The Ultimate Review of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner & Buying Guide 

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Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner is a strong and long-lasting robot vacuum. There are several advantages of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner, including excellent filtration, long lifespan, and a variety of attachments. A global leader in vacuum cleaner technology, Rainbow vacuum cleaners are known for their rugged design and filtration system. Let’s do a rainbow vacuum cleaner review.

When it comes to innovations and advancements in technology, people have always dreamed of having a robot companion to assist them with cleaning and other household tasks. There’s a good chance you’ve seen, heard, or investigated robotic vacuum cleaners before. 

Vacuum cleaners like Rainbow vacuums have been on the market for several years now, and technology has advanced to improve them. A number of household tasks can be accomplished with the help of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner because of its quality and dependability.

The rainbow vacuum cleaner is the cheapest, most effective, and quietest of them. A compact, multi-mode robotic vacuum that is ideal for small spaces.

With so many robot vacuums out there, it was a hectic task to choose the best economical robot vacuum. We have done intensive research and have selected the Rainbow Model E2 as the best robot vacuum. We have done this research so that you may not have to waste your time looking for the best robot vacuum.

Rainbow Robot Vacuum E2 Review:

There’s no wonder this Rainbow Robot vacuum cleaner is a worldwide favorite, as it handles all of the major cleaning tasks in your home. Powered by a powerful motor, both the suction and the swirling water canister capture dirt and debris. Cleaning your carpets and hard floors in the quickest time possible are enabled by this method.

In addition, the unit’s swiveling caster wheels make it easy to move around. Due to its long power cable and portability, it can be moved around your house with great ease. It also comes with accessories that make cleaning effortless and transform the vacuum into a multipurpose cleaning system.

Additionally, the dual filtration system traps allergens and irritants within your home. The water filtration system is great for capturing dust, fine dirt, dead skin cells, and even dander and mites. HEPA filters, on the other hand, are ideal for capturing things like hair, fur, and larger debris.

You can use this vacuum to shampoo carpets as well. When the AquaMate is used with the Water-Based Vacuum Cleaner, it also works as a carpet cleaner and removes stubborn stains and odd odors from the carpet fibers.

What’s Inside the Box of Rainbow Robot Vacuum?

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner comes with the following accessories:

  • A floor and wall brush
  • The dusting brush
  • Upholstery Tool
  • Cleaner for confined spaces 
  • Inflator Tool
  • Aerofresh Bag
  • Crevice Tool
  • Refrigerator Coil Tool. 
  • The tool kit comes with a caddy for storing these tools

Let’s have a look at the capabilities of the Rainbow Robot Vacuum:

Vacuuming and suction power of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is powered by a 1.5-horsepower motor that produces 70 CFM suction. As a result, the vacuum system moves around 70 cubic feet of air every minute. It is possible to clean carpets, area rugs, hard floors, even dirty ones with such powerful airflow from the Rainbow E2.

Vacuum heads come equipped with rotating brush rolls. Brushes quickly reveal dirt hidden in carpet fibers and similar surfaces. Consequently, the E2 is expected to achieve impressive results with high pile carpeting. Two round brushes are located on the sides. For enhanced edge cleaning, these also spin, channeling dirt toward the suction inlet.

The Rainbow vacuum has other great features, too, such as the ability to use a variety of attachments. The vacuum cleaner may have some of these attachments included with it, but others must be purchased separately. From carpets and upholstery to ceilings and baseboard edges, the E2 vacuum cleaner has an attachment for practically any surface.

Rainbow Robot Vacuum’s input power

The Rainbow E2 is a corded vacuum that operates from an outlet. This machine requires a 120V outlet and has a 9.5 amp motor (10.50 amps with the electric nozzle). Manufacturers claim that the vacuum uses switched-inductance, a technology that reduces power consumption, to cut costs. Depending on the type of cleaning job, the power can range from 50 W to 1150 W.

