Roomba 890 Review- Best WiFi Controlled Robot Vacuum

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Technological advancement of this age is beyond imagination. Everything has become digital and our lives have become easy. We can just sit in one place and control our house chores without any effort. This might seem to be something out of this world in the past but now robotics have made everything possible. We have all of the control in our hands. Our smart devices can be used without any problem and that’s what masters all of the new technology. In the world of robot vacuums, there are many popular options that everyone is talking about.

Today, we will be reviewing one of the best WiFi controlled robot vacuums that will help clean around your house. No matter if it is carpeted or hard floor, you will get clear and tidy floors. If you are wondering what is up with the iRobot Roomba 890 that makes it so special, keep on reading. 

iRobot Roomba has also given us some great robot vacuums including Roomba 677 and 891. These options are great but it all depends on your preference, budget, and features of the robot. The price of the Roomba 890 might be higher than some of the other robot vacuums in the market but we think the performance is worth it. When the build quality combines with high-level performance, we get perfection that is Roomba 890. This way the value of this robot vacuum is improved to another extent. 


  • A great WiFi controlled vacuum
  • 60-minute battery life eases the task
  • Sensors allocated to avoid obstacles 
  • Dirt detection feature


  • If the dustbin is detached, there is a chance of a spill

iRobot Roomba 890 Review


Design of the iRobot Roomba 890 

Just like most of the robot vacuums available in the market, this one has almost the same design and shape. The iRobot Roomba line of robots offers a similar circular design. There is a lined ring around the body in black color with a copper top, this combination of metallic and high-quality plastic material makes it look aesthetically pleasing. This is the type of robot vacuum that you get to match the color scheme of your house. 

There is a bumper ring that allows the Roomba 890 to absorb any shock in case it gets bumped into a wall. To ease its movement, it comes with a handle on top that allows you to carry it from place to place. 

Roomba 890 Cleaning Method

This Roomba 890 review shows how the device cleans your house. There is a system consisting of three stages for proper and ultimate cleaning. These stages include agitation, lifting, and sucking. There are sensors attached to different sides of the vacuum cleaner to keep it moving all around the house without getting bumped. What we love the most about this vacuum is that it creates a map of the cleaning area and follows dirt to clean it off. This is called the dirt detection system and allows it to spot any debris on the floor that it immediately cleans off. If you have pets, this feature can be really helpful because it will be after the puppy to clean off the shedding hair. 

 Roomba 890 Wifi Connected Robot Vacuum Cleaner

There are two rolling brushes under the robot to clean off all the dirt that is stuck on the floor or carpets. The high power suction capability takes out the dirt from deep layers of the carpet. It is great for people who have allergies for dirt and pollen. The spinning brushes on the side take all of it into the center for the vacuum to suck up. After the cleaning is completed, we hear complaints that other vacuums release these particles into the air but the Roomba 890 has filters that don’t allow the air to contaminate and you can breathe in the fresh air. 

Accessories that Come With Roomba 890

This robot vacuum comes with 

  • A charging station
  • A high-quality filter
  • A virtual wall to keep the robot in place

Roomba 890 Usability

Setting up this Roomba 890 and using it is the easiest thing to do. It is self-explanatory and user-friendly so you can perform the task without any problem. After opening the package and removing the accessories, you will have to charge the vacuum cleaner before use. When the vacuum is charging, you can set up the app by connecting it to wifi. 

And Viola!

You are ready to use the Roomba 890 robot vacuum. 

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