Riley Robot Review – A Smart Robot For HD Home Security

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The idea of artificial intelligence protecting your home and keeping an eye on everything is really satisfying. Here is this Riley Robot review, we will be talking about how this robot has taken the home security to its hands and performs the job pretty well.

You get all of the smartest features that make it a great home companion. Even if you’re not at home you still can keep an eye on everything with a Robot WiFi Camera. It has motion detection alerts along with an automatic charging dock. Ensure you get all you need, packed in this small body. 

Riley Robot Review

Features of the Appbot Riley Robot

There are a lot of features available in this report and here we have listed the top ones for you.

Wi-Fi connectivity

It comes with the features where you can connect this device to your Wi-Fi network and enjoy remote control over the Riley robot review.

HD Quality Video and Audio

It records all of the happenings in your house with a five-megapixel HD quality video camera. It also comes with a microphone that allows you to hear the audio at your house.

Security Camera

This is a smart security camera that will keep an eye on everything happening in the house no matter if you are around or not. 

Walking Camera

This is a movable camera that can run to different sports and detect any motion. This movability feature of the camera allows it to be more remote and capture more area. There are a lot of the best high-resolution security cameras available. 

Automatic charging dock

When the charging of the Riley robot gets down, it automatically gets back to the charging area and recharges itself. 


Night Vision

We totally love this feature because it allows it to see and record even during the night time. When it is dark all around it will give to the video in black and white mode and keep an eye on everything. The Best night vision camera will help you in many ways. 

Grippy Tank Belts

There are rubber tank belts that make it move around with ease. This Appbot Riley Robot Camera allows a lot of grips and helps it move around on any kind of surface. 

appbot robot

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Appbot Riley Robot Product Description 

Here are a few of the features that the appbot Riley Robot comes with

  • It has a five-megapixel sensor resolution.
  • There is an option of live view with HD video and audio.
  • You get to a 70° diagonal field of view around the robot.
  • It has night vision capabilities that allow it to see when it’s dark in black and white.
  • There is a ¼ Cmos image sensor available.
  • It has to be audio so you can call and say words to your pet or baby.
  • It comes with a microphone that allows you to hear clear HD audio of your house.
  • There are also speakers that can play different music as well as your voice at the moment.
  • The motor of this Riley robot can tilt at a range of 120°.
  • The battery of this Riley robot review has one ampere or five volts of power.
  • It will be charged completely within five hours.
  • The pan motor can move around at an angle of 360°.
  • The Appbot mobile phone application is compatible with android 4.2 and iOS 8.0 smartphones.
  • It comes with motion detection capability so if there is any movement around the camera it will detect it immediately.
  • There is a 2600 milliAmpere Lithium-ion battery attached to it. 
  • It weighs around 850 g.
  • It has a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • The dimension of this robot is 120 x 160 x 160 mm.


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Two Way Audio

There is a feature of two-way audio that allows you to talk to anybody at home with this Riley appbot robot. In case you want to interact with your pet or say some nice words to your baby, you can actually do it. You can make the robot go to some please and make an announcement in your voice.

If your baby or the pet responds in any way you will get the complete response in form of HD audio and video. This picture makes it a really cool option or you can walk to work if somebody is trespassing your property. 

Eyes on the Back of Your Head

This appbot robot will work as your eyes and you can look after your home even when you are away. In case you forgot to lock the doors on your way to the office, there isn’t any problem as it seems like you have left a person at home.

This little robot will take care of the house and will see everything happening around it. Imagine going on a business trip and still looking at your home with Riley’s eyes. 

WiFi Connectivity in Riley Robot Review

It has WiFi connectivity so you can connect it to your smartphone and use it no matter where you are. It gives you a really remote control so that the smart robotics technology can be used all around. Just open up the report, set it up, and use your smartphone to translate the live HD video and audio as well.

You get to see exactly what’s happening at your home even if you have a shuteye. It will monitor your house for hours so that it makes it a really trusted and useful companion for your home security. 

Why Do We Love This Robot?

There are a lot of features that make this a great option like the Xiaomi Mijia review. Here we are going to discuss some of our favorite points.

Allows You To Talk At Home

There is a two-way audio communication system that allows you to talk to anybody at home. This way it is really easy to communicate with anyone at home and tell them to do something if you want to. Personally, this feature helps a lot of people so that’s a plus.

Riley Robot Review

Can Record in All Directions

You have the ability to turn it around in any direction and make it record on all the sides of the room. You can order it to move around and it will give you the footage of that direction. This way you got your eyes even at the back of your head. 

HD Quality Live Audio and Video

You can keep an eye on the things that are happening at the moment so you don’t have to wait to get home and check the history of your records. This makes it really convenient for people who don’t have time to check on what happened before and just look at the live video from time to time. 

Records in Dark

There is a night vision mode so that it records a black-and-white with you at night time. In case a trespasser has turned off all the lights, it will still record it all and transfer it to you so you know what’s happening.

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Appbot Mobile Application 

There is an appbot Riley robot review mobile application that is compatible with iOS and Android phones. It has a lot of features and provides all types of access to the user with just your smartphone. 

Things That Need Improvement

Apart from all the great features, this report pursues there are a few things that we would like to change. 

Battery Timing

The battery timing of this report is really low which makes it really hard to keep an eye on for a longer time. If this report can last longer and have a better battery timing we would totally love it. 

High Price Point

It is a really expensive way to keep an eye on your home. Home security would be a little over the budget if you have a limit.

Automatic Charging Dock

Some of the users have faced the problem where this robot can’t get to the automatic charging dock in time. This is being phased especially when the user is not around to pick it and charge it. 

Riley Robot Review

Not Waterproof 

This robot is not waterproof so it can get into anything wet and there is a chance that it will be affected by that. We would really love it if the Riley robot offers a waterproof version. 

Do we get motion detection alerts with the Appbot Riley robot review?

This robot sends you an alert message when there is any kind of motion detected around. It will also capture an image of the movement and save the image into the memory. This way it has a pretty good motion detection facility.

What is the Battery timing of the Appbot Riley robot?

After five hours of charging it allows you to use the battery life for 1.5 hours.


Is Zoom in and Zoom Out Facility Available with the Riley Robot review?

Yes, you can zoom in and zoom out on videos and pictures during the live transmission from your home. This allows you to check on really small things and see if there is something to be worried about.

What is the Charging Dock Voltage of the Riley Robot?

The automatic charging dock supports 100 to 240 V of charging for the robot. 

Final Verdict

There are many ups and downs in this report but overall it performs fine. You get some great options and features that our technology advanced and help you get a more secure home. Although if they remove a few flaws and improve the limitations it would be a great choice.

At this price point, we really expect something outstanding so we hope to get better features. Riley Robot Review makes a great choice for someone who is concerned about the security of their house when they are not around.

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