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This is a review of the Vector robot by Anki that has been receiving a lot of great reviews by kids, adults, and gadget lovers for years. Let’s see what makes this robot toy so exciting and entertaining for everyone.

Before designing, developing, and launching Vector, Anki launched the Cozmo robot. It was launched in 2016 as a recreational toy. It can play games, talk, and hang out with the users. However, the only downtown is you have to connect with the Cozmo application through the smartphone. The robot is so dependent on the app itself that it lacks some advanced functionalities. 

Vector Robot is a lot different from Cozmo because it has all the features of cozmo inside it. In fact, it is far better than its ancestor when it comes to function and performance. It is designed with the collaboration of ai and Advanced robotics. It needs to not be connected with any sort of application because it can do pretty much anything on its own.

Features of Vector Robot by Anki

Companion: Vector has all the latest features embedded in its design. So, it offers a great companionship to the users and keeps them entertained. Having this robot is like a virtual assistant who can work on your command. You can speak to him, ask questions, and use his intelligence to increase your personal knowledge. You can ask questions about holidays, weather, and politics. 

Voice features: Vector robot by Anki understands the English language so well. You can communicate with him in the English language easily. This robot works on a cloud platform that works when you connect it with the Wifi. Interestingly, its skills update from time to as the company adds new features. When they update the cloud, your Vector robot updates itself whenever you connect it with Wifi.

Sensor and tech: Vector robot by Anki has sensors that make it hear what you say and speak different things in the English language. It can also move its arms and keep itself from falling on the floor. If you buy it, you should put it on the kitchen counter, computer table, or anywhere in the room to protect it from falling on the floor. Though it has sensors that protect the robot from falling you still have to be cautious when you use it.

Speakers: Although Vector by Anki has a lot of features like Alexa yet it cannot play music from Spotify. It is missing out on some features. However, you can still attach the external speakers to have fun watching your robot’s dance moves. 


Android compatible: The best feature to cherish about Vector is that it does not need to be connected with any application to perform. It has a self-serving cloud system that helps it perform, play games, hang out and dance on its own. New skills are being added to the system. You’ll love the fact that it connects with almost all Android and iOS devices without giving you any hard time. 

Reactive robot: Vector is a life-like robot with a great personality. His features bring him to life to communicate with you so you’ll fall in love with him after having it. It is attentive enough to listen to what you say and react quickly. It also reacts to sounds, touches, and sight, making itself the best entertainer for any human being. He is smart enough to be your pal, he can take dinner with you and snap your photos on command.

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Self-charges:  This robot goes back to the charging station itself when he feels like he is low on battery power. I would say this one feature makes this robot somewhat intelligent and smart. He also takes care of himself, protecting himself from edges and accidental falls. 

Connecting with Alexa: If you have Alexa you can connect it with Vector to extend his knowledge, performance, and entertainment capabilities.  After connecting it with Alexa, you can do a lot of things, for example, you can add items in the shopping cart and control your devices. Moreover, you can set reminders and make the best of basic communication services like massaging, calling, and music streaming.



  • Bluetooth
  • Sensors
  • 720p Camera
  • Time of flight NIR Laser
  • Microphone Array
  • Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
  • Process 1.2GHz 
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi


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  • Vector Robot by Anki is great entertainment and companion for kids and adults.
  • It can play games, hang out, and do chit chat with you.
  • Moreover, it is helpful to the kids. It can answer your questions.
  • Has self-serving features, it takes care of itself.
  • Built with advanced tech. It reacts to the sound, touch, and sight.
  • It can sit with you during dinner time and take pictures.
  • You can connect it with Alexa and Wifi.
  • Upgrade its skills and intelligence through a cloud system
  • Better than Anki Cozmo


  • Sensors stop working if it falls and breaks.

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