Meccano MAX Robot Toy Review- Is It Worth It?

Meccano MAX Robot Toy
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meccano max robot reviews

In the modern world, along with all of the technological advancements like the Meccano MAX Robot Toy, artificial intelligence has grown to a much bigger level. Humans have shifted a lot of their burden to robots and that’s what makes it all easier. The product that we will be reviewing now with artificial intelligence.

The name pretty much tells a lot about the functionality and working of this product and we will be reviewing if it’s worth it or not.

MAX is the name of this robot erector set that has artificial intelligence and you will have to construct the robot by yourself using the 66 step guide that comes along the parts. There are motors, bolts, nuts, and the body parts of the Meccano MAX Robot Toy in the package, in fact, all that you can expect from an erector set. You can have the ultimate guide to robot cats for entertainment at home.

There are a lot of toys for kids but what makes this one special? After you completely assemble the robot, it will be formed to become a fully interactive and functional robot. You can get it for your kids or even yourself if you are into robots and love building stuff. All of the Meccano Robot reviews show that it is a great interactive toy for your kids.

meccano max robot reviews


  • An interactive and fun project for kids.
  • A toy that will learn along with you.
  • Reasonable price on Amazon


  • Brain software is not preloaded, you have to download it after assembling the robot

Who Is It Recommended For?

It’s a great interactive toy for kids above 10 years of age and the whole project of building it will be fun. Even if you have younger kids, you can help them in the building process and make the whole project a fun interactive session. The Meccano MAX Robot Toy package also comes with some stickers to decorate your robot so it can be a great activity for kids.

Build and Specs

The process for building this robot is similar to any other erector set building or other projects like this. What makes it better is that the quality of the material used is great so after you build your robot, it will not break. The instructions are very detailed and helpful so your kids can easily build their own robots.

The 66 step guide is great when there is a pile of 332 pieces and you have no idea what to do next. After you have assembled the body of MAX, you need to download the software for the brain of your Meccano robot into the brain module. The sphero bolt review is a robot that is made with LED light and sensors.

After the software is installed, the Meccano MAX robot will ask some questions to your kid to learn more about them, this is the step where MAX starts to learn. All the commands for Meccano MAX Robot Toy are mentioned in the book of instructions, you can ask questions as well as bring your stuff with your hands. There are a number of things that the Meccano MAX robot can do and your kid will truly enjoy them. Bringing your kid this interactive robot is a great way to introduce them to robotics and engineering.

meccano max robot review

How Does the Meccano MAX Robot Work?

As Max navigates your home on its large rubber wheels, it is equipped with infrared sensors that warn the Menacco MAX Robot of obstacles, a motorized claw that opens and closes, and a neck servo that enables it to tilt its head from side to side.

Meccano MAX Robot Toy has a long list of top skills, including the ability to tell funny jokes, dance around like a maniac, tell fortunes, and provide a lot of interesting facts to everyone. Since Meccano MAX consists of 332 parts, it does take some time to build. You can have a boxer robot review for an entertaining purpose for your child.

MAX’s brain begins to work once it is loaded with software and properly charged. When it is powered up, flip the switch on the back of the electronics panel to “robot” instead of “drone,” and say hello. You will enjoy seeing MAX.’s face light up and hearing it speak to you for the first time!

Where Improvements Can be Made?

The fact that the brain software doesn’t come in preloaded is a little annoying. It will reduce the playtime and make the kids wait for it to set up even after they have built the whole body. If the Mecano Max Robot already had the software installed and there was no need to do all the chores again, it would be a somehow better experience. Still, the whole project stays great. The reason behind installing the new software by yourself can be updated.

Maybe the artificial intelligence world is making progress with each passing day and they want us to have the most updated version of the software. The updates can still be performed if the software was preloaded. That is the only thing that needs improvement according to our Meccano Robot review. The overall process of building a robot and playing with it while you and the robot learn new things is a great experience for kids and a significant interaction among parents and kids.

This was the only area for improvement in this robot, otherwise all of the Meccano robot reviews show that it works perfectly.


Just like any other erector set, the building of the robot body might not be the most fun part but after the whole project is complete, nothing can beat that sense of accomplishment for your kids. Seeing Meccano max robot play and learn will give your kids interest in science m, robotics, and building. The best part is that all of it can be obtained staying at home while you can spend some quality time with your kids and engage their minds to imagine creatively.

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