5 Best Battery Powered Video Doorbells for 2022

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Battery Powered Video Doorbells

The front door of your home is the main gateway, and it is indispensable to ensure that it remains protected at all times! With a battery-powered video doorbell, you can quickly identify who has knocked at your door without stepping out of your bed.

Whether you want to avoid some troublemakers or you want to ensure your parcel delivery, you can rely on a video doorbell for an easy life. Here in this article, we have covered the best battery-powered doorbell reviews to assist you in buying the best device for your money. Moreover, there is a buying guide as well, and you can easily choose which battery-operated video doorbell is ideal for you.

Top Rated Battery Powered Video Doorbell Reviews

1. Ring Video Doorbell 2


Ring Video Doorbell 2
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Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a fantastic device that merely takes 5-minutes for the installation. The camera of this bell renders HD output, so you can clearly see who is outside the door. The users can easily connect the doorbell to multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PC as per their requirements. Moreover, the doorbell has motion detection and night vision functionality that makes it an exemplary video doorbell for modern homes.

Talk to the Visitors

The best way to identify who is outside is by seeing them through the camera. But you can only know the purpose of their arrival by talking to them. This battery-powered wireless video doorbell lets you talk to the visitors so that you can find out why they are on your door.

You don’t need to be home for talking to the visitors, as you can do it from anywhere with an active internet connection.

Loaded with Infrared Sensor

An infrared sensor is an essential component of a video doorbell because it can track any random activities day in and day out. Fortunately, this video doorbell has an infrared sensor, and you will be able to track what is happening around your premises. The users will receive quick notifications on their connected devices if the doorbell detects some motion or when someone has ringed the doorbell button.

Compatible with Voice Assistant

You can easily connect this Ring video doorbell 2 with Alexa to get live updates on the go. It comes with Echo Dot, and you can talk to the visitors without any microphone because these voice assistants have built-in microphones. Also, you can command the assistant to show live updates, which is a plus point of this video doorbell.

HD Video Output

The camera installed on this battery-operated video doorbell offers HD 1080p output, which is exceptionally clear. You can also choose the on-demand feature to check what is happening outside your door while sitting in any corner of the world.


  • Easy to install
  • Removable battery pack
  • Customizable motion detection
  • Works wirelessly and with wires


  • The battery life isn’t that amazing
  • No options to change video output

2. Ring Video Doorbell


Ring Video Doorbell
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If you are not willing to spend a lot of money on a video doorbell, then here is something you will like! This battery-powered Ring video doorbell is an affordable device that comes loaded with a plethora of features. You can access the doorbell using the smartphone application. The users can also link more than one Ring doorbell to their app without any hassles.

Effortless Installation

Installing video doorbells can be intimidating, but this battery-powered video doorbell will reward you with easy installation. The manufacturer provides all the tools, so there is no need to purchase anything separately. You can easily install this Ring video doorbell in merely a couple of minutes.

HD Video Output

The video quality offered by this video doorbell is satisfactory. It has 720p HD video quality that will help you with a crystal clear view of your doorway. You can connect the bell to your smartphone or tablet to get on-demand video in case you are curious to know what is happening around the corner.

Built-in Speaker and Microphone

This Ring Video Doorbell has a built-in microphone and speaker so that you can talk to the visitors directly. This device is compatible with voice assistants like Alexa and Echo Dot, and you will be able to give voice commands as well.

Detects Motion like a Pro

Trespassers leave no stone unturned to enter into an empty house. But with this video doorbell, you can undermine their moves as it comes with motion detection technology. You will receive notifications on your smartphone in case this battery-operated video doorbell detects any motion in the dedicated motion detection zone.

Moreover, you can easily switch to the on-demand video to get real-time updates on your smartphone.


  • Affordable
  • Works wirelessly and with wires
  • Customizable motion detection zones
  • Easy to install


  • Low resolution
  • Unable to detect door knocks

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3. Ring Peephole Cam


Ring Peephole Cam
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The Ring Peephole Cam is an advanced device that will keep you notified about the activities happening outside your door. The doorbell comes equipped with motion detection sensors and other latest features required to fortify your home. Also, the bell has HD video quality, and you will be able to see everything clearly on the connected device.

