The 8 Best Robot Toys of 2022

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With rapid advancement, robots have become a major part of our lives that make it a lot easier. They play a significant role in sharing the excessive burden of business and home chores with humans. 

In the past few centuries, kids’ toys have also been revolutionized with artificial intelligence (AI). There come many best robot toys that encourage fun learning and help to build STEM skills while playing with robot toys. 

The best robot toys not only play with your kids but also act as their assistants. You can check the best robot assistants by clicking here.

Our Top Pick Best Robot Toys 2021

Think Gizmos TG542 – Top Best Robot Toy for Kids

“Packed with a bunch of features, the RoboShooter dance, talk, slide, and shoot safe discs to the enemies. It makes the perfect gift for both young boys and girls”

LEGO Creator Robo Explorer 31062 Runner up Robot Toy

“Moveable and rotatable robot toy which features lit-up green eyes, strong tracks, strong gripping claws and a flashlight which helps to explore the surrounding” 

ALEX Toys ZOOB BuilderZ ZOOB BotMost Affordable Robot Toy

“Get creative in constructing a ZOOB Bot that can be made into a vehicle or a monster, you can simply do a few twists and turns to give it a new design”

Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot Ideal Robot Toy for Preschoolers

“Great interactive robot that is designed for kindergarten kids and helps them to learn shapes, coding, color, and basic maths”

Zoomer Dino – Best Robot Toy for Young Kids

“Zoomer Dino from Jurassic Park is all set to start the adventure right out of the box. It learns the dance and gets tamed by the little pet’s owner”

Turbo Bot Really RAD Robot Voice Controlled Robot Toy

“Turbo bot is designed for speed-loving kids who love to drive vehicles. It can be controlled by a remote or an audio command. Well made perfect toy to keep the kids entertained with exciting Turbo tricks”

Sillbird STEM Building Blocks  – Robot Toy for 8+ Kids

“STEM Building Blocks Robots can be easily assembled by following the simple instructions in a manual. Plus, after connecting the battery kids can control it by its remote or their smartphones”

Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog Pet Robot Toy for Kids

“Robot Pet Dog can do wonders and brings the experience of having a real pet at home. Kids love to program and enjoy the bunch of features that it offers”

In this article, we will learn more about these 8 best robot toys and their features which make them stand out from other robot toys on market. 

Read on to explore more about these toy robots.

8 Best Robot Toys 2021

Think Gizmos TG542

Material: Plastic | Weight: 3.2 lbs | Dimensions: 13.5” x 8.6” x 5.3” | Control: Remote Control | Batteries: 6 AA batteries  | Toy Pieces: 20

Think Gizmos TG542 is the best disc fighter robot toy for young kids. It can be easily programmed in advance to shoot at siblings and parents, making it more fun to ditch and run from 12 colorful discs. 

Kids can also control the moves and aim the fires with a remote controller. The remote is made incredibly simple and easy to understand with labeled 10 buttons. Each button is specified for unique functions; sliding, talking, walking, shooting discs, dancing, and fighting. 

It comes with all the required 20 Pisces to construct a TG542-VR RoboShooter which kids love a lot. Building a robot toy boosts self-confidence in young kids. Plus, it enhances their creativity and logical reasoning when something doesn’t fit perfectly. 

Toy Features

5 Languages: The Roboshooter is mastered in 5 multiple languages including French, English, German, Spanish, Italian. Also, its manual is also translated into these languages which can be understood by most of the countries worldwide. Such an impressive feature cannot be found in any other toy robot, which makes it stand out.

Audio Recording: It records the voice messages or greeting to convey to the parents or siblings, which is a lot amusing. Kids enjoy recording their voice and hide somewhere while secretly controlling the robot toy to walk to the desired person and deliver your message. 

