like Things you may don’t like
  • Cool Matrix & voice-aiming
  • Upgraded long battery life
  • Adorable robot
  • Educational robot; letting you explore and learn exciting things
  • Anti-scratch & waterproof body
  • Instructions are not much clear
  • Limited features

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LittleBits Star Wars Droid – Award-Winning Robot

In the box: 30+ pieces including; electric joining blocks, 9V battery, instructions to install an app, and stickers

Looking for a custom-made home robot assistant? Then must check out Star Wars Droid by LittleBits. It comes with all the essential parts to construct your very own custom droid. 

On opening the box, you will get guidelines to download its app from where you would get clear step-by-step instructions to make the Star War Droid. Plus, this app contains over 33 missions and you will get to teach your robot the new skills. 

best personal assistant robot

Interesting Features

Enhance Creativity: The building part enhances the creativity of young minds to think logically and put together all parts which are very fun in actuality. 

Magnetic Blocks: The blocks are magnetically attached, meaning you would require no tool to assemble them. When you connect the brain, the droid will start making noises.

Stickers: It comes with either red or blue stickers that allows you to give your assistant robot a decent personality. This human assistant robot is smart enough to detect hurdles in its way and changes its course of route to avoid obstacles. 

Product Specifications

  • Droid moves with the force mode; directions can be given using the hand
  • 3 drive modes; sliders, joystick, and tilt
  • Self Navigation
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS

best personal assistant robot

Things you may like Things you may don’t like
  • The brain functioning is cool
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Customization allows to redesign the droid
  • Video instruction on app regarding the assembly 
  • Get to teach amazing skills to your bot
  • Limited sensors
  • Stickers don’t goes smoothly around the curves
  • Require a carrying box to take it on the go or disassemble it again

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Sphero RVR

In the box: Sphero RVR, 2 Lithium batteries, manual, battery locking key, color cards, USB cable, battery, mounting plate, and a rolling cage.

The Sphero RVR is an excellent customizable robot rover that is packed with all essential features required by anyone who wants to get into robotics. It is specially designed for beginners, hackers, and builders with all robotics levels. 

On opening the box, you’ll get clear instructions about putting the power battery into the mini rover robot and locking it with a key. To get started, guidelines will also be provided to download the app and connect it with Sphero RVR. 

best personal assistant robot

Interesting Features

Ready-Made Robot: It is a fully programmable assistant robot that comes ready for all-terrain right out of the box, meaning no extra effort is required to put together robotic parts. 

Hackable: The fun about this robot is that it is hackable, allowing you to get more creative with coding and operate it your way via Sphero App.

Mounting Plate & Rolling Cage: It comes with a mounting plate to customize your home assistant robot according to your needs. You can mount anything to make it more functional for you. Plus, the rolling cage lets it rove without getting damaged, as the domed cage will help to back on track smoothly by rolling. 

Sensors: The Sphero RVR has multiple sensors to make it more attractive to tech-loving people. The Sphero Edu comes in very handy when it comes to changing the LED colors and customizing the brightness. Also, you can drive the cute little tank by dragging the finger on the phone screen. 

The RVR is no doubt a great intuitive robot that not only helps with learning and assisting but also offers an exciting fun experience. 

Product Specifications

  • Fully programmable
  • High powered compact motors
  • 3 On-board Sensors; ambient light sensor, color sensor, and infrared sensor
  • 2 Ports; USB and UART port
  • Driving Precision on all terrain 
  • Advanced SDK Libraries 
  • Hi-torque

best personal assistant robot

Things you may like Things you may don’t like
  • Super cool personal assistant robot
  • Powerful motor and rubber tracks to run overall terrain types
  • The mounting deck offers to connect multiple accessories for different jobs
  • The rolling cage prevent damages
  • Fully programmable and hackable
  • Easy Programming
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries
  • Color and Speed Customization
  • Pricey Assistant Robot
  • Some people had trouble while reconnecting

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Buyer’s Guide for Personal Assistant Robots

With so many technological advancements, robotic companies came up with more functional and innovative assistant robots. Sometimes, many of these robots lack essential features that you were expecting from them and get outdated after being used for a couple of months. On the Customers’ feedback and demands, these companies upgrade those models with the latest versions that are much more efficient and have more features than before. 

Therefore, there are a huge collection of home robot assistants but figuring out which one will be the best for you can be a real pain. So, to ease you with that, we have listed below the essential consideration that you should keep in mind while selecting the best personal assistant robot for the home.

