Boxer Robot Review [An Entertaining Gadget]

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Boxer Robot Review is one of the foremost popular movie characters among children, so no wonder that robot toys are in demand. Still, it’s not that easy to pick the one which will fit your kid’s needs. to start with, there are two main sorts of robot toys — programmable and non-programmable.

The former ones are programmed using specific codes, with some models being capable of moving autonomously. Boxer robot amazon equipped with infrared sensors allowing the toy to maneuver around flat surfaces and overcome obstacles.

As you play with this loveable bot, you’ll get to understand his quirky personality. Sometimes happy, sad, grumpy, or maybe sleepy, Boxer displays a full range of emotion.

Boxer robot price; Equipped with multiple IR sensors, an indoor rechargeable battery, and more awesome tech features, Boxer responds to your hand movements and interacts with you in silly ways.

A robot wifi camera is a mini robot camera that can spy and gives you’re the recordings too and used for security purposes.

Things to Consider


  • A.I. Robot with the big personality: get to know Boxer, the small robot who delivers big fun! This quirky Bot comes with 10 game cards and expresses a full range of emotions!
  • Play 10+ games: Use the 10 activity cards (included) to play games like Bot bowling, paddle Bot, or Go Kart with Boxer! Unlock even more games by downloading the Boxer app to your phone!
  • Multiple ways to play: use the remote control to race Boxer Robot Review around and do tricks; download the free app to your phone to play new games; or use your hands to interact with him! Equipped with sensors, This robot for kids responds to your movements in funny ways! Get your home clean with robots vacuums for pet hair, the best way to clean your place.
  • Boxer is a great gift for kids aged 6+. This lovable Bot can’t wait to become your new sidekick!
  • Includes 1 a.I. The robot, 10 game activating feature cards, IR remote control, interactive ball accessory, USB charging cable



  • Great fun for younger kids
  • Reasonable price
  • Dosent requore a tablet


  • Could be better build quality
Tiny Robot Personality

Emotion Expression is one of the key features of Boxer A.I. Robot Toy emphasizes. A Boxer can also dance, run, rotate and even perform awesome wheelie tricks via its great equipped wheels.

It can express mood from its eyes. Boxer robot cards; Emotion Expression is one of the key features of Boxer A.I. Robot Toy emphasizes. A Boxer Robot Review can also dance, run, rotate and even perform awesome wheelie tricks via its great equipped wheels. Cleaning is the most important part if with the best robot mop; is done.


Boxer a fun robot

What makes Boxer fun is that the personality and therefore the various play modes. it isn’t overly sophisticated compared to other robots on the market, but this is often really about play and accessibility for younger kids.

The Boxer Robot Review sounds and interactions are cute, and there are tons to get the more you play with it. The boxer robot replacement parts R/C unit, scannable cards, and app-based play may take a touch time to urge won’t to and a touch of experimenting.

But younger kids are going to be ready to roll in the hay, and discovering and unlocking what Boxer can do maybe a major part of the play and therefore the reason kids will stay engaged.



The manual play mode is basically self-explanatory, and this is often great for open-ended, exploratory play. The game activity mode is often a touch tricky, a minimum of within the unit we tested. you would like to push the button on the rear of the robot on just one occasion, and you will hear a beep.

Place the robot carefully on the cardboard, noting where the front wheels go. The boxer robot remote will drive over the cardboard, and if it reads it, you will see the “eyes” change and therefore the game will activate.

If not, you’ll hear a beep, and see X’s within the eyes. a number of the games are highly interactive, like soccer, DJ bot, Dance Party, or Paddle Bot. Others, like Stunt Show, are just entertaining.

Finally, the app takes the touch of a little bit of finessing to urge it to figure. It connects via Bluetooth, which part is extremely easy. The robot responds in an equivalent way because it does when it reads a card.

This Boxer Robot Review is often definitely a toy that invites kids to explore and play. For the youngsters twiddling with it, Boxer is going to be a fun, interactive buddy that’s full of play and personality.


Control by Hand Gesture

Kids can lead Boxer to different directions and even stop movements by hand commands. You would possibly say it’s almost like the Force power within the Star Wars series. Actually, this Boxer Robot Review is often pretty almost like what Littlebits Star Wars Droid can do. Anyway, it’s fun and one of the key moves of Boxer.

Play Tricks with Activity Cards

Boxer Interactive A.I. Robot Toy comes with 10 activity cards. Scanning the cards will allow Boxer to play diversified games like bot ball shooting, bot bowling, and even fortune-telling.

Most games are addictive and interesting. Kids would like to play with them much. What’s more, parents can also help download the Boxes app via smart devices to unlock more new games for teenagers.



Customer’s Feedback

  • A small, cute adorable non-programmable robot with wholesome quirkiness!!
  • The great robot, plays games, lots of fun!
  • Fun for everyone but maybe a little too advanced for little ones.
  • Favorite item from Christmas for 10 years old

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