BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner Review & the Ultimate Setup Guide

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BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner is one of the best robot mops for hardwood floors. This robot vacuum cleaner has both mopping and vacuuming capabilities, but what really makes it ideal for hardwood floors is the special formula that utilizes dual spinning brushes to leave your floors looking like new.

The BISSELL company also makes robots specifically for mopping hard floors. The smallest, most affordable, and the quietest robot of these is the BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner, a multi-mode robotic mop that’s ideal for small spaces.

Having a robot companion comes in handy when you have to do other most important chores other than cleaning and mopping. Since the advancement in technology is offering you the chance to spend quality time with your loved ones, why worry about using manual vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers?

With so many robotic vacuum cleaners for pet hair, carpets, and hard floors out there, it’s difficult to select the right one. We’ve done intensive research and found the BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner to be the best solution.

Just sit back, relax and let the BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner automatically clean your floors. BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner automatically cleans all types of floors, like tile, vinyl, laminate, or hardwood. 

BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner Review:

BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner

Following is the ultimate, and detailed review of the BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner:

A BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor robot vacuum cleaner comes in a small, well-crafted cardboard box with a stunning design. Its first thing you’ll notice is its simplicity and elegance. It comes with the following accessories:

  • BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum 
  • Two Tank Cleaning System 
  • User Manual
  • Lithium-ion Batteries 
  • Charger
  • 12-month warranty card
  • An extra set of reusable Hard Floor Expert Mop Pads 
  • An extra dustbin filter
  • Replacement filters 
  • Edge cleaning brushes 
  • An 8-ounce bottle of multi-surface floor cleaner of Wood Floor Formula.
  • Documentation Package

Design of BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner:

The BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner is 12.25 inches in diameter and stands 3.25 inches tall, which is a standard size for robot vacuum cleaners. It’s one of the more attractive models.

The robot’s sleek exterior is highlighted by a ring of lighted LEDs at the top, indicating its status. When charging, the ring blinks once and “breathes” (pulses slowly) for 30 seconds before turning off. A light on the Start/Pause button will breathe while the robot is charging. However, after it has been charged fully, the Start/Pause button will shine solid. 

BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner has a dry tank that can be used for vacuuming and a wet tank for mopping. The wet tank has two circular pads at the bottom of it that rotate to scrub hard floors using a cleaning solution or plain water. Bissell offers several different mopping solutions with the following names: multi-surface, pet multi-surface with Febreze, and sanitizing formulas. 

Note: It is recommended to always use BISSELL’s brand of cleaning solutions, as other formulas can harm the robot and void the warranty. 

How to Setup BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner:

It is recommended and also mentioned in the guidelines provided by BISSELL to set up the charging dock at least 40 inches away from objects on either side and 40 inches across from anything. When the charging station is set up and plugged in, place BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner on the floor, turn it on with the switch on the side, and place it on the docking station. The first charge takes four to five hours. 

While your robot vacuum cleaner is being charged. Let’s take you through the easy setup guide of using BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner. The setup process is simple.  Use the following instructions to get a complete hold of your quiet effective robot vacuum cleaner:

  • Download the Bissell Connect app (available for Android and iOS) 
  • Sign in or create a new account. 
  • The app first asks a few questions, like what type of mess-makers you have in your home (dogs, cats, kids, and/or other), what needs to be cleaned (bare floor, carpet, stairs, upholstery, and/or car/garage), and what features are important to you (allergen control, eco-friendly cleaning, and/or lightweight products). 
  • From there, it takes you through the setup process. 
  • Press Get Started 
  • Select the SpinWave Robot from the list 
  • Turn it on if you haven’t already done so
  • Press OK. 
  • The app then instructs you to locate a QR code under the dustbin 
  • Scan it with your phone to start the pairing process  
  • To turn on SpinWave’s Wi-Fi, simply power cycle the device using the side switch
  • Hold the start/pause button for five seconds until you hear a beep. 
  • A pop-up then asks you to join SpinWave’s Wi-Fi
  • Accept this request, then enter your home Wi-Fi password to connect the robot to your network, and it will finish pairing. 

Note: The process only takes a couple of minutes. 

Using the app you can perform the following functions: 

  • You can change the robot’s cleaning pattern (Auto or Spot) 
  • Select the suction power or water flow level (Low, Mid, Max) 
  • Remotely start, stop, or pause it 
  • Send it back to its base station; 
  • Schedule cleanings 
  • View notifications 
  • Track your cleaning history 
  • Troubleshoot errors. 
  • While setting up a schedule, you can set the day, time, and suction power or water flow level. When the schedule is reached, the robot will either vacuum or mop, depending on whether you have a dry or wet tank installed. 
  • In the cleaning history section, you can view the date and duration of each session. 
  • The app also keeps track of lifetime stats such as distance, duration, and the total number of cleaning jobs.