Buy Only From Trusted Brands

The quality of robots depends upon the manufacturers. Many companies don’t take the pain of providing the best of the best robots and overlook the complaints by their customers. So, always do some research about the brand and read their customer service feedback to judge which robotic brand could be trusted with your investment.

Technology Used

Technology is something that you must consider as it defines the capabilities of the assistant robot. The robots must be equipped with artificial intelligence and GestureSense Technology. As these technologies make the robots real smart, with GestureSense Technology, the robots can actually hear, feel the touch and detect the movement around them, and with artificial intelligence, they know what actions must be taken against that stimuli. 

On-Board Sensors

The best personal assistant robot must be equipped with some important sensors like; motion detector, Facerecognization, Sound sensor, Ambient light sensor, Color sensor, and Infrared sensor. The Infrared sensor works in a dark environment, whereas face recognition helps the robot to recognize similar faces and it sends alerts on viewing new faces. Motion detectors identify all the movement around your house.

Although, having all of these in one robot is not possible unless it is a very high-end personal assistant robot. But you must try to find more of these useful sensors in your assistant robot.


If you need an assistant robot for various purposes so must check out the customizability of the robot. Also, custom-built robots are more fun to construct and program. 

The custom-made assistant robots can be coded and designed according to your requirements. With their app, you can easily customize the features of your companion robot.


Durability is an important factor to be considered. Check the construction material of the robot. If it is transparent then must examine if it is scratch proof or not. Plus, read the specifications carefully to find out if the robot is water-resistant or you must take precautions. 


When you are investing in assistant robots, then you must check the count of accessories that will be included in the package. Buying separate accessories will substantially increase your cost. Try to get a robot with a good number of useful accessories. 

Mobile Connectivity

Before regretting your purchase, you must check out the connectivity mode of the assistant robot. Generally, two modes are used; Bluetooth & Wi-Fi. I would recommend you to buy a home assistant robot with Wi-Fi connectivity as it can be controlled remotely when you are not at home.

Battery Type

If you want a quick, fast-moving assistant robot then go for one that is powered with rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are very powerful and provide enough energy to boost the speed of your robot.

Build-in camera

The home robot assistants with built-in cameras are a win-win! They not only recognize you but also keep monitoring your house in your absence and make great security robots. Such robots capture pictures and record video of whatever comes their way for your notice. Moreover, they also allow you to watch a live view of your house remotely. 

Two-Way communication

If you want a companion with whom you can talk, buy an assistant robot that is equipped with a microphone and speaker. By having both, sound sensor and face recognition, you will have a real-life robot that will communicate with you.

 Assembly & Installation

Read the instructions carefully to find out whether the assistant robot requires any construction or not. If you are the kind of person who really enjoys putting together tech parts and building your assistant robot all by yourself then you must get those that require assembly. But be careful, not all robots come with easy and quick assembly. 

Some units come with great complexity and don’t work the way you want them to function. Plus, a few of these custom-built robots are hard to undo so think carefully and understand the guidelines and purchase only if you find it easy to put together. 

Although customized robots are fun to construct and program so I would recommend you to get one with magnetic blocks. Or if you’re bad at critically thinking to construct models then don’t risk it. Just simply go with ready to play and work right out the box robot.


Last but not least, before looking up any model do consider its cost. As many high-end looking best personal assistant robot often fail to keep up with the expectations of the people. So, check the accessories, sensors, technology, and customer reviews to find out if it is worth the investment or not. If you find out more negative comments than positive ones. Just skip that robot from your list and moves towards the next one. Keep going with the process till you find your perfect assistant robot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Smart Robots Learn Skills?

Yes, smart robots are equipped with artificial intelligence and they learn new things from interacting with humans. With app up-gradation, their skill level also enhances.

Do personal assistant robots charge on their own?

It depends upon the model. But mostly assistant robots have battery sensors so they return to their charging station automatically.

What are the limitations of personal assistant robots?

The home robot assistant needs a power source to keep them working. When their battery gets low, their efficiency reduces and they don’t work until charged completely. It is a drawback for the best personal assistant robot that is designed for security purposes. 

Do all security robots stop working during charging?

No, some robots are designed to provide continuous monitoring even during charging. One of such robots is Appbot Riley.

Closing Words

Having a personal assistant robot is a great way to keep yourself worry-free and entertained at the same time. The assistant robots are not only great for adults but also for kids, as many educational robots promote learning about programming and coding at all levels. These robots expand young minds with astonishing things and brain test games. They assist with work and home chores while keeping your kids busy playing games with them. I hope this post helped you with your research about personal assistant robots. Good Luck!

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