iRobot Roomba 891 – Vacuum Cleaner

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iRobot Roomba 891

iRobot Roomba 891 Robot Vacuum, a top-rated model that will lookout of stubborn pet hair with ease. It also features a very powerful motor that’s still somehow nice and quiet, and it even works with Alexa voice commands.

This is an excellent vacuum for selecting up the tiny messes and crumbs that accumulate on your floor every day. It’s simple to use and is extremely powerful, but it often fails to wash the majority of my floor.

Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes instantly adjust and flex to remain in constant contact with floors.

irobot 891

Patented Dirt Detect sensors alert Roomba 891 to figure harder on concentrated areas of dirt, like high-traffic zones of your home.
It Clean and schedule from anywhere with the iRobot HOME App; compatible with Amazon Alexa and therefore the Google Assistant


  • Power-Lifting Suction delivers 5X the air power* for improved pick-up performance
  • Premium 3-Stage Cleaning System loosens, lifts, and suctions dirt, dust, and pet hair. The Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head adapts its height to keep the Multi-Surface Brushes in close contact with different floor surfaces, directly engaging with both hard floors and carpets
  • Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes instantly adjust and flex to stay in constant contact with floors
  • Patented Dirt Detect sensors alert Roomba 891 to work harder on concentrated areas of dirt, such as high-traffic zones of your home
  • Clean and schedule from anywhere with the iRobot HOME App; compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant
  • Runs for up to 90 minutes before automatically docking and recharging
  • Featuring these other Roomba robot essentials – Wi-Fi Connectivity, Edge-Sweeping Brush, Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head, Works on Carpets and Hard Floors
  • Box Content: 1 Roomba 891 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum, 1 Home Base Charging Station, 1 North American Line Cord, Owner’s Guide, Documentation Package
  • iRobot does not certify the quality or authenticity of products purchased from non-authorized resellers on Amazon, and will not cover claims, provide service or offer replacements for products purchased from these sellers.


  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Aeroforce three-stage cleaning system uses tangle
  • Free multi-surface brushes and power-lifting suction to pull dirt, debris, and pet hair from floors
  • Dirt Detect uses optical and acoustic sensors to clean more thoroughly where needed
  • High-efficiency filter
  • High-performance tangle-free brushes
  • Cliff-detect sensors
  • Adjusts to all floor types
  • Bin-full indicator
  • Compatible with iRobot HOME app; devices with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Seven-day preset scheduling
  • Roomba returns to a home base charging cradle between cleanings

irobot 891


  • Some people write off Roombas as a novelty item that cleans up your floor a touch, but it isn’t a replacement for an actual Roomba 891review  vacuum.
  • It’s actually quite impressive.
  • It does all the cleaning for you, and you only need to take the bag out of its charging station and empty it.
  • No have to stress about the Roomba stopping because it’s filled with debris.
  • It can get under furniture easily
  • Operation is hassle-free
  • It works for small and large rooms

irobot 891


  • Things like socks, pet toys, or other small objects can grind to a halt within the robot vacuum even as they might during a traditional vacuum.
  • When the battery starts to run out of juice the vacuum is meant to return automatically to its charging base.
  • It works fine most of the time, but I often find a rogue robot vacuum stranded within the middle of the house because it couldn’t find it’s way home. Some models have a way bigger problem with this than others.
  • In order to urge around tight spaces and not drain the battery too quickly, the iRobot Roomba 891 vacuums also are generally small and can get to be emptied more frequently.
  • A bit pricey
  • It may miss spots

HEPA Filter for Clean Air

Inside the dustbin of Roomba 891, there is mounted an efficient HEPA filter. It removes the littlest dust particles out of the air.

Strong Suction Power for Pet Hair

The enormous suction power and therefore the brushless rubber rollers reliably remove pet hair due to the brushless system there’s not pet hair knotted up within the brush love it is with competitive robot hoovers.

Thus, Roomba 891 is basically recommendable for pet owners.

irobot 891

Cleans Edges and Corners

With its long side brush, iRobot Roomba 891 cleans along edges and corners. The side brush transports dirt and mud near the suction inlet where it’s aspirated.

Voice Control:

Having hands-free capabilities is crucial, especially during those times when your hands are full. You can’t always access your phone conveniently.

Using a connected Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device allows you to locate and command the 891 to wash with great ease. It is often done anywhere within the house that’s close enough for the smart speaker to listen to.

Dual Mode Virtual Wall:

Making a wall or halo helps keep the vacuum from running into things because it cleans.

It’s a method to stop the Roomba 891review from getting dinged up by hard objects. It also prevents the vacuum from damaging the paint on walls or finishes on furniture that it might strike without extra guidance.

It’s a feature that a lot of people will full homes appreciate because they’re ready to get a radical clean with each vacuuming session without destroying the contents of their homes within the process.


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