Smart Gaurd Your House With Appbot Riley Robot Camera

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Useful Robot Camera

The robotic equivalent of a person’s security guard is provided with sensors, cameras, navigation equipment, and electric motors.

Appbot Riley Home Safety

Appbot Riley Link maybe a robot that you simply can control through the web. The robot connects to your Wi-Fi network in order that you’ll control it employing a mobile app.

Appbot Riley Link is just a security camera on wheels. You’ll move it employing a mobile app on your smartphone or by using virtual controls that appear as if computer game controllers.



You’ll view things when the Appbot Link is on the dock, and you’ll move it around for a better look.

While viewing an area remotely through the mobile app, you’ll take still photos or record a video.

These are going to be viewable on your smartphone. The Appbot Link comes with LED night lights, helping you see things even within the dark.

The white LED lights provide enough illumination for you to possess a transparent photo or video even in low light conditions.


  • Full HD Camera: high definition photos with three-megapixel resolutions and 720 pixels videos.
  • Charging time: 2 hours.
  • 120-degree neck tilt angle, meaning the camera can tilt up and down for 120 degrees.
  • 1,200mAh lithium-ion polymer battery
  • Works with Android 4.1 and iOS v6, or higher OS versions


  • IR Night Vision – Even though your home lights are off, you can see with turn on built-in IR LED.
  • Motion Detection and Face Recognition Capability.
  • Motion Detection Video Storage.
  • Snapshot & Recording



  • They are more efficient thanks to video analytics and transparent integration with security systems.
  • Appbot Riley Security robots have night vision capabilities and temperature, gas, or radioactivity sensors.
  • These robots replace humans in dangerous, boring, and difficult situations.
  • Security robots can’t be cheated or corrupted.


  • Most people fear robots and are not able to trust them in their home security. The main reason for this fear is, of course, privacy concerns that arise from hacking cases.
  • Robots have limited capabilities.
  • Frankly, companies expand their services, develop additional features for their security robots. Indeed, they try to better respond to home security needs and requirements.
  • You can set it to observe a door or window and provide you with a warning if someone comes through it, use it to research possible incidents from afar, or simply take a fast virtual tour around your house to see abreast of things.
  • You’ll even use it as a baby monitor for your triplets. 90% of security lies in the peace of mind, after all, and this product seems to be a reasonably economical way of providing exactly that.


Thanks to mobile applications or a one-touch button, you’ll control various systems or gadgets.

With the help of the smart device, you’d have the choice to run your cooling and heating also as turning on and turning off lights with an easy click from anyplace in your home.

This is often not only a proficient procedure but also will assist you with saving electrical power.


Appbot Riley Review makes your life easier;  Smart gadgets allow you to try every household task through applications while relaxing in bed or on the couch.



Terrorism and small crimes have become common, and today, people need to make their home secure. Smart devices will permit you to make your house safe.

Not all, Appbot Riley Review will let you monitor the security effectively using your smartphones.

Life-Saving Home Alerts:

Fire and robbery are just several occasions that will obliterate your home or undermine the lives of loved ones. Smart home gadgets can cause you to mindful of such incidents through alerts and notices, which may be sufficient to spare your life.


Appbot Riley Review is smart home automation that allows you to manage numerous electronic systems and devices from everywhere the house or maybe over the planet, activate lights, monitor security, and draw the shades.

The feature list of the smart house is sufficient to influence a private to show their houses smart also.


Smart home automation enables you to possess electronic items on how you wish to possess them as an example, you’ll get the shades drawn automatically at a selected time and make preferable adjustment of indoor brightness.

Likewise, you’ll customize all the electronic models consistent with your will and set timings for various options to be executed.

Probably the foremost well-known and popular on this list, Appbot Riley is often controlled through an app installed on a mobile, tablet, or computer.

People’s reviews about Appbot Riley Robot Camera

According to the people you can stay in touch even when you are out of station through the cell phone. The parents are happy with this amazing device or technology: Appbot Riley Robot Camera; they can have the notification with a clear picture when their children are back from their studies as it can detect the motion. Two-way communication is possible through it which is the actual quality for which people recommend it.

The other response is “I feel someone is always home”. Many of the customers like it because of its ability to roll smoothly on hard surfaces too like a wooden floor or thick carpet and call it the best Appbot Riley Robot Camera in the world. It is the best solution for the safety of the home.

Appbot Riley Robot Camera is considered to be the best buy because of its economical price and there is no alternative to this gadget. Availability on Amazon has made it easily accessible.

Through the connection of the app and therefore the camera, a user can see what the camera sees in real-time.

This WiFi robot camera has motion detection also has face detection capabilities and may take and store photos and videos of suspicious people and activities.

Thanks to the two-way audio function, you’re also ready to ask your kids or maybe your pet wherever you’re.


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