One-Touch Operation

The smart cam turns on as soon as someone presses the doorbell button, or any motion is detected in the selected zone. You can also have a view of the outside area of your door anytime when you need it. The video processing is so seamless that there are no lags if you have an active internet connection with at least 1.5 MBPS speed.

Customizable Motion Detection Zones

Most people complain that they are not able to adjust the motion zone as per their needs. But this is not the case with this battery-powered video doorbell. With the smartphone app, you can easily adjust the motion detection zone as per your preference. If you believe that a certain area outside your home is bustling, then you can focus the motion detection on that particular side.

Also, it will reward you with the freedom to install the doorbell anywhere on the door, as you can adjust the motion detection zone after the installation.

Two-Way Talk

Now you can have a small chit-chat with visitors from anywhere using your smartphone. The doorbell has a built-in microphone and speaker, so you will hear the visitor clearly. This video doorbell is compatible with voice assistants like Alexa, and you can use these assistants to talk to the visitors.

Catches Even Smallest of Activities

The motion detection sensors used on this battery-operated video doorbell can sense even the smallest of activities. If someone decides to knock your door instead of ringing the doorbell, then the camera will get activated, and the doorbell will send you an alert regarding the same.


  • Easy to install
  • HD video quality
  • Removable battery pack
  • Knock detection


  • No built-in voice assistant
  • Requires fast internet connection

4. Eufy Security Video Doorbell


Eufy Security Video Doorbell
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This video doorbell from Eufy is a superior device to fortify your home. The bell comes with 2K video output, and you will get a clear view of the outside. The manufacturer also offers a wireless chime along with this doorbell so that you can choose from a list of 8 different tones while adjusting the volume level. Lastly, it is easy to install, and the doorbell button has an LED, which will help the visitors to press the bell when it’s dark.

Smart AI Technology

Most of the video doorbells come loaded with motion detection sensors only. But Eufy has used motion detection along with Artificial Intelligence. The sensors of the doorbell can differentiate between humans and pets, and you will only get alerts whenever a human is outside the door.

The bell will not send any unimportant alerts, and thus, you can invest your time in other useful tasks.

Loaded with Infrared Sensor

An infrared sensor is an essential component of a video doorbell because it can track any random activities day in and day out. Fortunately, this video doorbell has an infrared sensor, and you will be able to track what is happening around your premises. The users will receive quick notifications on their connected devices if the doorbell detects some motion or when someone has ringed the doorbell button.

Built-in Microphone and Speaker

You will never miss any opportunity to talk to the visitors when your door is equipped with this battery-powered video doorbell by Eufy. The microphone and speaker get activated when someone rings the bell. You have the option to turn off the microphone and speaker if you are on a DND (Do Not Disturb) mode.

Customizable Motion Detection Zones

You have the freedom to customize the motion detection zones as per your requirements. There is a multitude of motion detection zones available in the smartphone app offered by Eufy. You can select the dedicated motion zone as per the infrastructure of your house.

Also, the camera view is fantastic, and you will get a full picture of the outer view of the door.

Encrypted Storage

All the footages recorded by the doorbell camera are saved with AES 256-Bit data encryption, which ensures that only the owner can have access to these files. No one can decode these footages to access them. All the footages are transmitted to the connected device, and you can view them anytime without any hassles.


  • Amazing video quality
  • Handy mobile app
  • Built-in memory for storage purpose
  • Complimentary doorbell chime


  • Subscription required to use cloud storage
  • Not compatible with multiple devices

5. Kalgol Video Doorbell


Battery Powered Video Doorbells
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Kalgol battery-powered video doorbell is a waterproof device that can sustain extreme climatic conditions and can still function appropriately. The bell has a compact size, and it will look good after dangling outside your door. Also, it has night vision and motion detection sensors that will sense any activity happening outside your door. The installation process is quick, and everything required for the installation is available in the box.

