DJI Osmo 4 Review – Boost Your Creativity With This Gimbal

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Nowadays, everything is so advanced as technology is progressing rapidly. Especially if we talk about our mobile phones, the picture resolution is truly remarkable. You can capture crystal clear masterpieces with a single click. Not only that, working with smartphones is quite easy. However, if you want to improve your picture quality, it’s vital to have a gimbal.

That’s where the DJI Osmo 4 smartphone gimbal comes in. This article will do the DJI Osmo 4 review in detail. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

DJI OSMO 4 Review:

Key Features:

  • Magnetic quick-release design
  • Easy to carry and foldable
  • Active track 3.0 function
  • Comfortable grip

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You often have seen in an ordinary gimbal, attaching the phone sometimes become quite annoying. However, there can be several reasons; you will not find anything like that in the DJI OM 4.

The gimbal features a magnetic quick-release design that allows the unit to attach and get removed instantly. Along with that, the gimbal grip is quite sturdy, and you can carry it in two ways. But, the DJI OM 4 as a ring-style holder is preferred.

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Portability and Battery :

Also, besides the aesthetic design, managing the smartphone gimbal is super-easy too. The design of the DJI OM 4 allows the unit to fold instantly. Due to that, you can carry the drone anywhere you want. Moreover, the DJI OSMO 4 provides 15 hours of performance. And, the unit takes only 2 hours to get charged completely.

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Active-Track 3.0 Technology:

When the shots move, the picture quality doesn’t remain the same. That’s why the DJI 4 comes with the Active Track 3.0 technology. So, when your shots are moving, the gimbal will focus on the subjects. In this way, you can frame shots at a higher frequency.

Moreover, you can even make mini-movies with the DJI Osmo 4 gimbal. There are step-by-step procedures provided with the gimbal. Furthermore, there are many creative templates and story modes. In addition, if you need to take a photo or record, there’s no need to fatigue yourself by clicking on the buttons. Instead of that, gesture control will make the job easy for you.

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How much does the DJI Osmo 4 cost?

Although from the features point of view, the price of the DJI gimbal is good. With all other accessories, the smartphone gimbal comes with a price tag of $145.47.

Is it worth it to invest in the DJI Osmo 4 drone?

Without any doubt, the DJI 4 gimbal is among the best manufacturers. The gimbal has a sturdy construction and is ultra-lightweight. Also, you can even capture photos from the gesture control functionality.

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Things to consider: If you still have some doubts and want to shop all by yourself. Then, before you get into it, make sure you read these guidelines.

Comfortability is a factor that matters gravely in a Gambill. As you have to capture or record vlogs all the time, using a heavy gimbal will be kind of difficult. Therefore, ensure the DJI gimbal is ultra-lightweight and there’s a good grip on the device.

When there are less complicated buttons on the gimbal, you can manage options in a much better approach. So, consider looking for a friendly interface. The review we have done on the DJI Osmo 4 even allows gesture control. So, it only takes a second, and that’s it.

These are the overall growth reasons why we select the DJI Osmo 4 review.

Final Thoughts:

The purpose of the DJI Osmo 4 review was to educate you about the best product available in the marketplace. This smartphone gimbal doesn’t cost that much and offers numerous functionalities. For instance, the DJI gimbal is foldable and is ultra-lightweight. In addition to that, the camera holds the technology to focus when the subject is moving. Overall, the DJI Osmo 4 is a great product worth the investment.

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