iRobot Roomba 677 : Wi-Fi and Multi-surface Cleaning Sensors

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iRobot was initially founded in 1990 and since then they have given reality to practical robots. Roomba 677 is one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners you can have in your home. It is designed with the best technology to provide customers with the best product for their home.

This particular model of robot vacuum has unique features that you would adore once you use it. It features powerful sensors mounted on the top of the device that can be seen through the infrared beam. The top-notch feature is its automated cleaning function that’s what it is famous for.  It greatly increases the ease of cleaning as well as reduces the time of cleaning too.



Additionally, iRobot Roomba 677 also has powerful photocell sensors located under the device that can detect the cliff (stairs/sloppy areas of the home), triggering the device to turn itself back to the state. 

 Some basic features of this incredible vacuum cleaner are given below ;


Wi-Fi Connected

The iRobot Roomba 677 can be connected to your Wi-Fi and helps in smart navigation as well as adjustment for proper cleaning of the floors and carpets.

Cleaning Time

The overall cleaning time of the robot is 90 minutes and after that, it automatically goes back to the charging position.

3-Stage Performance

The best models of vacuum cleaner work on the principle of the three-stage cleaning process. Therefore to clean the house properly the iRobot Roomba 677 uses multi-surface brushes, edge sweeping brush as well as a vacuum suction to clean each and everything ranging from small particles to large debris that are present on your floor as well as on the carpets or hard floors.


The Roomba 677 vacuum cleaner uses a lithium-ion battery which not only provides powerful cleaning but also long battery timing which helps in proper cleaning of the home. Hence you don’t have to worry about the charging of the battery.

Dual Multiple Surface Brushes

Moreover, iRobot Roomba 677 is the only robotic vacuum cleaner with dual cleaning brushes which provides the best cleaning for the floor as well as carpets. The first brush is used to loosen the dirt and the second brush is used to pick up the whole dirt properly. The brushes work in proper synchronization to remove all the dust as well as the large dust particles from the floor of your home.

Auto-Adjust Cleaning System

There is also an auto-adjust cleaning head which allows the vacuum cleaner to adapt automatically to the height of the surface hence it keeps the dual brushes in close contact with the ground. To understand its functionality, you need to understand how all Roomba vacuum cleaners usually work besides offering excellent visual mapping and navigational control to the users.

Dirt Detect Sensors

There is a built-in dirt detection technology in the vacuum cleaner which allows the cleaner to recognize the dirty areas or high traffic zone areas of your home and assures proper cleaning of the house. These sensors not only detect the dirt particles but also provide additional cleaning to the high traffic areas of your home.

Edge sweeping

It has an edge sweeping brush too. This brush specifically works at an angle of 27 degrees, It is just to sweep away the debris from the edges of the walls too. In this way, not only the floor but the edges become clean too. This is an amazing feature of the vacuum and there it is much liked by the people as they don’t have to clean the edges separately.

Navigation System

iRobot Roomba 677 has several sensors that help the vacuum cleaner to make almost 60 decisions per second in order to adapt to your home and helps proper cleaning of the floors.

Cliff detect Sensors

There are not only edge sweeping sensors but also cliff detects sensors too. Hence the sensor avoids stairs and any high places to avoid falling off the machine. The machine intelligently navigates such places in your home.

iRobot Home App

You can easily clean and schedule the cleaning of your home anytime and from anywhere using the iRobot Home App. There are several features of this app which not only helps you in making a proper schedule for cleaning the floors but also updates on the cleaning jobs. You can install the app on all smartphones easily. Connect the vacuum cleaner with your mobile and easily schedule the cleaning of the floors.

Voice Control System

All the Roomba vacuum cleaners are compatible with the Google Assistant as well as Alexa. Therefore you can simply ask Google Assistant or Alexa to start or stop your robot according to your needs. Voice Control System is simply the most important feature of this Vacuum Cleaner.

Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers

The dual-mode barriers allow the customers to control the robot anywhere. This system only allows the robot to clean the rooms that you want. If only works in the area when you turn it on and plug the extensions. It needs your commandments to operate within your home even it is automated. Hence it keeps the robotic cleaner away from the things that you want them to avoid. Just in case, the battery stops working you can always replace it. Here is our guide on Roomba replacement batteries that will come handy to you in case of your current battery wears out due to extended use or natural damage.


  • It cleans the floor effectively.
  • Moreover, It also cleans under furniture.
  • It is hassle-free and extremely easy to use.
  • Additionally, It can work for a longer time.
  • Can also clean large debris
  • The product comes with a one year warranty.


  • People complain about the size of the bin. The size is smaller than the other machines.
  • The product sometimes makes noise which is somehow disturbing for the elder people of the home.
  • It is expensive 




On the whole iRobot Roomba, 677 is an excellent vacuum cleaner for the home. If you are looking for simple, easy as well as quick cleaning of your home. One thing should be kept in mind that this product is a bit expensive. Because it features new technology systems


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