Talk to the Visitors

The best way to identify who is outside is by seeing them through the camera. But you can only know the purpose of their arrival by talking to them. This battery-powered wireless video doorbell lets you talk to the visitors so that you can find out why they are on your door.

You don’t need to be home for talking to the visitors, as you can do it from anywhere with an active internet connection.

Loaded with PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor)

The PIR or Passive Infrared Sensor loaded on this video doorbell can sense even the minute of activities while helping you with the information through push notifications. The camera will turn on immediately as soon as someone rings the doorbell, or the PIR sensor detects some activity.

Excellent Night Vision

Most of the video doorbells lack a clear video during the night. But with Kalgol video doorbell, you will get a magnificent view even during the night. The camera has night vision technology, and you can clearly see who has ringed the bell.

Talk to the Visitors with Your Phone

You can talk to the visitors directly using your smartphone. The only thing you need is Kalgol mobile app to establish a connection with this doorbell. The bell has a microphone and a speaker so that the visitors can hear you clearly.

Don’t miss any parcel, or avoid the people you don’t want to meet with this handy and compact video doorbell from Kalgol!

HD Video Quality

The video quality rendered by this doorbell is 720p HD, which is fantastic in every way. You can use a TF card of up to 32 GB with this doorbell to record the footage. It has no built-in storage memory, so the videos will not record until you plug in a TF card.


  • Affordable
  • Water and dustproof
  • HD video quality
  • Smart PIR sensors


  • No built-in storage memory
  • No doorbell chime is included in the box

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Arlo Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell, Absolutely Stunning

To add a layer of security in your life while sitting at the home, office, or anywhere, the Arlo Video doorbell plays an important role.

Easy Installation process

No extra effort is required to fix it and charging will consume pretty little time, once you recharge, its efficiency will be for more than 6 months. This wireless device covers all the angles to scan the person standing outside and further can be customized to fit on the essential place and works as a detector on daily basis with an ideal view from the wireless doorbell camera.

Scan the maximum

This striking doorbell is efficient enough to give a detailed overview of the person at the front entryway with 180 wide-field views. You can even scan the stuff a person standing outside is holding.

HD and HDR View

The advanced technology is serving us to a larger extent as you can now have HD and HDR views for clear depiction even at night time or gate under shady places from the security camera system. This classy Arlo setup of video doorbell has the Foresight and motion-triggered video recording facility too which can sense any kind of motion and record the video of it and never let you miss out on any single second.

 Rapid Answer

This is the best wireless doorbell camera which functions rapidly by picking up a video call on your phone and addressing the guest on the entryway without any disturbance in two-way audio. Don’t pass up a great opportunity to react with a prerecorded speedy answer when you are hooked up in some important work.

Feasible for any Weather

Without the intervention of any human, this doorbell camera is dependable security whatever the weather is. It is manufactured to encounter any kind of circumstances like cold, hot, storm, rain, sun or snowfall thus is weather resistant.

Alexa and Google Assistance

Enhance your lifestyle with more ease by connecting Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings. Further, Arlo has a reliable plan to give you proper security along with smart alarms or alerts, quicker actions against any kind of notification for people, vehicles nearby, or any kind of activity so you can react abruptly. The recording system stores videos to Arlo base station or Smarthub and will let you observe the outdoor activities with the help of a Wi-Fi camera. It is considered to be one of the ultra-modern and amazing Battery Powered Video Doorbells


  • Good Video Quality
  • View of Full Length of Anyone at Door


  • Limited feature with no subscription
  • When not recharged, bell has no use
  • Strong Wi-Fi is needed

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Towsen Video Doorbell Camera with multiple features

Now you can not only observe the security inside the home but outside too with the Towsen battery-powered Video Doorbell. Continuously stay linked to your front gate from anyplace whenever with an instant visitor video call quality of the Doorbell. We assure you that no single guest will be missed if you don’t want to. There will be instant push notifications when someone presses the Towsen Video Doorbell. You can easily ignore if the person at the gate is some beggar or the person who is selling some things because you now have home security cameras.

