Ecovacs Deebot 711 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review 2022

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Summary: Ecovacs Deebot 711 is the most efficient robot vacuum that anyone could ever get. It never gets exhausted or cleans the space repeatedly in its 130 minutes long cleaning round. It maps out the house smartly and generates its own path to cover every possible area. Moreover, this smart Deebot 711 also responds to voice commands after connecting with Alexa. Let’s do Ecovacs Deebot 711 Robot Vacuum Cleaner review.

If you want a smart home cleaner that won’t only show good performance but also has a long battery life, then Ecovacs Deebot 711 robot vacuum cleaner is the right choice for you. 

This smart robot vacuum cleaner is packed with all advanced technologies that could be rarely found in any other budget-friendly vacuum robot. Ecovacs has upgraded its vacuum robot models to satisfy the requirements of all users out there.

Some people often have complained about random cleaning patterns as it could hardly cover all hidden parts in your house and cleans the same place multiple times. Therefore, Ecovacs installed the smart mapping feature which will prevent repeating the same place over and over again to increase its cleaning efficiency.

If you want to learn more about Ecovacs Deebot 711 robot vacuum cleaner, then stay tuned. We are going to review every aspect of Ecovacs Deebot 711 in detail so could know everything about this robot vacuum before purchasing.

Quick Ecovacs Deebot 711 Feature’s Review

  1. Easy to clean                                                                       8.6/10
  2. Easy to operate                                                                   9.0/10
  3. Battery life                                                                            8.2/10
  4. Voice Control                                                                       9.5/10
  5. Suction Power                                                                     8.2/10
  6. Worth the value                                                                  8.5/10
  7. Remote Control                                                                   7.0/10

Ecovacs Deebot 711 Complete Review

Ecovacs Deebot 711 Robot Vacuum Cleaner review

Finding the best robot vacuum on the market which won’t only fall within your budget but also has powerful suction capacity is very hard. But the latest vacuum robot model – Deebot 711 by Ecovacs is the one that offers both.

This diligent robot vacuum cleaner has several amazing features including smart navigation and house mapping that plots the efficient cleaning path across your house floor to cover a maximum area within 2 hours.

The specifications of Deebot 711 are similar to other Deebot models but have some latest upgrades. It features a very gorgeous design with a round shape. The height of Deebot 711 is 3.3 inches and the width is 13.9, which is ideal to sneak under your furniture and wipe out all the hidden dust and debris stuck there.

It has a push-start Auto-mode button on top with vSLAM camera that capture the surrounding to create cleaning map. On flipping the vacuum bot, there are two side brushes attached which spin to direct the dust towards its suction mouth where a single roller brush is placed.

The Ecovacs Deebot 711 comes in a secured package and has its controller and charging station so when the battery of this smart cleaning robot gets low, it returns to its home station to refill its juice.

What Comes In Package

The Ecovacs Deebot 711 comes with a docking station, Deebot 711 robot, high-efficiency filters (1 for use and another extra), side brushes (4 pieces; 2 for use and 2 extra), remote control, batteries, user manual, brush cleaning tool, quick start guide with warranty card so if anything goes wrong, you can claim it within the warranty time.

Some robot vacuums are difficult to set up but the instructions provided in the user guide are very simple and easy to follow. You can assemble the robot within 15 minutes if you read everything carefully in the user guide. 

The guide also includes how to install the Ecovacs app and connect your robot vacuum with it. The most amusing thing that we liked about Ecovacs Deebot 711 is that it automatically connects with the Amazon Echo speaker and says aloud “I am going to charge” whenever goes for charging and when it starts charging, then it also informs the users.

It also communicates with the users and tells them when the robot requires clean-up and charging.

Ecovacs Deebot 711 Specifications

Dimensions 14” x 14” x 3.3” 
Color Black
Control Remote and Voice command
Suction Power 500 pa on Auto mode and 1000 pa on max mode
Weight 12 lbs
Cleaning Pattern Systematic
Sensors Air-flow sensor, Anto-collision sensor, Anti-drop sensor
Run Time 130 minutes
Battery Type Lithium-ion batteries
Specific Use Carpet, Hard floor, Rugs, Mats, Tiled floor, and wooden floor

Ecovacs Deebot 711 Setup 

The Deebot 711 is very easy to set up. All you just need is to take out all of its accessories and read the instructions. Then attach the spinning brushes underneath the Deebot 711 and place it on its charging station to get fully charged.

If you are wondering how you would know when this damn bot is charged, then don’t worry.  The Deebot 711 robot vacuum will let you know by announcing that it’s charged and now ready to start the cleaning job. 

Note: Turn it on before connecting it to the charging station.

As soon as it gets charged, it will detach itself from the charging dock starts maneuvering across the floor to clean it up. It won’t require you to have a Wi-Fi connection to keep the Robo working as it has a remote control to operate it but if you have internet then it has so much to offer you.

Download the Ecovacs Home application on your smartphones and scan for devices to connect it with your Deebot 711 to monitor its performance and customize your cleaning requirements and schedule.

If you still struggle with connecting the Deebot 711, then search the model in the list of available devices and then select it. Don’t forget to log on to the internet by following some prompts. After connecting, it will take a couple of minutes to process. 

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Ecovacs Deebot 711 Performance

The Deebot 711 provides great performance. It can easily cover over 1300 sq. ft in a single round. People who have lesser areas could easily notice that this robot vacuum can quickly clean up the floor within 130 minutes long battery life. 