Unlimited fun: It comes with a bunch of exciting functions including sliding and dancing. By pressing a dance button, it shows amazing moves to keep your kids entertained. 

best robot toys


  • 7 unique features including voice recording, dance, and discs fires
  • Equipped with 5 different languages that are spoken in major counties of the world.
  • Illuminated cute design
  • Suitable for kids over 4 years old
  • Soft rubber discs are safe to shoot and play
  • Kids love this toy that’s why it makes a perfect gift for young ones


  • Need to purchase batteries separately

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LEGO Creator Robo Explorer 31062 Robot Toy

Material: Plastic | Weight: 1 ounces | Dimensions: 10.32” x 7.5” x 1.81” | Control: Automatic | Batteries: 2 LR44 batteries | Toy Pieces: 205

Another amazing 3-in-1 robot toy set by LEGO. This transferable toy robot comes at a very affordable price. This robot toy kit includes all essential parts to construct a robot bird, robot dog, and robot explorer. 

Generally, robot toys for kids lack talking and dancing features which makes them boring after some play. But the LEGO Creator Robo Explorer has all the exciting features that take the imaginative play to the next level.

It features a cute design with flashing green lights, rotating head with body and arms. One arm has a gripping claw while the other is equipped with a torch to put light on things in the dark. It rovers around the house with strong tracks that are suitable for all terrains.

Toy Features

3-in-1 Robot model: This toy set features a model that is convertible. Kids can never get enough of this convertible toy set which can be changed to whatever your little ones want to play with. They can make a pet dog, flying bird, and a Robo with tracks to explore new places.

Moveable Parts: Usually robot toys are stiff and do not rotate or bend, but this Robo Explorer can rotate its head to see what’s on the other side and can also pick up things scattered around and move the body that is really fun to play with.


  • Over 200 pieces based LEGO Toy set 
  • Suitable for kids 7+ years old
  • It is compatible with other LEGO kits
  • Transferable robot toy that can be changed in a pet, bird or an explorer that rovers with strong Tracks
  • Durable Toy Set
  • Enhance creativity and logical reasoning through independent play 


  • Sometimes parts can be missed, but you can claim for that
  • The light-up feature is not so great

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ALEX Toys ZOOB BuilderZ ZOOB Bot

Material: Plastic | Weight: 1.28 lbs | Dimensions: 14” x 2.7” x 11” | Control: Self | Batteries: Specific batteries for 1 product | Toy Pieces: 54

If you are looking for a perfect robot toy for a beginner, then BuilderZ ZOOB Bot is a great choice. This toy is specifically designed for young kids to introduce them to the robotics world.

It comes with 54 exciting toy pieces including; axels, 4 wheels, gears, a pull backward motor, joints, and illuminated eyes to build a ZOOM bot with the help of the provided manual. 

This robot toy set is known as one of the best kids building kits which encourage learning and build self-confidence in young kids.

The parts are not fixed, instead, they spin, rotate, and extend to make this toy exciting. It can be made into a monster toy robot that transfers into a vehicle by simple twisting and turning which increases their imagination.

It is the best robot toy for kids over 6 years of age who are fond of robot toys. It is no doubt an excellent gateway for children, as it helps to create brilliant STEM skills.

Toy Features

5 Styles: The kit includes 5 differently styled toy pieces that can be connected in twenty unique ways and enable the robot toy to move, rotate, extend arms or legs, and much more. Kids just need to use their minds or take help from a toy guide in constructing this toy. After that, it will be all ready to play.

Motor Wheels: The 4 wheels are motorized to run overall hard floors and thin carpets. Children can pull back a letter and then release the toy robot to run extra distance. The wheels can also be moved with the creativity of kids.

Lit-up Eyes: The green flashing lights make this robot toy look so real. The Robot flashes a light to see what’s on front.

best robot toys


  • Moveable and extendable parts
  • Very affordable robot toy
  • Can be made by merely using the creativity
  • Convertible from a vehicle to a demon


  • Contains small pieces

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Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot

Material: Plastic | Weight: 2.2 lbs | Dimensions: 10.47” x 8.43” x 10.24” | Control: Auto-Control | Batteries: Four C batteries | Toy Pieces: 5

An excellent robot toy for youngsters over 3. Years old. Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot by Fisher-Price is an interactive toy robot for preschoolers. It comes with 4 accessories and a guide book to do free coding.

