Miko 2 Robot Review – An Intriguing Friend For Your Kids

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This Miko 2 Robot is a brilliant little robotic toy friend for your kids that will help them learn a lot. This one comes as a friend and will help the children not just get more knowledge about the simple stuff but also someone to talk to and enjoy their time. 

Coming to the actual Miko 2 Robot Review, the most interesting part is that it comes with a Miko 2 mobile application for iOS and Android Android to control all the actions and set up the robot quickly just like the Boxer Robot .

Miko 2 Robot Review


Unboxing and Setting Up

We were amazed by the fact that after using the mobile app to set up the Miko 02 robot in a few minutes, we were free to go and play with our toy. The whole concept of having the best programmable toy robot can be fascinating for the kids, and that’s what you pay for.

Although this companion robot price is alot, but it is the perfect friend and teacher for your child.  It seems to open up a window for your children to the outside world. Not just that, the smart robot with WiFi and Camera can help them learn new facts and also provide information as they are asked for. 

Get the Robot out of the box, connect it to the WiFi and Bluetooth of your phone, and set it up for a quick start. 

Miko 2 robot review

Reasons to Buy

Well, now that we have to number the reasons, we can say that it is a pretty good purchase for parents who can afford it. Here are a few reasons to buy the robot Miko 2. 

  • The quick set up allows you to use the robot after a few minutes.
  • Mobile application to set up and control the Miko 2 stem. 
  • Teleconnect gives you access to the kid’s room.
  • Autopilot allows it to interact with the kids on a whole other level.
  • Really interactive and educational miko toy robot for the kids.
  • Miko2 shows emotions to interact with the kid on a personal level and encourages playful learning. 
  • This multilingual Miko 2 robots can be a personal tutor and a best friend for your kids. 

Reasons Not to Buy

So here are a few minor reasons why you would not like to buy this Miko two robot. 

  • It can be a really expensive tutor for your kids. Extra features like telling a story can only be unlocked in the app if you buy them for $7 each.
  • It might make up on its own and record the surroundings so you might be watched. This weird security concern can be uncomfortable even if you trust the company.

Miko 2 robot review

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Triple Es

So the Miko 2 robot review works with a goal of 3 Es.

  • Engagement 
  • Education 
  • Entertainment 

All of the above-mentioned factors will really boost up the personality of your kid. You will feel the difference of having a really smart friend.

Hello Miko!

To activate this robot, you need to say “Hello Miko!”. Right when you say it, it will perk up and come to you. Now you can give the next instruction and enjoy an interactive conversation with the Artificially Intelligent friend. 

Explore the World

The Miko 2 robot review is created with the help of technicians, psychologists, child specialists, and other experts to make it interact with the kids by getting on their level owing to the genius robotics.

This way when the kid gets to know the friend and feels him at his age, it will make them more comfortable and boost their confidence. They will get the inspiration to explore the world and see what is around the globe just like the Meccano Max robot toy review

Miko 2 robot review

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Best Surface to Work With

This Miko 2 robot review is there to show that this robot doesn’t walk perfectly on a carpeted area or some thick surface. Instead, having hard floors will be the best option to go for. The robot itself says to keep it on a hard surface per floor and avoid any glass or carpet area. 

This can be a problem for people who have fully carpeted homes. Although, you can always use it on a table instead to give a hard surface underneath. 

Inspirational Learning Environment 

This Miko 2 robot review promotes learning of the kids like the vector robot by Anki and the best part is that it will make them learn new things without boring them. The best part is that the Miko 2 stem robot interacts with kids of all ages. It will save parents from the frustration of having a toy just for one of their kids. You can get less interactive toys for 3-year-old boys but as they get older, they need more attention. 

Even if there is an age difference, you will still be able to make your kids enjoy this interactive robot boy to the fullest. The official website of the Miko 2 stem robot shows that it is a great choice for kids between ages 5 to 10. As you know this is the most critical time in terms of learning, so this can be a great investment in that matter. 

Miko 2 robot review

Actions Possible with Miko 2 Robot Review 

You can perform tons of actions with this robot. It all depends on your creativity and your child’s will to learn more. It will definitely inspire the kids to do so.

If your kids want to learn a new language, know about another culture, get fun facts about anything. From the Galaxies far away in space to the little fishes swimming in the deep ocean, it comes with all the interesting facts. 

These facts will act as a spark for starting a new urge to learn more about something. It will also help them know about their interest and find out what they like more. 

The Magic of Teleconnect

When we are talking about the Miko 2 robot review, we can never forget to mention the absolute best part of the robot is Teleconnect.

If you are a parent, you will feel it to be a dream come true. Now you can connect to your kids and keep an eye on them even when you can’t be around like with the Anki vector robot toy. This function will help you to call your kids when they are messing around and keep an eye on them when they are with their babysitter. You can also ask the robot to move around the house and have some fun. 

AutoPilot Miko 2 Robot Review 

There is a button for Autopilot on the Miko 2 robot to enjoy some actions from the little robot friend. This feature makes the robot roam around the house without your guidance. Although it does avoid any objects and obstacles in the way. 

Now the robot can interact more and get to know the environment of the house. It is the learning stage of the robot itself because he learns about the house and other surroundings. It will keep on saying a few things along the way as well. 

Miko 2 robot review

Final Verdict 

We totally love the different features of this Miko 2 robot. The kid will get some new ways to learn more and enjoy a window to the outside world. Although, it can be a little too expensive for a small toy. But, if you can afford it, we say it is totally worth it to get your hands on this one and make your kids learn all they can in a restricted way. Also, you get to interact with your kids and keep an eye on them or call them when you are not around. 

In case you have more kids, this is a great deal because it will teach all of them in different ways. Playing and learning will be a fun task for them with Miko 2 robot review. Also, it is age-appropriate and doesn’t waste any time usually spent idling in front of the TV or watching YouTube.


  1. How is the customer service and warranty for the Miko 2 Robot?
    Miko 2 comes with a 1 year warraty and the company gives a great and swift customer service to solve and answer any of your querries with the device.
  2. Does the Miko 2 give kid-safe browsing on the internet?
    Definitely! the Miko 2 robot is kid-safe and provides parental guidance and filyers to search on the internet.
  3. Can the children learn different languages through Miko 2?
    Yes, Miko 2 provides intelligent learning opportunities for your children, including language and skills.

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