5 Smart Security Devices to keep Your Home Safe

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Undeniably, modern life is full of hustles and bustles! From managing the office hours to dealing with our household chores, we have a lot of things to do. And while juggling with these activities, we get less time to pay attention to the security and safety of our home.

No matter where is your home located, it deserves to be safe at all times! But the question is how to ensure safety without compromising with your hectic schedule?

Well, with the advancement in home automation, there are a myriad of smart home solutions available that can keep your house safe and secure even when you are not home. The best part? You can manage these smart home devices from anywhere with an active internet connection.

Here are the best five smart security devices to keep your home safe!

1. Get your Home Illuminated with Smart Lights

Smart Security Devices

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Wondering how smart lights can enhance the safety of your home? Well, we have got you covered! Thieves and trespassers often search for the house that stays dark, because it is a sure sign that the residents are out, and there’s no one in the home. But with smart lights, you can illuminate your home whenever needed, to create an illusion for the thieves.

You can easily control these smart lights from any location provided that you have a stable internet connection. Some smart lights like Philips Hue offer a complete package so that you don’t have to purchase anything else. These lights have motion sensors, which turns them on if some motion or activity is encountered nearby.

When your home has appropriate light, there is no chance that any trespassers can take the risk of breaking down into your home. The best part is that you can install these smart lights without any professional assistance. So you are saving some money while ensuring better safety for your home.

2. Bid Adieu to Stress with Smart Locks

Smart Home Devices

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How many of you worry about whether you have locked the door or not? If you said yes, then you are not alone! A lot of us get surrounded by the thoughts that whether we have locked the door properly or we forgot to lock it.

But with smart locks, there are no hassles of remembering these things. With just a few taps and clicks on your smartphone, you can open or lock the door from anywhere. Also, there is no need to manage a set of keys because smart locks have a keypad and voice recognition unlocking system, and you can unlock them on the go.

Let’s take this Yale smart lock as an example. The lock offers a plethora of smart features like unlocking without keys, and door sense notifications when someone locks or unlocks the door.

You will get every single detail displayed on your smartphone, and you can quickly check at what time the door was unlocked. Using these smart locks will take up your worries, and you can live your life freely with the assurance that your residential property is safe and secure.

3. Check what’s Happening in your Home with Smart Cameras

Smart lights and locks will keep your home protected from the trespassers. But what if someone is dedicated to trespass in your home, or there is some aerial activity using drones or other devices. Now you can keep an eye on your home and surroundings with smart cameras from afar. You will get a full-display view on your smartphone, with some easily accessible controls like alerting the nearest police station and buzzing the siren to alert the suspects.

Smart cameras like Arlo will make your life a breeze as these devices offer a multitude of useful features to fortify your home. Most of the cameras have night vision and cloud storage so you can check every moment recorded by the camera. Lastly, you can turn on/off these cameras from anywhere, and anytime using your smartphone.

4. Get Notified In Case Of Fire with Smart Smoke Detectors

You can protect your home from any suspicious activities using all of the gadgets mentioned above, but what about fires? It is indispensable for you to get something that can notify you in case there is a fire and a poisonous gas inside your abode. Installing a smart smoke detector will assist you in detecting fires, carbon monoxide, and other toxic gases that are not visible to naked eyes.

These smoke detectors will notify you with smartphone notifications in case some uncertainty is around the corner. You will get every detail on your phone and even smart alerts if the battery runs out of charge. An intelligent smoke detector like Nest from Google has built-in voice recognition technology. Also, it has smart sensors that can detect fires and other gases that are hazardous for you.

5. Look who’s Outside your Door with Smart Doorbell

Smart Home Gadgets

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Now you can have a look outside your door without getting up from your bed with smart doorbells. The camera and voice feature of the bell gets activated as soon as someone rings the bell or any motion is detected. You can directly talk to the visitor using your smartphone.

Moreover, you will get all the alerts on your screen in case you are out of your home. You can connect these smart bells like Ring to your home security system to keep an eagle eye on everything that is happening around your abode.

Over to You

By combining these smart security devices, you can ensure optimal safety for your home. Plus, there is no need to worry about anything as you can take some actions right from your smartphone like alerting the police or ringing the alarm to warn the trespasser.

You can install these smart devices on your own, and most of them will connect with each other to function in sync for better safety.

Securing your home is no rocket science; it is easy as a breeze with these smart devices.

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