The Ultimate Review of iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum & Setup Guide

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iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum is the most advanced and smartest robot vacuum. A fantastic gadget, it can assist you with simple house chores. It features new smart mapping tools and integrated digital assistant functionality, making the iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum a remarkable new product for iRobot’s line of robot vacuums.

Roomba is famous for bringing quality and dependability in performing various household tasks.  This iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum gets rid of brushes, increasing suction and airflow as it vacuums anything you need to. It gets rid of dirt, dust, pet fur, and pet hair with its patented 3-stage cleaning system.

The company makes some floor cleaning robots specifically for keeping hard floors clean and the cheapest, effective, and the quietest robot of those is the iRobot Roomba 985 Robot vacuum, an extremely compact, multi-mode robotic vacuum that is perfect for small spaces.

Today’s best robot vacuum cleaners have many features, and the robot vacuums that can empty their dustbin via Alexa, Google Assistant, or gestures have been some of the most significant innovations in the market.

With so many robotic vacuum cleaners for pet hair, carpets, and hard floors on the market, it is hard to choose the best one. We’ve researched them extensively and found the iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum to be the best answer for all of your problems.

Just sit back, relax and let the iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum automatically clean your floors. iRobot iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum automatically cleans all types of floors, like tile, vinyl, laminate, or hardwood. 

iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum Review:

Following is the ultimate and detailed review of the iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum :

It comes in a small, yet exceptionally well-crafted box with a striking design. It comes with the following accessories:

  • iRobot Roomba 985 Vacuum 
  • iRobot Lithium-Ion Battery 
  • Virtual Wall
  • Integrated Home Base 
  • Home Base Charging Station
  • One Extra High-Efficiency HEPA Filter
  • Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Two Years warranty card
  • Documentation package

Design of iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum:

Design-wise, there’s nothing new about the iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum. It’s circular, measuring 13.9 inches in diameter and 3.6 inches in height. It has a black body with sleek lines that give the looks of futuristic technology. The oblong black divot in the center houses the navigation camera. 

Above that, you’ll find one round start button flanked by Home and Spot Clean buttons. Each button is ringed with LED lighting, which lights up white when cleaning, red when charging, and blue when connecting to Wi-Fi.

Its bottom has a side brush, dual rollers, two main treads, drop sensors, and the dustbin. Unlike other Roombas, the dustbin here has a small door that automatically connects with the Clean Base when docked.

At the bottom of the clean base is a tiny square that aligns with the dustbin door of the Vacuum. So, when the vacuum is docked, the Clean Base will automatically suck all the debris into a separate bag located at the top of the clean base.

iRobot claims the dustbin has a high-efficiency filter that traps 99 percent of pollen, mold, dust mite, cat, and dog allergens. A spare is included in the box, and the dustbin comes with one filter already installed.

How to Setup iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum :

To Setup iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum, consider the following instructions:

Setting up the iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum is relatively straightforward. Just follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  • First, download the iRobot app (for Android and iOS) and register an account.
  • Once that’s done, select the device you want to connect, 
  • Press the home and spot clean buttons on the vacuum simultaneously 
  • Wait for the LED ring around the start button to turn blue.
  • After that, simply follow in-app instructions for connecting to your home Wi-Fi network.

Similarly, connecting to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is also easy. All you have to do is:

  • Enable the iRobot skill in the respective apps and link your accounts. 
  • Once that’s done, you can use voice commands to start and stop cleaning. 
  • Check battery life 
  • Return the robot to its dock, and locate it.

You must remember that the app itself is well-designed and easy to navigate. The main screen is minimalistic, with a large Clean button at its center. Below that, you can choose between tabs for Preferences, History, Schedule, Smart Maps, and More.

  • In the History tab, you can view cleaning statistics. 
  • Schedule lets you program cleaning sessions. 
  • Preferences are where you can toggle various settings
  • The More tab is home to care instructions, additional settings, and a Locate Roomba button. 

Features of the iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum:

With a powerful 3-stage cleaning system and PowerBoost, the iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum is the best solution for taking care of the daily buildup of dirt, dust, and pet hair. This robotic Wi-Fi Roomba navigates through your entire home effortlessly and effortlessly. 

On auto, the robot continually tracks its location; when it needs to be recharged, it does that, too! Using the iRobot HOME App, you can start, stop, preschedule, and customize your very own cleaning preferences including either a single or double cleaning pass, final edge cleaning, and whether Power Boost is needed wherever you are in your home. 

To see maps of cleaned areas, view the Clean Map reports. All of this can be achieved from the comfort of your smartphone! The Roomba 985 removes dirt from high traffic spots of your home using Dirt Detect Series II technology. 

