Roomba 860 Review- Easy Charging With Long Lasting Battery

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When it comes to houses, especially with carpet floors, there isn’t a chance that you get it clean without a good vacuum cleaner. Today we will be giving complete iRobot Roomba 860 Reviews to let you know if it can get the things done or not. What we love about this vacuum cleaner is that it not just keeps the floors clean but also makes the air of your house pure. This way you will get a fresh environment to relax in. If you are stuck between a few choices and want to know if the Roomba 860 is the best vacuum for you or not, here is a detailed review.

The modern technological advancements have made our lives easier, just talking about the household equipment, there have been so many advanced home cleaning machines that can even work when no one is home. No matter if you have carpet or wooden floors, these robot vacuums can clean all the dirt and make your life easier.

iRobot Roomba 860 Review

Roomba 860 Review: How Is It Special?

iRobot has produced some great Roomba models for the users. The Roomba 860 model is among the popular options of the brand and the reason is simply the quality and features that come with it.

Among all other designs and models, this one is not the most expensive one so you will not have to break your bank just to get your home clean. We can say that Roomba 860 is a luxury device that comes in the upper end of the middle ground. That way this version is a comfortable one to afford.


  • The powerful technology of this robot vacuum will clean all over the room or small apartment.
  • Best Roomba Battery life lasts longer than competitors and the Li-ion battery reduces power needs.
  • The robot vacuum can be charged easily as it automatically attaches to the charging dock when low battery.
  • It comes with a light indicator for “full bin” so you know when to empty it.
  • Roomba 860 can clean according to a pre-set schedule and versatile uses.


  • You have to reset the robot manually.
  • Doesn’t get into the corners because of circular design.
  • Can’t be connected to WiFi or controlled with a remote.
  • iAdapt mapping technology needs more efficiency.

Roomba® 860 Robot Vacuum


Features That iRobot Roomba 860 Offers

In the iRobot Roomba 860 reviews, we will discuss complete details of all the features available in this model. It includes where they need improvement or how they are better than others.

Let’s have a look at the features that make it so popular.

AeroForce iRobot Technology

The Roomba 860 review lines with AeroForce technology that allows it to suck up all the dirt and dust five times more than the previous models like Roomba 600 and 700. There are rotating brushes that get all of it done when they start rotating and take all out all the dirt from the depth of the carpet and the powerful suction takes it all away. This way you are left with a perfectly clean house without even getting up.

The second best feature of these brushes is that they can rotate in the opposite direction to each other. This way they don’t leave any dirt on the ground. They can also perform scrubbing and take away all the loose dust from the floors. Along all of these great features, the iRobot Roomba 860 has a debris extractor that makes sure that nothing is clogged due to the big chunks of debris.

Roomba 860 Robot Vacuum


Virtual Walls, Lighthouse and Barriers

You can buy virtual walls or lighthouses to set a boundary for your Roomba 860 robot vacuum cleaner so that it works in a limit. It will also allow it to avoid any obstacles in the way because you would have blocked the unnecessary traveling. The robot will only focus on the area that it needs to clean so the Roomba battery and energy are utilized in the right direction.

iAdapt Technology

There are optical and acoustic sensors available in the iAdapt technology that all iRobot robot vacuums pursue. These sensors allow them to move around and avoid the furniture, walls, and steps. This technology doesn’t make it follow a straight path while cleaning. In fact, it will move in a zigzag direction when getting the work done.

HEPA Filters

After the rotating brushes take up all the debris, there is a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) filter. This filter will remove 99.97% of dust particles. These filters are certified by the government and work perfectly well for those who have asthma or other breathing problems. This way the vacuum cleaner will not just make your floors clean but also keep the air fresh by removing all the allergens in the air. All the irritants will be removed from the air and sensitive people or anyone concerned about the purity will get a completely clean environment to breathe in.

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