Note: The SpinWave doesn’t come with separate remote control, so you’ll need to use the app to take advantage of all of its modes and features.  

Vacuuming and Mopping Features of BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner :

With a powerful 1,500Pa of suction power, the BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner can easily collect pet hair, dust, and other debris from hard floors and low-pile carpets. 

In Auto Mode, the SpinWave vacuum cleans straight lines and automatically returns to its dock when its battery runs low. In Spot mode, the robot vacuums in a spiral pattern to cover an approximately 40-by-40-inch area for five minutes. 

While it works just fine as a vacuum, the BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner excels as a mop. While mopping, the SpinWave simultaneously sweeps, collecting a limited amount of dry debris. But for the best results, you should run it as a vacuum first before sending it out to mop. 

Simply remove the cap of the mopping tank and twist it to the unlocked position. There are two lines on the side of the tank marking Water and Formula. Fill the tank first with water until you reach the Waterline, then add Bissell solution until you reach the Formula line. Then twist the mop tank cap back into place, and slide the tank into the robot. 

When it reached the edge of an area rug in testing, it simply turned around and moved in another direction. This is a useful feature, and surprisingly rare.

Other features as claimed by the manufacturer are as follows:

Navigation: Row by row cleaning pattern is optimized for an efficient coverage area.

Cliff Detection: Avoids stairs and another drop-off with its cliff detection sensors.

Docking: Automatically returns to the dock when it’s done cleaning or needs a charge.

Connected Cleaning: Works with BISSELL Connect App, so you can start, stop and schedule cleaning cycles from anywhere.

Battery/Run Time: Lithium-ion battery provides over 130 minutes of run time on hard floors in low mode.

Tank Swap: Easily switch tanks to automatically vacuum or mop floors with the Two Tank Cleaning System.

Ultra-Quiet Cleaning: Cleans without interrupting your daily routine.

If we summarize these points in a single list, then we can say that the BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner comes with the following amazing features:

  • Superior powerful suction power and amazing vacuum cleaning technology
  • Powerful Performance And Powerful Pick-up
  • Smart Navigation Gets the Job Done
  • It goes where it is needed, Avoids where it is not needed
  • Ideal for homes with Pets
  • Picks up right where it left off
  • Compatible with Clean Base
  • The app brings a whole new level of cleanliness.
  • Cleans around your life
  • Senses and eliminates dirt
  • High-precision sensors
  • Infrared sensors prevent the vacuum from falling down stairs or bumping into things

BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner


  • Mops and Vacuums
  • Works well with cleaning Solution
  • Quiet
  • Simple setup and operation
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to handle
  • Carpet boost
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Anti-drop sensors
  • App Control
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Supports scheduling
  • Detects and focuses on heavily soiled areas
  • Small
  • Relatively affordable


  • No mapping features
  • No voice control

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Tips to remember:

Following tips should be kept in mind while buying a robot vacuum cleaner:

  • Home Survey: The very first thing which you have got to do is to survey your home. You need to check that Is there hardwood or carpet in your house? How thick are carpets? How many levels does your home have? Do you have pets that shed a lot? Does your cat kick her litter out of the box? These are factors to consider when shopping around for a robot vacuum for the first time.
  • Budget: Robot vacuums’ prices vary widely. You can spend less than $200 or more than $1,000. 
  • App Control: The newest robot vacuums in the market function with the help of apps that make it easier to control and schedule cleanings. Many models map your home and allow you to clean specific areas with just a single tap on the app.
  • Suction Power: Some robot vacuums clean better than others. Not all robot vacuums have the same suction and cleaning power. Some are better at picking up pet hair from carpets, while others might perform better on the hardwood. 

Note: Above mentioned tips are just preliminary guidelines for buying a robot vacuum for the first time. One must keep in mind different other factors and features too.


The BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum is one of the best vacuum cleaners. We have robots doing it all. Cars that drive themselves, drones that navigate the sky, and robot vacuums that find their way around furniture. A robot vacuum keeps things relatively clean and saves you the hassle of hauling out the heavy canister vacuum every time a bowl of peanuts falls on the floor. BISSELL SpinWave Hard Floor dry robot vacuum cleaner is affordable and the best fit for all of your problems.

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