Rainbow Robot Vacuum’s Bin capacity

Rainbow E2 vacuum cleaners do not store dirt in a conventional way. It comes with a water bowl instead of a dirt cup. Whenever a vacuum picks up dirt and debris, it gets dumped in this bowl, where it is trapped in water.

Rainbow E2 has a water bowl that holds 2.5 quarts (2.36 liters), which is adequate for most households’ cleaning needs. After every vacuuming session, the bowl of the vacuum should also be cleaned, just like the regular dirt bin.

Rainbow Robot Vacuum Filtration Efficiency

Rainbow E2 vacuums are equipped with dual filtration; a bowl filled with water to dissolve dirt and a HEPA filter to filter the exhaust air. As a result, the True H13 class HEPA filtration is achieved. Rainbow vacuums have an advanced filtration system, making them one of the most unique vacuums in the world. The benefits of using water as a filtration medium are numerous. 

This vacuum is safe for use by allergy sufferers since allergens soluble in water such as dust are trapped in the bowl. On their way out of the water, the tiny particles that do not get trapped meet the HEPA filter, where they are captured. 

Additionally, filtration eliminates clogging issues in filters. Clogging up a vacuum filter is common if you use your vacuum often. A dirty vacuum filter can reduce suction power in addition to requiring the replacement of the filter. The Rainbow vacuum prevents such incidences from occurring.

Weight and Dimensions of Rainbow Robot Vacuum

It weighs a hefty 19 pounds. It can only be used when the water bowl is filled up with clean water, which increases its weight. It may be better to use a water bowl instead of the usual bin, but the vacuum will become heavier because of the weight.

It is, therefore, more difficult to lift the Rainbow E2 during cleaning activities. However, Rexair recognized that and added two features to make moving the vacuum easier: 

  • A comfortable carry handle is located on its top, just in case you have to carry it upstairs.
  • With five casters at the bottom of the vacuum, you can push and pull it with ease.

As long as you do not have to carry the E2 upstairs or downstairs, its weight shouldn’t be a concern.  On top of that, it’s a canister vacuum, and you usually hold only the cleaning head.

Due to its size, the product is easy to store. The product measures 15.5 x 11.8 x 15.8 inches. Nevertheless, if you do get all the attachments, you’ll need a lot more room.

Accessories of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

There are many accessories that you can use with the E2, and they are included in the box. There are a few separate components for the vacuum, such as the motor unit and water bowl. There are several free parts, including the dolly, nozzles (motorized power nozzle for carpets and floor nozzle), a handle, two stainless steel wands, and an electrified hose.

Among the accessories included in the box are: a crevice tool, dusting brush, refrigerator coil cleaner, inflator and deflator tools, Aerofresh cushion bag, and the user’s manual. You can purchase some accessories later, including AquaMate, RainJet, RinbowMate, and MiniJet.

Special Features of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

Other than being highly effective, easy to use, and durable, the Rainbow E2 has several characteristics. The following are some of the major differences between this vacuum and others.

An efficient and powerful motor: An E2 uses a 12-amp motor that produces 1.5 horsepower. Rexair calls it a “hurricane” motor, so that the product may be subconsciously associated with a hurricane’s power of lifting stubborn dirt off surfaces. 

In addition to utilizing technology to reduce power consumption, the manufacturer mentions that the motor is powerful and energy-efficient at the same time. As Rexair backs the motor for eight years, the motor seems to be durable.

Powerful Brush Roll: Rainbow vacuum cleaning nozzles are equipped with a motorized brush roll at the underside. Carpets can be cleaned effectively with most vacuums that have a rotating brush. In this respect, the Rainbow E2 is no exception. This vacuum provides impressive cleaning results thanks to its strong suction and spinning brush. 

There is an adjustable cleaning head. So, when you vacuum carpets, you can lower the brush and suction inlet to achieve a more thorough clean. With the switch, you can raise the height of the cleaning head on hard floors to ensure safe and effective cleaning.

