iLife Vacuum A9 Cleaner – A Smart Budgeted Debris Cleaner

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iLife Vacuum A9 can fit in your choice if you are looking for an affordable vacuum cleaner. It gives you its control with your smartphone and voice. You can clean your hard floor quickly and effectively with this smart vacuum cleaner. Also, if you need a small pile of the carpet to be cleaned, iLife vacuum A9 definitely going to give you results. Here we have brought to very comprehensive and detailed iLife vacuum review that might help you choose the right vacuum for you.

ILIFE A9 Robot Vacuum,

Dimension Weight Battery Seat Height
12.99 x 12.6 x 2.99 inches 5.57 pounds 1 Lithium-ion battery 76 Millimeters


Navigation: its smart pano view navigation increases iLife A9 Vacuum cleaner efficiency and will clean all the areas you assigned to it.

Connectivity: it comes up with App control system that works with wifi connection. It will ease you in cleaning operation and provide you more control over this vacuum cleaner.

Dust-Bin: its cellular dustbin effectively decreases the frequency of its filter change and cleaning of the dust box.

Packing Material: it comes up with the following items in the box: i) iLife A9 Vacuum ii) 1 electro wall iii) 1 remote control iv) 1 charging dock v) 1 AC power adapter vi) 1 cleaning tool vii) 1 filter viii) 4 side brushes ix) manual x) 12 months of warranty.

ILIFE A9 Robot Vacuum,

Design and Operation Modes

iLife Vacuum A9 comes up with low profile design for accessing those areas that are hard to clean, like under beds or tables. It is only 3 inches tall allowing it to pass under beds, couches, and other furniture. We have tested many robot vacuum cleaner, but this iLife Robot Vacuum is the smallest of them all except EUFY RoboVac. iLife Vacuum comes up with 13 inches of standard diameter.

When we talk about its cleaning operation, there are four cleaning modes: i) Auto ii) Edge iii) Max iv) Spot. When Auto mode is enabled, it performs its operation in the methodical path – it will make straight lines as you would make when mowing grass. Edge mode is suitable only when you want to clean edges and corners. Max mode increases input and output power to maximize cleaning operation for small areas with set-in dust. The Spot mode is for larger areas piled with dust and debris.

iLife Vacuum A9 cleaner effectively map your place for effective cleaning operation and help you detect any missed place. While it’s cleaning operation, it stops for a short while to process its memory to spot any missed place before carrying on. It comes with two main cleaning brushes: one for heavily soiled areas and the other for less soiled areas. You will also see another set of brushes on its sides. To avoid falling down from stairs it is preinstalled with Cliff sensors.

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ILIFE A9 Robot Vacuum,

How iLife Vacuum Perform Cleaning Operation

iLife vacuum A9 cleaner does its job faster and more effectively. Its operation is noiseless and convenient. When it’s working and cleaning your debris you hardly notice its sound. It will be harder for you to listen to its voice when working in another room.

I was amazed by how it performs its job so quickly and zip around the rooms. It can conveniently move around with different floor types – hard floor to carpet and vice versa. iLife vacuum can handle almost any floor type including laminate, tiles, carpet, etc. it’s all modes are perfect and doing cleaning job for me very well. After one session, you will see its full dust bin consisting of dust, debris, and dog hairs, etc. upon inspecting, I came to know it picked up the cleaning session more seriously near my dog, not near my couch. To be honest, iLife A9 vacuum cleaner is not advertised for pet hairs.

While on Auto Mode, The iLife vacuum A9 Cleaner can perform its job continuously for 102 min. it will then move to its base station automatically to recharge its battery and will then continue its cleaning operation. These kind features were once available in iRobot Roomba.

iLife vacuum A9 cleaner comes up an electronic wall that you can place anywhere you don’t want the cleaner to clean. I usually put this wall under my table to refrain from the vacuum cleaner to indulge with my computer cables.

ILIFE A9 Robot Vacuum,


  • Excellent design and perform an effective cleaning operation
  • Accurate mapping and camera view for the customized cleaning operation
  • High-quality dustbin for avoiding secondary pollution
  • Relatively cheaper in its category


  • its App require updates and debugging
  • it is not compatible with google assistant

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