HD Video Output and camera resolution

The 1080P Full HD night vision camera and wide-angle lens in which horizontal is 3:4 133°, Diagonal 155 gives head-to-toe view which adds value to the money you have invested in this device.  The Smart PIR Motion Detection based on infrared motion sensor has the capability of sending real-time alerts and recording video based on 20 seconds in the cloud. It can scan the taller person too without any difficulty and a clear vision of HD with good picture quality will help you suspect any abnormal activity like if anyone put any bag on the gate or nearby and what he is holding can be observed through a video camera.

Smart Features

The features like Motion Detection, Smart Alerts, and Video Recordings are smart home systems that ensure complete safety. The Towsen Video Doorbell has 6 pieces of hidden high power 850nm IR LED to let the sparkling color get on to inform you about the movement outside the door in a very clear way even in the darkness. If you select the notification option for the phone, whenever somebody comes closer it will alter you even before somebody pushes the doorbell.

Pre Recorded Messages

Other than all these qualities, you can listen to the chime if it detects any movement at the doorstep by sitting in any room of the house. According to your convenience, you can attend the pre-recorded messages if you are engaged in some important work. Talk and listen directly to the people at the door and have 2way audio talk. In snow, rain, sun, storm, or any kind of weather, this doorbell’s performance won’t be affected as it has weather resistance quality too. If your residence is in some apartment or builder floor, this is the right security device to do the investment for long-run safety.

Effortless usage

This is one of the Best Battery Powered Video Doorbells with free cloud storage service which automatically uploads videos of the last 3 days regularly which can be downloaded according to your convenience. The AES128 encryption for our cloud service is being used to secure the uploaded videos. The process is quite easy by following the Aiwit App in which you have to touch the screen many times to connect the wireless doorbell home security camera easily. The hassle-free Installation process is no more a dream.


  • Local and Cloud Storage
  • Mini USB Chime
  • Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery


  • No SD Card

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Buying Guide for Battery Powered Video Doorbells

Buying the best battery-powered video doorbells requires you to focus on some vital factors that can impact the performance of the doorbell. Here in this buying guide, we have highlighted some crucial factors that you must know if you are interested in securing your home using these battery-powered video doorbells.

Battery Powered Video Doorbells Vs. Wire Powered Video Doorbells

Whether I should buy a wire-powered video doorbell or a wireless one? If you are thinking the same, then we have the answer you are looking for!

Most people get confused between wired and wireless video doorbells. But you have to choose one for your house.

Battery-Powered Vs. Wire-Powered

1. Installation

You have to deal with the hassles of multiple wires if you choose to go with a wired doorbell. There is a chance that these wires get damaged, or the trespasser can damage these wires to undermine the security system.

When we talk about wireless doorbells, then there are no issues with wires. Also, there is no need to worry about any power outage because the batteries will supply the power to the video doorbell. Thus, everything will function properly, and your home will remain protected.

2. Power Supply

In the case of wired video doorbells, the continuous power supply is indispensable. If there is a power outage in your area, then the bell will turn off automatically. But this is not the case with battery-powered doorbells. These devices can take power from their batteries to work seamlessly, even if there is no power available.

3. Multiple Device Connectivity

It is not feasible to connect a wired doorbell with various devices as you have to switch the entire setup to the new device. On the other hand, a wireless doorbell lets you connect it with a multitude of devices like phones, tablets, and PC as you can easily make a wireless connection, which merely takes a few minutes.

Advantages of Battery Powered Video Doorbells

Battery Powered Video Doorbell Reviews

Image Credit: wikimedia

1. No Wiring, No Fuss

Battery-powered doorbells require no wiring at all, and thus you can set them up on the go. There is no need to hire any professional as you can do the installation task on your own.

2. Easy to Use

Using a battery-powered doorbell is no rocket science. After installing it, you can connect it to your devices to check whether it is working or not. Also, there are some fantastic features that are only available on the mobile application accessible with battery-powered video doorbells.