HEPA filtration and water: Utilizing swirling water to capture particles, this vacuum offers one of the most effective filtration systems. If a surface is wet, dirt, dust, and other particles like hair cannot fly about. This will prevent allergic particles from escaping the unit and causing health risks to the owner or loved ones. 

In addition to the larger particles that are captured by the water, the exhaust filter traps the smaller particles as well. Since the filter is HEPA, 99.9% of these particles are blocked for an allergen-free home.

The Purification of Air: When the vacuum is set to the low power mode, it becomes an air freshener. Simply place it in the middle of your room, and the water and HEPA filter will rid your home of odors, dust, and other particles. 

The air will be cleaned of allergens and bad smells without the use of a separate device. In addition to cleaning surfaces, the E2 deodorizes them. You can get your home smelling fresh by using Rexair’s fresh air solution or fragrances in the water bowl.

Sturdy Dolly and Smooth Casters: With its casters, the E2 can move in any direction with minimal effort. When you have a large area to vacuum, the vacuum can be easily moved around thanks to its 360° swivel. Rubber bumpers are all around the dolly, ensuring that your Rainbow E2 does not damage furniture or other objects in your home.

Attachments of Various Kinds: They increase the vacuum’s versatility in cleaning different surfaces. The vacuum comes with some attachments, like crevice and upholstery nozzles. If you want advanced capabilities, you’ll have to purchase advanced ones separately. Some attachments can allow you to use them in ways you never imagined possible. The attachments are shown in detail below.

RainbowMate: A motorized nozzle that extends the reach of a vacuum, so you can clean places the regular nozzle wouldn’t get. Upholstered surfaces, hard-to-reach floors such as carpeted stairs, as well as car interiors include these surfaces.

AquaMate: This attachment allows you to use a special cleaning solution on your carpets. Also, it is a motorized attachment. You can use the AquaMate to clean up wet messes or remove stains on carpets.

RainJet: With this attachment, you can mop like normal, but reach tight spots that would otherwise be inaccessible with a mop. There are two attachments (sponge and brush) and a solution tank included in this tool that can be used on a variety of surfaces.

MiniJet: A small tool that you can grab quickly to complete minor tasks. With the MiniJet you can clean smaller messes such as rugs, carpets, and upholstery.

LED lights: You can clean the dark areas of your home with the E2’s cleaning head because it lights up its cleaning path. A LED light surrounds the water bowl, perhaps to add a decorative element. The blue lights aren’t useful, but they give the vacuum a stylish look.

Usability: Assembly is straightforward and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Even with the multiple components, once it is assembled, it is simple to use. In order to start cleaning, you have to fill the water pan of this water filtration vacuum before you can turn it on. To do that, you must remove the bowl, but the process is easy and simple.

Apart from the canister weight, the Rainbow E2 has features that will make it easier to use. It enables you to clean multiple types of floors simultaneously by controlling the brush roll from the handle. You can also control the airflow with a switch on the handle. During vacuuming, you can run the vent closed to produce maximum airflow for carpets and open it to vacuum sensitive surfaces.

This vacuum cleaner comes with all the tools and attachments necessary to clean tight surfaces. All you need to do is connect the right accessory, and you’re done. To improve the cleaning ability, some attachments come with spinning brushes.

This appliance can be used for a variety of purposes. While the device can be used as a vacuum cleaner at high speed, it also works great as an air purifier at low speeds.

On the Rainbow E2, the casters perform free-wheeling motion and roll in every direction. The vacuum can be moved around without requiring much effort. You would only run into problems if you had to lift the vacuum, which may not happen too often. A convenient handle is located on the upper side of the vacuum, making it easy to carry.



  • No need to replace bags or clean filters – dirt is captured by water.
  • It serves as a powerful air purifier as well as an allergen trap
  • Despite its heavyweight, the wheels make it somewhat maneuverable
  • To help track dust bunnies, the main cleaning tool is equipped with bright LED lights
  • This deep cleaner has good suction, making it good for plush carpets and mattresses (see later).


