Xiaomi Mijia Review- 1080P FHD Resolution with Night Vision

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Getting a budget 1080p camera can be hard at this time of competition but still, there are some options like Xiaomi Mijia. It has all the essential features that one can look for in such a camera but the price point is very affordable. The 130-degree wide-angle lens that can detect infrared night vision in a vicinity of 10 meters makes it a great option among others.

You can also find them with the name of Mi security home cameras that have a motion sensor and alert you in case something moves outside. There is a double Where in for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth along with the support of BSI technology. You need to get some smart security devices to keep your home safe

Xiaomi Mijia Review

The WDR (wide dynamic range) of this camera provides you a very wide angle of coverage so you can look at the premises of your house with ease. You have an option to record the videos in the SD card as well as the local NAS storage. The whole date of this camera sounds great at such an affordable price.

xiaomi mijia


  • It clicks a high quality 1080p FHD video.
  • It has a very lightweight and portable body.
  • You will get a great night vision performance from this camera.
  • The battery life of the camera is appreciable.
  • It pays good value for your money.


  • It doesn’t come with a case.
  • Installation can be tricky. 

xiaomi mijia


  • You will be able to obtain a very high quality 1080p FHD resolution image.
  • It provides a 130-degree wide-angle to click your pictures. This FOV allows you to detect a wide area.
  • This camera supports 2.4G WiFi connection for better connectivity. 
  • It can detect a remote from 10 meters.
  • There is a built-in speaker with this camera.
  • It can support two-way intercom as well.
  • It can contain 64 GB micro SD card and NAS cloud storage.
  • The camera provides a great quality night vision. Its IR distance is also 10 m and it can detect motion in a 15m distance.
  • It supports AI detection as well as hierarchical detection.
  • It is a very convenient device for watching.

home security camera

Packaging of Xiaomi Mijia Camera

This smart be camera comes in very protected packaging. You will not have to worry about damage to the product. There is a protector on the front camera lens as well as in the back of the camera. You will also find a 2A AC power adapter in a manual that unfortunately is only in the Chinese language. There is a 175 cm long cable with the camera to attach it anywhere you want conveniently. Just like the video door bells, it also covers the front view excellently. 

Build Quality and Design 

This camera has a very Talk not build quality just like any other Xiaomi products. The material used in the body of the camera is very sturdy plastic so it gives it a very sleek and simple look. There is a black part is the camera module that is attached to the white rotatable stand. This stand can move at an angle of 180 degrees. To keep it stable there is a pad at the bottom of the camera that has anti-skid properties. 

There is an ambient light sensor with LED light indicator. On the left side, you will find the micro SD card slot. There is also a micro USB port and a microphone to record voices. On the backside of the module, you will find a speaker. 

xiaomi mijia

Xiaomi Mijia Installation 

We think it is a very tricky part to install the Xiaomi Mijia camera because the manual is in Chinese and even if you search for it you would only find the Chinese pronunciation. But still, it is not Mission Impossible because you can make the camera work with some basic connections to the local network. First, you will have to install the Mi Home application For android or iOS depending on your device.

Now you will have to reset the camera and select your router that has the options of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. You will have to enter the key and password and scan the QR code that you can find on the Xiaomi Mijia camera. You can connect it to your home hub

Performance and Xiaomi Mijia Camera Result

With this budget option camera, you still get 1080p Full HD image quality so we think it gives excellent results. The 130° wide angle will cover the place completely and allow you to keep an eye on the premises of your house in the best way possible. If you have a small office it was completely covered and will give a clear image. 

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