The Ultimate Review of Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA

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Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA offers a unique design that is unlike other mopping robots. Though robot vacuum cleaners have become relatively commoditized, mopping robots still have more room to grow. Let’s do Samsung robot cleaner review.

When you use robot vacuums and lawnmowers, you may never see vacuuming the same way again. These days, the best robot vacuums have many features, including emptying their own dustbins and responding to voice commands and gestures. 

Despite robotic vacuum cleaning being quite an emerging phenomenon, the idea of having a robot cleaning assistant at home and autonomous products for everyday use is not a new concept to us. People have always wished for a robot companion to assist them with the cleaning and other house chores.

Well, innovations in technology have solved a lot of our problems related to vacuuming and cleaning. With so many robotic vacuum cleaners for pet hair, carpets, and hard floors out there, it is hard to choose the best one. We’ve done intensive research and have found the Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA as the best solution to all your problems.

Just sit back, relax and let the Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA automatically clean your floors. Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA automatically cleans all types of floors, like tile, vinyl, laminate, or hardwood. This robotic mop has dual spinning fiber pads that reduce dust and dirt quickly and easily, so you just take it easy as the intelligent Jet Mop does all the hard work for you. 

Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA Review:

Following is the ultimate and detailed review of the Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA:

The Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA comes in a small but very robust box. It is packaged well, and the first thing you will see when opening it is its simplicity and beauty. The accessories included with the system are as follows:

  • Samsung Robotic CleanerDevice 
  • Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Charging Dock
  • Two sets of Mops 
  • Remote Control 
  • Lithium Batteries 
  • Charger
  • 12-month warranty card

The features of Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA as claimed by the manufacturer are as follows:

Simplicity in Swift Action: With its automated navigation system, the Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA automatically navigates around your home while avoiding obstacles to provide a quick and efficient way of making mopping a part of your day-to-day cleaning routine.

Dual Spin Technology: With Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA powerful Dual Spin technology, clean all types of flooring, including tile and hardwood. Two pads spin at high rates of speed, allowing the unit to move, turn and clean simultaneously.

Automatic Water Dispenser: This Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA can run for up to 50 minutes before refilling, dispersing just enough water, or a water-based floor cleaning solution to keep the pads completely moist while limiting the amount of drying time.

Two Types of Fibers:

Choose Microfiber or Mother Yarn, which is 100x thicker than Microfiber; both machine washable

  • Microfiber: Microfiber mops have longer and richer yarns, which allows for superior wiping performance.
  • Mother Yarn Pads: Mother Yarn has 100 times thicker fibers than Microfiber, meaning it’s ideal for wiping up spills and cleaning dust.

Smart Sensor System/ Anti Drop Technology: With the Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA smart sensors, you can clean corners carefully and safely while avoiding walls, carpeting, furniture, and artificial objects. The system even prevents the unit from falling off the steps or stairways, ensuring safe operation.

Note: Protective adhesive in packing must be removed prior to use for sensors to work properly.

Superior Edge Coverage: This Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA makes it easy to clean tough to reach areas, with spinning pads that extend from under the unit so that they can thoroughly cleanse your home.

Long-Lasting Battery Life: With a high-capacity battery that lasts for up to 100 minutes, the Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA can mop for a longer period of time in one go. You can mop for more than 100 minutes without the need for additional charging. Because of this capacity, it may also allow you to mop multiple times on a single charge.

Eight Cleaning Modes: The Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA  represents flexibility at your fingertips, with eight unique cleaning modes. Choose Focus Mode to concentrate on a particular area, or let the  Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA  move around freely on Random Mode. Switch modes from anywhere in your house with the handy remote control.

  • Edge
  • Auto
  • Step
  • Manual
  • Focus
  • 50min.
  • Intensive
  • Pattern

Unique Remote Control Feature: In addition to Auto cleaning mode, Samsung’s Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA also features seven additional cleaning options to mop along walls or thoroughly clean areas of concentrated dirt. These additional features can be activated from the remote control. Many of them are familiar to people that have used robot vacuums before. 

Hand Mode for Floor-to-Wall Cleaning: The Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA helps you clean what other mops can’t. This robot cleaner allows you to remove stains on kitchen or bathroom tiles or wipe off marks on a wall by hand.

Getting Ready the Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA:

Getting the Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA ready to clean requires very little effort.  It is as simple as it is written below here:

  • First, wet and ring out the mopping pads; two pairs are included with the Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA. The microfiber pads are better for wiping smooth flooring, white the thicker mother-yarn pads are ideal for soaking up spills and pulling dust from cracks and crevices. 
  • Next, carefully fill both of the reservoirs with clean water.
  • Then attach a mop pad to each one. 
  • Finally, attach each reservoir to its post on the bottom of the robot.
  • To clean, Just set the Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA on the floor and press the power button once to turn it on. 
  • Press again to activate the Auto mode. 
  • The robot cleaner will start shimmying across the floor powered by the spinning motion of its mops and in no time you will have a clean and clear area.

If we summarize these points in a single list, then we can say that the mighty Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA comes with the following amazing features:

  • Superior powerful suction power and amazing vacuum cleaning technology
  • Eight different and unique cleaning modes like Edge, Auto, Step, Manual, Focus, 50min, Intensive, and Pattern
  • Controllable via remote control
  • High-precision sensors
  • Dual side brushes make it possible for the robot to get up close to walls and furniture to ensure no area is missed.
  • Ultra-long durable battery life of 100 minutes.
  • Infrared sensors prevent the vacuum from falling down stairs or bumping into things


  • Automatic Water Dispenser
  • Powerful Dual Spinning Technology
  • 100-minute cleaning session for continuous super cleaning 
  • Can clean floors automatically and walls and windows 
  • Simple setup and operation
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to handle
  • Has Eight different cleaning modes for custom cleaning sessions
  • Carpet boost
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Anti-drop sensors
  • Remote Control
  • Washable Pad
  • Damp Sweep
  • 12.5 Inches Cleaning Path Width
  • Dual Reservoir
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Wall Charger


  • Not great at removing concentrated stains
  • No app control or scheduling features
  • Doesn’t support virtual boundaries
  • Doesn’t work with iOS

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Tips to remember:

Following tips should be kept in mind while buying a robot vacuum cleaner:

  • Home Survey: The very first thing which you have got to do is to survey your home. You need to check that Is there hardwood or carpet in your house? How thick are carpets? How many levels does your home have? Do you have pets that shed a lot? Does your cat kick her litter out of the box? These are factors to consider when shopping around for a robot vacuum for the first time.
  • Budget: Robot vacuums’ prices vary widely. You can spend less than $200 or more than $1,000. 
  • App Control: The newest robot vacuums in the market function with the help of apps that make it easier to control and schedule cleanings. Many models map your home and allow you to clean specific areas with just a single tap on the app.
  • Suction Power: Some robot vacuums clean better than others. Not all robot vacuums have the same suction and cleaning power. Some are better at picking up pet hair from carpets, while others might perform better on the hardwood. 

Note: Above mentioned tips are just preliminary guidelines for buying a robot vacuum for the first time. One must keep in mind different other factors and features too.


The Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA is one of the best vacuum cleaners. We have robots doing it all. Cars that drive themselves, drones that navigate the sky, and robot vacuums that find their way around furniture. A robot vacuum keeps things relatively clean and saves you the hassle of hauling out the heavy canister vacuum every time a bowl of peanuts falls on the floor. The Samsung Robot Cleaner VR20T6001MW/AA is affordable and the best fit for all of your problems.

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