  • It’s insanely expensive
  • A canister vacuum that weighs more than 20 pounds if you include the water.

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Warranty of Rainbow Robot Vacuum

The warranty offered by Rainbow E2 Vacuums is one of its most impressive features. The vacuum manufacturer’s warranty is one of the longest you will ever see. For the Rainbow E2, a 4-year warranty is included, while the motor comes with an 8-year warranty.

Buying directly from a Rexair-authorized distributor, however, can extend this warranty to 10 years. You should purchase the black edition of E2 from a certified retailer in order to qualify for this comprehensive guarantee.

If we summarize the features of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner then we can say that:

  • The vacuum cleaner uses water filtration, making it one of the few in the market
  • In addition to the water filtration system, it has a HEPA neutralizer filter that catches virtually all dirt and contamination.
  • There are caster wheels on the dolly that make it very maneuverable
  • 1.5 horsepower hurricane motor products are powerful enough to deep clean carpets and mattresses
  • Its attachments can be used to clean bare floors, upholstery, and other surfaces
  • The item also functions as a purifier, since it draws air and contaminants into a bowl of water for a fresher and cleaner environment

How to maintain Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

What can you do to make sure your vacuum is in the best condition? Follow these steps to make sure it stays in good shape for years to come!

Remove Residual Dirt After Each Use: Every time you use your vacuum, clean the dust from the intake hole and under the vacuum with a damp paper towel or rag. Once you have vacuumed, remove the water bowl from the vacuum and get rid of dirty water before you wipe it down. You can keep your vacuum in great shape for a long time by getting rid of any accumulated dirt.

Make sure the rainbow separator is clean: A vacuum separator needs to be cleaned at least once every three months, if not more frequently. This special separator brush makes it easy to remove the holding nut and clean the separator properly.

Remove the water bowl from the vacuum cleaner: Before putting your vacuum back into storage, make sure the water basin is removed completely. Keeping it in the water bowl could cause the internal components to rust or corrode due to the humid environment. In addition, it can result in mold growing inside your vacuum.

The water bowl should be hand-washed rather than put in a dishwasher or pressure hose. Make sure to clean off any residue or dirt with a sponge and let it dry completely.

Tips to Remember Before Getting a Rainbow Vacuum

Now that you know how Rainbow vacuums work, here are some things you should remember when choosing your vacuum.

Assembly: Using a rainbow vacuum requires assembling many components before vacuuming. Further, it is important to fill up the water bowl before putting it in the vacuum cleaner.

It is a pretty simple process to assemble the vacuum, and it does not take very long. This method requires some practice, and you might need to practice a couple of times before getting the hang of it.

Weight: It is impossible to avoid the fact that these vacuums are heavy. An average Rainbow vacuum can weigh 19-30 pounds and sometimes even more. Although the vacuums move smoothly and on wheels, they are still very heavy.

In addition, it gets even heavier after filling the water bowl. Make sure you are capable of moving a heavy vacuum and that you are comfortable with its handling.

Bagless Cleaning: The Rainbow vacuum doesn’t use bags like most other vacuums. In other words, you need to empty and clean the water bowl each time you vacuum.

Depending on how often your vacuum is and how dusty your house is, you might have to clean or replace your HEPA filter.

You may find this process a little challenging, especially if you are used to disposable vacuum bags you can replace easily. Nevertheless, bagless cleaning helps protect the environment and will save you money in the long run.

Accessories: There is a wide range of extra cleaning tools included with Rainbow vacuums. With the crevice tool, you can reach tight corners and crevices where usual vacuum heads and nozzles cannot reach. You can use the dusting brush or upholstery tool to clean your furniture or upholstery.

The vacuum also contains tools to clean walls and stairs, making it a multipurpose device. It will be much easier for you to adjust to your Rainbow vacuum if you know what these additional tools do and how you should use them.

We have presented you with an in-depth review and buying guide of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner. Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners have a unique way of cleaning and moping the debris. Their unique water filtration system makes them the top choice of many clients.

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