For any areas that require more attention, the iBot Roomba’s sensors recognize this. In turn, the wifi Roomba cleans more thoroughly. When the bin needs to be emptied, the Roomba’s Bin Full notifications alert you. 

The Roomba vacuum robot is compatible with devices on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa when Wi-Fi connected. Simply ask Google Assistant or Alexa to start, stop, or dock your Roomba vacuum. Other features as claimed by the manufacturer are the following:

Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head:

Cleaning heads are equipped with infrared sensors that identify the flooring type and adjust the height of the extractors accordingly. This makes the device not lose suction while keeping it close enough to sweep the hard flooring.


During cleaning, you don’t need to monitor the machine’s battery status. It stops cleaning once it reaches 15% battery capacity and returns to the charging station for a recharge. Once it recharges, it resumes cleaning where it left off.

AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System:

It uses an improved system referred to as the AeroForce cleaning system. The new model is more powerful, and the improved attachments such as a side brush that enable the iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum to collect dirt from corners and other non-reachable areas.

The system involves three types of cleaning: sweeping, agitation and collection, and suction. First, the device collects debris along the baseboards, walls, corners, and thresholds with a side brush.

After that, the device uses dual extractors to loosen the carpet fibers and collect dirt or debris on the surfaces of hard floors. Finally, the dirt is lifted from the extractors into the air chamber and pushed into the collection bin.

Smart Mapping and VSLAM Technology:

In the latest iRobot models, vSLAM technology enables better cleaning. It helps the camera build a three-dimensional map using location and mapping algorithms. This allows the end-user to keep track of the robot’s location and battery status via the mobile app.

Advanced Dirt Detect:

Infrared sensors enable this iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum to detect if a surface has not been adequately cleaned. If the surface is still dirty, the robot turns around to clean it again.

Wi-Fi Connectivity:

When installing the iRobot Home app for the first time, you will be required to connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Once you have downloaded the application and registered, you can connect it to your Home Base to provide Wi-Fi connectivity. 

You can also pair it with an Alexa device to issue voice commands like start, stop and charge. You also access onboard indicators for Wi-Fi connection, battery status, and dirt detection keeping you abreast of the robot’s status.

If we summarize these points in a single list, then we can say that the iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum  comes with the following amazing features:

  • Superior 10x powerful suction power and amazing vacuum cleaning technology
  • Powerful Performance And Powerful Pick-up
  • Smart Navigation Gets the Job Done
  • It goes where it is needed, Avoids where it is not needed
  • Learns your Life, Listens to your voice
  • Ideal for homes with Pets
  • The Dream team of Clean
  • Picks up right where it left off
  • Compatible with Clean Base
  • A new app, a new level of clean
  • Cleans around your life
  • Senses and eliminates dirt
  • High-precision sensors
  • Infrared sensors prevent the vacuum from falling down stairs or bumping into things


  • Can clean floors automatically and walls and windows 
  • Simple setup and operation
  • Camera
  • Self-emptying dustbin.
  • Multistory mapping.
  • Excellent camera-based navigation.
  • Automatic room recognition.
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to handle
  • Carpet boost
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Anti-drop sensors
  • Additional sensors
  • App Control
  • Voice control
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Self-emptying dustbin
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Expensive
  • No Push alerts.
  • No third-party integrations are added to the iRobot Home app.

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Tips to remember:

Following tips should be kept in mind while buying a robot vacuum cleaner:

  • Home Survey: The first thing is you have got to do is survey your home. You need to check that Is there hardwood or carpet in your house? How thick are carpets? How many levels does your home have? Do you have pets that shed a lot? Does your cat kick her litter out of the box? These are factors to consider when shopping around for a robot vacuum for the first time.
  • Budget: Robot vacuums’ prices vary widely. You can spend less than $200 or more than $1,000. 
  • App Control: The newest robot vacuums in the market function with the help of apps that make it easier to control and schedule cleanings. Many models map your home and allow you to clean specific areas with just a single tap on the app.
  • Suction Power: Some robot vacuums clean better than others. Not all robot vacuums have the same suction and cleaning power. Some are better at picking up pet hair from carpets, while others might perform better on the hardwood. 

Note: Above mentioned tips are just preliminary guidelines for buying a robot vacuum for the first time. One must keep in mind different other factors and features too.


The iRobot Roomba 985 Robot Vacuum is a great choice if you want to ease your chores while cleaning since it features a camera navigation system and a wide collection bin. You can use the app to control it or use Alexa with voice commands.


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