Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Review

Eufy by Anker BoostIQ RoboVac 11S
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The Eufy Robovac 11s Review can handle your voice phone and satellite makes sense and does a really good job of keeping your ass clean. Calculates long-time programmed loads and the ability to prevent tripping. The 11 has the same dark finish and processed glass edges as its predecessor, but is still slightly smaller.

This is probably the thinnest life story we’ve found in a robotic vacuum cleaner, which makes it ideal for striking under lounge chairs, footstool, and other furniture. Cleaning concludes with experience combing and maintenance of loop conflicts for bait separators.

The Eufy boostiq robovac 11s, 0.6-liter nozzle is located at the rear, very similar to the previous model. The best robotic pool cleaners are used to clean your pools and make them ready to use again.


eufy vaccum

At just 2.85 inches tall while standing at 2.87 inches at a time, the RoboVac 11S can easily slide under the seat of a safety couch or stove. getting better when surveying through heavy spaces. It’s lower and measures a margin of 12.8 and a height of 2.8, the original contrast and margin are 13.0 inches and a height of 3.0 inches.

The irobot brava jet 240 review robotic pad with a mop is used for cleaning the floor, carpets and mopping system is used to clean bathrooms and kitchen, and other bare floors.

Easy of use

The 11S Maximum requires smart accents, including a smart controller that lets you adjust drag speed, masterpoint drawing mode, or snap a vacuum cleaner to clean. the lonely experience of running a business.

A side experience with the atrium spokes located on one side or the other of the 11S, right in front of the two sturdy rubber wheels.

The Eufy RoboVac 11S manages to collect fine dirt and dirt larger than hard floors but has difficulty cleaning medium and thick piles thoroughly. Eufy claims the robotic vacuum holds 100 sparks between charges, but this is in standard solid-state mode.


Of course, the Vacuum, Google Assistant, vacuum decides whether or not an obstacle can be reversed. When it senses a possible fall, the 11S will pull its tail and run downwards, continuing its vacuum command.

Unnecessary excess hair is trapped in its cascade (we put 28 grams of flotsam and flotsam in the tub after an hour of cleaning), the vacuum really works as a track. It’s not a 3D square or pulling hair from its cascade like other vacuum cleaners.

The bends themselves do not accumulate dirt, but a large number of wrong or slightly skewed fibers. rattle rhythm is calculated when pulling hard floor in standard mode with 55 DB, in max mode. increased to 60 dB. The roborock s6 is made with powerful sensors and perfectly cleans the floor and carpet in less time but quickly.

Suction Strength

eufy vacuum

Eufy Robovac 11s Review offers 53 moves lower. We assume that the cost of something more for a longer towing period is unquestionably high because the vacuum cleaner cleans your ass more efficiently. Her only experience with the comb was even more tying her tousled hair.

However, the rounded shape does not allow the RoboVac to arrive at the corners as in the square model. The collision that grows before helps freely but must be directed directly into the corner for thorough cleaning.

The cleaning design of the RoboVac 11S generally doesn’t look right – sometimes it’s easy, every now and then you need to walk around the edges of the room.

Cleaning Modes

The 11S has a special cleaning mode that you can select with a handy controller. Its main mode is standard cleaning, which instructs the robot to allow subjective access to your home when its battery is running low.

This Robotic Vacuum Cleaner mode causes the 11S to focus on drawing the edges of the room. Remains of clay and other larger defects point their way to the sides and corners of the room and this other mode removes them directly.

After reaching the focal point of the spiral, it immediately went into annihilation mode and cleared every place in an unexpected way.

Set up

eufy vacuum

Single room mode seriously cleans certain areas for 30 jets and works well in certain rooms with closed entrances. In Edge mode, the 11 slow down to move to the divider and clear it for 20 splashes before returning to their dock.

Eufy claims that the battery continued to fire 100 sparks during standard cleaning and during our tests, it actually exceeded that as it held up 105 sparks before the light turned blue to orange and returned to base to recharge.

As soon as the robot detects that its energy is running low, it will find the next path to its charging station, where it can be recharged.


Bottom Line

Overall, the 11S’s low stack coverage is definitely good. When the floor in your house is really hard or not surprising. However, just in case you dream of returning home after working in a vacuumed factory. However, we recommend instructing your pet not to attack the RoboVac as this can warn them when this is an ideal opportunity to start cleaning.

This Eufy Robovac 11s Review is our number one spending plan, a well-placed robotic vacuum cleaner for those who want to do their daily cleaning. The i3 is based on the same strong and durable foundation as the cheaper Roomba models but offers additional safe towing and brakes to increase drawdown.

Excessive identifiers and manipulations, in the same way, help him to reliably clean large (or small) rooms in an unexpected (generous) systematic example.


Is EUFY Anker a good brand?

It is a good brand and the consumers seem satisfied as it gets a 5-star rating and reviews on Amazon for being the best smart cleaner vacuum.

Have Eufy cameras been hacked?

No, it cannot be hacked while as this system is hackproof, and due to its military grade, it cannot be hacked.

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