This amazing toy also helps the students to learn about shapes, colors, coding, and much more. Kids don’t need to control via robot controller, instead just put in a new code and customize its actions. 

It’s not just a learning robot but it can also be changed into a toy for playtime. It encourages engaging play where kids use their minds to put multiple toy accessories and give their robot a new design. 

This robot toy is ready to play right out of the box and operates on C batteries that you will also be included in the package.

Toy Features

Colorful Keypad: The colorful keypad on top is well labeled and can be used for changing the modes; code a path, play, and start/stop option. 

Easy Coding: The toy robot has a coding option on its head to customize the movement of the bot. They just need to press the buttons and create their coded path. It also comes with a “secret coding book” that helps kids to explore more ways of coding for interesting play.

Big Wheels: The wheels are big and durable enough to move over even on grassy terrain. Kids can take them and play anywhere they wish to in their house.


  • Cute robot design with lights on top
  • The batteries are included in the package
  • The easy to use and program coding buttons on top
  • This toy robot helps the children to learn more about basic maths, shapes and color 
  • The toy robot engages the kids in the play and interacts with them
  • The colorful soft buttons on the head to press and chose where the bot needs to move
  • The toy machine accessories let the little ones make their equipment


  • Some find a coding feature a bit challenging

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Zoomer Dino

Material: Plastic | Weight: 2 lbs | Dimensions: 14” x 9.2” x 8” | Control: Remote Control | Batteries: 3 AAA batteries | Toy Pieces: 2

If your child is a fan of dinosaurs, then you must bring the Zoomer Dino at home.  It is a fun aggressive toy robot dinosaur inspired by Jurassic Park Movie. It comes ready to play right out of the package, meaning you would not need to assemble any unit and will get saved from head-scratching movements.

It is made for younger kids but it also works fine for older kids. The Zoomer Dino can be controlled by using a remote controller. The remote is also made to fit comfortably in small hands with soft plastic material.

Kids can tame this new pet at home and teach them some dance moves. It senses your actions and reacts accordingly. Plus, it can roar and chase you if you pull its tail. Kids love this robot toy as it makes the fun time joyful while playing with a real-life kinda Dino.

Toy Features

Balance Technology: It is equipped with a true balance technology that keeps it upright and prevents it from tipping over. Instead of rotating wheels, the manufacturer has installed a couple of rolling balls that enable the Zoomer Dino to go anywhere and chase you effortlessly. 

Different Reactions: Generally, toys don’t react to your actions and don’t learn anything from you. But this toy robot dino is very lively. It learns to dance and tricks from you, plays chase games, and reacts furiously to teasing. It also roars to show you the Zoomer Dino is angry and wants to take revenge. 

best robot toys


  • Easy to operate via remote control
  • Perfectly balanced with rolling wheels
  • Dances and run with kids
  • Smooth Functioning
  • No assembly required; comes ready to play
  • Reacts on petting the head or pulling the tail
  • Anyone can play with this robot toy 
  • 1-hour battery life 
  • Makes a perfect gift for kids


  • Need to Purchase Batteries Separately
  • Quite Pricey

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Turbo Bot Really RAD Robot

Material: Plastic | Weight: 1.24 lbs | Dimensions: 5.12” x 10.45” x 3.95” | Control: Voice and Remote Control | Batteries: Yes | Toy Pieces: 2

The Turbo Bot is the most popular robot toy in the market owing to its impressive quality and features. It is more than just a toy robot, it assists you and keeps you entertained throughout the day. 

This cool robot toy is battery operated and can be controlled by dual features; remote control or voice command. It has a built-in microphone to hear your requests and fulfills them. It is designed for 5+ Kids but 8+ also enjoys playing with this toy robot.

The Turbo can tell jokes to cheer up the kids when they are in a bad mood. Plus, it also rovers, spins and does breakdance on its own.

Kids can also teach it to speak up to 5 phrases, making it the most loved and favorite toy of youngsters. The majority of parents are completely satisfied with its quality and found no error.