People often get annoyed when they found out their robot vacuum is stuck somewhere in the home and you can’t find it or the efficiency of the vacuum bot is reduced due to hairs stuck in its rolling brush. But Deebot 711 gives continuous voice alters when something goes wrong as somethings gets stuck in its wheels, or roller brushes. So, you can clean them with the brush cleaner (which comes with Ecovacs Deebot 711).

The height of Deebot 711 is perfect to slide under table legs, or chairs and also to move around pet-food dishes, electric cords, and other things on the floor. It can also maneuverer under the beds and couches without any problem to keep every corner of the house spotless.

The 711 does an amazing dirt collection job on both carpet and hard floor. The three-prong dual brushes on front direct the dust towards the mouth so it could get sucked up.

Also, the moving pattern of this vacuum robot is very attractive as it moves in a straight line and then takes a smooth turn without hitting the edges.

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Suction Power

It has strong suction power of 1000 pa which is enough to suck up every single dust particle that comes in its way. It can also collect food crumbs, fine pet hair, debris, and much more on the hard floor. 

If you want to operate it in a carpeted room, then turn on the max power mode which is even two times stronger than the regular mode to deep clean the mats, rugs, and thick carpets. 

On auto-mode, it works on 500 pa suction power which is fine for the tiled floor but on the max mode it works on the suction power of 1000pa.

Smart Navigation

The Deebot 711 is equipped with Smart Navi 2.0, which is an advanced mapping technology that scans its surrounding with a camera and draws its map to design a systematic 2-shaped cleaning pattern to get the complete courage of the cleaning room.

Moreover, it has a camera on top and a few sensors; an anti-drop sensor on the bottom, an anti-collision sensor on the sides, and an air-flow sensor on the front to prevent bumping into obstacles or falling over the staircase. That’s how Deebot 711 remains safe at home and it is also safe to have it around toddlers or pets.

Ecovacs claims that their Deebot 711 creates the best cleaning pattern by analyzing the cover area, furniture, and other obstacles present in the room. It never gets in contact with anything which makes it feel as if can see the things in the room and this makes it different from the rest of the cleaning robots. They use random cleaning mode whereas, Deebot 711 uses a strategic S pattern.

You can also check out the Samsung robot vacuum robot, it features a unique design that cleans the floors even more effectively.

Cleaning Modes

The Deebot 711 moves in a standard cleaning mode – S shape pattern without touching any obstacle yet not missing any uncleaned spot because the vacuum robot knows if someplace is skipped due to any person or sudden obstacle, so it returns back to that area to clean it well. 

In addition to this standard cleaning mode, it also has an Edge mode which is designed to cover all the difficult edges around the house. So, when you will select this mode, Deebot 711 moves around the perimeter of the entire floor.

There is also a spot mode to focus on a specific area. When you will pick this mode, the robot vacuum will concentrate on cleaning a specified area by moving in a swirl manner. You can start this mode when the Deebot 711 is cleaning the floor and come across the stained floor, via mobile app or remote control.

Alexa and Google Compatibility 

This is the most interesting feature to have house cleaning appliances that could work on voice command. For this, you have to connect your Deebot 711 with your smart home appliances; Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

In your absence, your smart home assistants will ensure that your house will be kept spotless before you return back but nothing could better manage the cleaning than the Ecovacs Home app as it shows the live cleaning status, cleaning duration, real-time data, and everything that should know about your Ecovacs Deebot 711 robot vacuum cleaner.

We loved this feature because the robot vacuums which lacks the voice command feature and Alexa/Google connectivity are boring and couldn’t perform great in your absence.

The voice control feature provides great flexibility in terms of controlling the robot vacuum. Also, when it talks, this little robot looks so real.

Without a voice control option, people have to put a lot of effort into operating their cleaning robots like you have to find its remote control if it gets lost, then you have to find the perfect angle to send the signals through the controller or if it still won’t work, then users have to go and press the button on the robot vacuum cleaner which is very annoying.

But with Deebot 711, you can leave the home by giving a command “Alexa, tell the vacuum robot to initiate cleaning after 5 minutes” and then when Alexa will ask the Deebot 711, it will respond back “I am starting to clean” and it the coolest feature that you can ever find in a vacuum robot.

Just like that, you can also give other commands like going back to the docking station or cleaning a specific area.

Battery Life

You would be happy to hear that Deebot has a long battery life of 130 minutes and it works automatically and returns to its docking station for charging. It requires four hours of charging to get full and resume its cleaning job.

Smart Mobile Application

The Ecovacs Home application offers a schedule customization feature where you can set your own cleaning schedule. Plus, you can check the cleaning condition of the accessories like filters so you would know when they require replacement.

It also gives alters to the user about the cleaning of the Deebot 711, the covered area that has been cleaned, and the map.

It offers the users to control the Deebot 711 remotely in real-time. You can also select the cleaning days of the week on your mobile app.

Ecovacs Deebot 711 Robot Vacuum Cleaner review



  • Smart house mapping with systematic cleaning pattern
  • Compatible with smart home devices like Google and Alexa
  • Powerful suction capacity
  • 130 minutes long battery life
  • Self-charging feature
  • Very affordable
  • The dustbin size is not soo big
  • Boundry stips are missing

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The Deebot 711 by Ecovacs is among the top best vacuum robots which had never break the trust of its users. It keeps the performance optimal by giving continuous alters to the user. At this affordable range, no other robot vacuum can beat this model by Ecovacs.

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