3. Long-lasting Batteries

The batteries mounted on these doorbells can last really long without the need to replace them. If your area is prone to power outages, then a battery-powered doorbell is the only option for you. These bells require less power, and thus the battery lasts longer.

4. Portable

If you are a frequent mover and you have to relocate to other places for work-related purposes, then a battery-powered doorbell is the best you can get. You can take this doorbell to your new address without any hassles. There is no need to tear-out any wires, and things will become a breeze for you.

5. Extremely Secure

Battery-powered video doorbells come loaded with some advanced features that can make your home extremely secure at all times. You can talk to the visitors directly even if you are not at home by using your smartphone, which is again an undeniable advantage of battery-powered video doorbells.

Key Features To Look For When Buying a Battery Powered Video Doorbell

So you have decided to purchase a battery-powered video doorbell for your home? Congratulations on taking a step forward to enhance the security of your home!

Here are some vital features you need to check before buying a battery-powered video doorbell.

1. Video Resolution

Battery Powered Ring Video Doorbell

Image Credit: Ring

The video resolution of the camera will impact the clarity, crispness, and sharpness of the video footage recorded. If you need to see everything clearly, then it is ideal to purchase a video doorbell that has at least 720p video resolution. You can also choose the doorbells with 1080p video resolution if you are extremely curious to focus even on the minute of details.

2. Night Mode

Nights are the best friend of miscreants, so the doorbell must work correctly, even during the nights. Check whether the doorbell you are going to buy has night mode or night vision technology.

If the bell lacks in night mode, then you will not see anything clearly, and this can turn out into a huge disaster.

3. Customizable Motion Detection Zones

Every one of us has different busy zones outside our homes, so a doorbell with a customizable motion detection zone is a better option. You can install the bell anywhere while focusing on a particular spot, which you believe remains busy day in and day out.

4. On-Demand Video

Lastly, you need to check whether the doorbell has on-demand video functionality so that you can check the video recordings whenever you want. Every video doorbell listed in this article has an on-demand video feature, and you can check the recorded videos on the go.

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FAQs on Best Battery Powered Video Doorbells

Q1: How many Devices can I Connect with a Video Doorbell?

It ultimately depends on which video doorbell you are buying. Every manufacturer has restricted the list of devices you can connect with the doorbell. In general words, you can connect multiple devices with a battery-powered video doorbell like your phone, tablet, and PC. But with some doorbells, you can only connect one device at a time.

Q2: What is the Battery Life of the Eufy Video Doorbell?

The battery mounted on Eufy video doorbell can last for up to 180-days*, and after that, you have to recharge these batteries or replace them with new ones. The battery life depends on certain factors like how many times the bell is ringed, and whether you are using the camera continuously for a long time.

Q3: Are these Video Doorbells Water-resistant?

Yes, some battery-powered video doorbells are resistant to water. Again, it depends on the manufacturer and type of doorbell. If you are looking for a water and dust resistant video doorbell, then you can go with Kalgol Video Doorbell.

Q4: Which Video Doorbell is perfect for using with PC?

If you want a video doorbell that works seamlessly with your PC, then we advise you do buy Ring Video Doorbell 2. The doorbell will allow you to connect it with PC, smartphone, and tablet. You can establish a wireless connection with your PC to have an eagle-eye through the camera of the doorbell.

Q5: Do Video Doorbells have Noise-cancellation Feature?

Yes, some battery-powered video doorbells have a noise-cancellation feature that lets you talk to the visitors without any noise distortions. For example, Ring Video Doorbell 2 comes with noise-cancellation technology, and you can speak to the visitors with crisp voice input and output.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best battery-powered video doorbells for your money! If you want to attain ultimate peace of mind, then there is nothing better than getting one of these doorbells installed outside your door. All the video doorbells listed here have the latest features and long-lasting batteries.

The best doorbell out of this list is Ring Video Doorbell 2 because it has everything you need along with HD video resolution. You can install this bell on the go. Also, it has a customizable motion detection zone, which is an added benefit.

Lastly, fortifying your home should be your topmost priority, and a battery-powered video doorbell is a right step towards it!

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