Toy Features

Turbo Boost: The Turbo is made for speed. It is a perfect robot toy for racing or playing around with your friends. You can boost the speed by pressing a “Turbo Boost” button on the remote controller and could hear the roaring noise of the turbo engine installed inside the compact body.

Two Way Communication: Unlike other toy robots it offers two-way communication. Whenever you say something to this bot it responds back from its side speakers, which looks really cool that your toy talks back to you and fulfills your playing wishes.

Crash Recognition: On exploring more, it goes fast and there are chances of it being bump into multiple things. Therefore, it has a crash recognition feature that immediately detects the hurdle and changes the direction.

Playback message: Kids can record a 10-second long message for their friends or parents in Turbo Bot that can be playback on approaching the desired person. 

Sturdy Wheel: The big sturdy wheels are of perfect size to keep the Turbo Bot rolling around the house exploring new places and racing past the siblings.

best robot toys


  • Affordable
  • Durable robot toy with big wheels
  • Talkback feature
  • Records the voice and playback it to people
  • Can be controlled by a remote or voice command
  • Tells Jokes and keep the kids entertained


  • Some people find it smaller than their expectations

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Sillbird STEM Building Blocks Robot Toy for Kids

Material: Plastic | Weight: 1.41 lbs | Dimensions: 8.11” x 8.03” x 3.07” | Control: Remote Control | Batteries: 1 Lithium-Ion Battery | Toy Pieces: 351

If you are looking for an ideal toy for kids over 8 years of age, then must check Sillbird STEM Building Blocks Robot. It comprises 351 essential parts required to construct a robot toy. It enhances the ability of young minds to think deeply and logically to find out solutions while putting together the parts.

Kids can also read easy to follow instructions to build the robot model and on completing the construction, it gives them a sense of accomplishment. 

It also comes with a controller with soft well-labeled buttons to make the robot perform different stunts. All its body parts move including eyebrows and shoulders, which kids love a lot.

Toy Features

Mobile Compatibility: You can connect your building block robot with your smartphone via Bluetooth to transform it into a remote controller which becomes very easy to use.

Movable Joints: All the joints are bendable and rotate including arms, legs, head, and shoulder. Kids can make their robots do all the tricks they want to enjoy.

best robot toys


  • Simple and easy to use 
  • The highest number of toy pieces
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Robot toy can be controlled by a smartphone
  • Helps to build STEM skills


  • Need to purchase batteries separately
  • Some people claimed about missing pieces

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Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog Toy for Kids

Material: Plastic | Weight: 2.8 lbs | Dimensions: 3.9” x 5.9” x 13.78” | Control: Voice and Remote Control | Batteries: 2 AA batteries | Toy Pieces: 2

If your child loves to have a pet dog and you don’t want to have any unnecessary mess at home then get your little one a Top Race Robot Dog which gives the feeling of having a real-life dog. 

It can be controlled by using a mobile phone or its remote control. The dog robot can make the sound of up to 10 different animals to make the playtime more fun and exciting. 

The kids can pet his head safely and can make the robot toy do multiple tricks for them.

The height and size of the robot dog are perfect to give the feeling of having a real pet dog. It wanders around the house, slides, bark, and can even dance with some music that keeps the kids busy throughout the day. 

Toy Features

Voice recognition: Voice recognition is the feature that makes it one of the most interactive dogs robot toys. It always stays ready to play with little kids. Plus, the toy is already trained so kids can give various commands; sit down, come here,  stand up, spin around, and dance to their pet robot and it will do exactly what the child says.

Functions: It is packed with a bunch of functions including; stand on 2 limbs, moving forward, backward, singing, crawl, walk, lie down, fart, etc. Therefore, kids never get enough of this robot toy.

Programmable: Besides its amazing functions, kids can also customize its actions and movements by changing its program with easy coding. 

best robot toys


  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Voice control and Remote Control
  • An exciting function that is hard to find in a robot toy
  • Programmable Toy
  • Sturdy toy body
  • Looks like a real dog
  • Both way communication
  • Makes the sounds of different animals.


  • Batteries are not included in the package

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