The Cybovac E30 Cleaner Navigation Review

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This Cybovac E30 Cleaner robotic vacuum cleaner has some amazing features such as mapping and the suction is quite strong around (2200 pascals of pressure) not just this but it has a long clean time about 150 mins. It comes with a remote control which means it can be controlled with your phone and any other things.

And all the things include the filter, the side brushes, and a strip of magnet that is around 6.6 ft also included in this package. 

Special features of the kyvol Cybovac E30 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This is a robot vacuum cleaner that is equipped with so many sensors that will clean your room thoroughly. It follows a much efficient zig-zag path and this will create a map in the real sense. Not just this but it will improve the efficiency by about 30% of the real-time. This navigation system enables you to clean the area with very little time and the coverage is far better. 

Suction pressure: kyvol Cybovac E30 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a pre-advanced cleaning system with three stages that will lift all kinds of dust and that is embedded this can lift and deliver the cleaning performance with ease. The medium pile with the carpet and the floor is hardwood. The body is 2.85 inches low profile and the scratch is anti-surface. This sophisticated vacuum cleaner will reach every corner and little space with ease. 

Charging and runtime: It has a capacity equal to lithium-ion batteries, not just this but it will provide you a noise-free cleaning performance that can run up to 150 mins. This vacuum cleaner will return itself to the charging when the charging is low or when you are done with the cleaning system.

The voice control: Kyvol Cybovac E30 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has wifi that is built in this will enable the app to perform and to control the remotes. Like controlling and scheduling your required cleaning modes. You can enable it with google assistant or maybe with Alexa. You get a remote control with the package for your convenience and ease.

Obstacle detection: This Kyvol Cybovac E30 Robot Vacuum Cleaner will increase the suction power that can be increased by about 1.5x of the power that will clean even the carpets on a deeper cleaner level. This suite of all the sensors will help you find the obstacles that are difficult to cover, not just this but it gives you even more area to cover.

Smart and powerful cleaning: It provides you with a basic three cleaning system that has embedded high-frequency precision infrared sensors. This robot-type vacuum cleaner will keep all the surfaces clean even if they are immaculate. Not just this but the navigation helps you clean your home much more efficiently and no dirty spots will remain untouched.

The Kyvol Cybovac E30 Robot Vacuum Cleaner offers a very thorough cleaning system and the suction power it has is very strong which means it gives the power of about 2200 pascals (a unit of pressure) provides an outstanding cleaning performance which means you can use it very efficiently.

Some important shots: You need to provide a few more details for setting up this app on your smartphone and the voice control that is provided in the manual. The app you install on your phone for setting up this vacuum is named ”KYVOL” which is available for both the IOS and for android. One thing you should keep in mind is that this model E30 only supports the 2.4 GHz of the wifi. Also, you can use your voice as a control. Register yourself in the kyvl app after that click on the “smart life” option in the google home for that you need to work.

Will not attack the furniture: These high sensitivity sensors and the bumpers are super protective. This robot vacuum cleaner will detect and avoid any kind of obstacles. Not just this but it has the ability to move things effortlessly. The range of height is below 15mm.

Ready to used and clean: as it will automatically return itself to the charging base and it will get recharged when the battery is low. This makes sure that the robot has a vacuum with enough power to handle the cleaning and the battery will allow it to work efficiently.

Keep it clean wherever you can’t: As it has about 2.85 inches of the slim boy, this e30 robot vacuum  Can easily go under small areas just like under sofas and beds or maybe the cupboards and will clean up all the mess like dirt, messy hair or maybe the debris that are underneath them. With the precision and the sensors, it does quite  a great job and will not be stuck with the furniture

No worries safe cleaning: Kyvol Cybovac E30 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a huge junk folder that has the suite of the sensor stuck on its bottom. This will detect the real-time distance between the floors and with itself, not just this but it will avoid any kind of damage like falling down the stairs and the edges. This upgraded technology that is infrared works quite well even on the surfaces of the dark color.

There is no go area: With this magnetic boundary, strips are set on NO GO areas. As with any other vacuum cleaner, this one will also clean the room areas as much as you want.

Smart navigation: As I have described earlier, this Kyvol Cybovac E30 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has some embedded gyroscope sensors. Not only this but this robot vacuum helps you clean the house in a very zig-zag route manner. Not just this but this sensor has very well optic flow sensors that will assist the navigation of these robots which means it can be increased by 30%.


  • Can move the obstacles effortlessly.
  • It can reach certain heights if required.
  • You can control it with remote control as well.


  • The directions on the package are not well defined.

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Suction level: The suction power level it has is about three different things, this robot is at a fair rate of around level 1 which means it cleans wood, tiles the flooring on the other hand you can enjoy movies, tv all together at the same time. It also has an auto carpet boost where the sensors clean beneath the carpet without you moving them. For all kinds of suction powers, the level two and three would do the job.

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Smartphone app: The smartphone app associated with it keeps the record track of all the cleanings, not just this but it has a map of its own cleaning routes. So with the help of this lock now you have a clear idea of where your robot cleaned and where not and from where it will clean again. You can also schedule your cleaning time on each day of the week (for suppose let’s have a schedule of cleaning at 4 pm daily).

Magnetic strip: Also a kind of long magnetic strip is included which makes it easy to set up where you don’t need access to this robotic vacuum.Not just this but it supports the voice control for both the google assistant and Alexa. Like I have tried so many new commands. Where you can just turn it on and off and with different keys enable it.

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Not just this but the e30 uses an S-named cleaning route in the default auto mode. With the help of this mode, you will clean more areas and more and more areas would be covered as compared to the other robotic algorithms. Not just this but it also supports the edge cleaning and the spot cleaning modes. There are already embedded anti-drop sensors that will help your robot falling from the staircase.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1: what about the performance? Does it clean well on the carpets that are dark and black in color and patterns?

Ans: yes this advanced vacuum cleaner has advanced built-in sensors that are cliff in sensors and also the floors having darker and black pattern colors. Also, this will not interfere with them.

Q2: Is it possible to continue the map when we unpause it? Or will it lose the map when you pause it or start a new map?

Ans: When you pause it, it will lose the map and when you change your location or maybe bring it back to the base it will start the new map.

Q3: if someone is not very technical can we turn this off and on with hands simply?

Ans: yes we always care about our customers and their needs and for your ease, there’s an on and off button on the vacuum hardware of the vacuum. If not this you can also use the remote controller for turning it on and off.

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