Roomba 675 Review [Budgeted Advanced Vacuum]

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This iRobot Roomba 675 review will enlighten you about the dangerous, comfortable and amazing features of the world’s best cleaner. The vacuum does an excellent job of clearing the floor, hard surfaces and carpet. It is best known for wiping out even the smallest spec of dirt and dust from the flooring spaces. If you have a pet at home, you can clean pet hair from the couches, carpet and floors with this incredible robot cleaner. 

robot vacuum

No Manual cleaning: Gone are the days when you had to hold a cleaning brush to wipe off the floors from all the dust and dirt particles. Now this is the era of advanced and automatic vacuum cleaners that make your cleaning job easier, faster and quicker than ever before. 

Affordable Robotic vacuum: In the world of high-end robot vacuums, the iRobot Roomba 675 is the least expensive one, comes with the feature of Wi-fi connectivity to give you better control. Use the control app to make cleaning schedules and also give commands to the robot for cleaning using the voice support. 

Design and size: The dimensions of iRobot Roomba 675 are 13 by 13 inches in diameter. It is only 3.7 inches high, never takes up a lot of storage space. Although, it is one of the most taller robot vacuum cleaners yet the most affordable and efficient one too.  

This robot vacuum cleaner is great for those who want to give a try to a low-end vacuum to find out how it is effective in automatic cleaning.  The price is still very low compared to the features that it comes with. You never get excellent quality wi-fi connectivity on other robots of the same prices. The iRobot roomba 675 is the best one on the market for the price below $300. 

Performance of cleaner: The iRobot Roomba 675 robot vacuum cleaner is magnificent in its performance. It works best on all types of hard and wooden floors. I would say that the most adorable feature is that it never gets stuck on the surface no matter what the type of the floor it is. Moreover, it works quickly within a matter of minutes without you having to come in for adjustments. 

Never get stuck: Although it may lack some of the features of high-end robotic vacuum cleaners, it’s the best deal for the money. You can make the best of it even if it lacks set up boundary features. All in all, it has more features than those of vacuum cleaners that have the same price tag but no performance to speak of.  

Supporting features: The support app is excellent, you can schedule your cleaning sessions using the wi-fi and voice control apps.  If you are just getting started with the robotic cleaners, this entry level vacuum is all you need to get some experience. Not only that it will also help you understand the basic modality  of the automatic cleaning.

High quality brushes: The iRobot Roomba 675 has impressively high quality multilevel brushes. The first one helps loosen up the vacuum to lift up the dirt, and dust particles from the floor. It is capable of picking up the smallest and tiniest looking debris from the surface. Fortunately, in this endeavor the suction channel helps the brushes. 

Additional brush and sensor: Not only are there two multi-surface brushes but also the sweeping brush, it is located on the side. It removes the dirt and debris from the sides where the bottom ones don’t work efficiently. 

There are several cliff sensors on this vacuum cleaner that prevent it from falling accidentally during its operation. For instance, if the robot cleaner is in action of cleaning the upper stairs of the edges, the sensor will make the robot stop. The vacuum cleaner will stop working and change direction upon sensing the dangerous ages. It keeps the clear within safe boundaries of the cleaning surface.


  • robot vacuum
  • Dust Capacity: 0.2 gal
  • Cleaning Method: Dry
  • Cleaner Type: Robotic
  • Dust Collection: Bagless
  • Manufacturer: iRobot
  • Width: 13 in
  • Depth: 13 in
  • Height: 3.7 in
  • Weight: 7.8 lbs
  • Room Navigation: Yes
  • Scheduling Presets: Yes
  • Scheduling Presets: Qty7
  • Smart Phone Compatible: Yes
  • Max Power Consumption: 26 Watt
  • Battery Technology: lithium-ion
  • Battery Capacity: 1800 mAh
  • Full Charge Time: 2 hour(s)
  • Operating Autonomy: 60 min


  • The robot has two multi surface brushes for effective cleaning.
  • One side sweeping brush for side cleaning of dust and debris. 
  • It supports voice control.
  • Quick wi-fi connectivity options
  • Voice control for cleaning commands and schedules
  • Adjusts automatically according to cleaning surfaces
  • Allows scheduling the cleaning sessions.
  • High quality build and structure. 
  • Impressive battery life upon one charge. 
  • Impressive performance and simple design
  • Affordable and economical
  • One of the best entry level robotic vacuum cleaners of all time


  • It may produce annoying loud noises during cleaning operations.
  • Fail to pick up and clean hair from the floor. 
  • A bit difficult to maintain.
Customer’s Review from Amazon: I love love love this Roomba. The app is great I love that you can schedule it to clean when you want to clean. The bin is a tad small and I use this only on our upstairs floor. Sometimes it kind of throws up a bit of the lint that is collected when it’s too full and just after cleaning 1 bedroom. However, all in all, it is a great little device that has made my life so much easier.

iRobot Roomba 675 reviews:

robot vaccum

Let’s see what customers have to say about the iRobot Roomba 675 vacuum cleaner. 

Customer’s Query from Amazon

“I have a mopping robot by iRobot, will this robot do battle? Do I need additional accessories? Accessories that might help with a robot battle aren’t available, and the Roomba 675 works best as a robotic vacuum.”

Structure of iRobot 657: I would say that the irobot Roomba 675  is made with very classy material. The design is simple, elegant and impressive so far. Only plastic is used in the design of the body and there is a gleen or shine on the top of the robot. Overall, this robot cleaner looks aesthetically amazing to have in your home. 

Buttons and controls: The irobot Roomba 675  is very economical though, it still has all the control buttons to offer you better controls on cleaning. The center lid carries all the three buttons and there is one concentric circle in the middle. 

The automatic display of the robotic cleaner allows you to check for the settings easily from all the angels. The weight of this vacuum is so lightweight that you can store it away easily in the pantry area. Moreover, pack it to take it anywhere with you just in case you have more than homes to do the cleaning in. 

No accidental falls: When it comes to automatic cleaning, the irobot Roomba 675  cleaner does its job perfectly. It cleans the surfaces quickly and prevents accidental falls itself. Furthermore, it never ever bumps into furniture and chairs to give you a hard time when it is turned on. You can pretty much leave unsupervised to do the cleaning in your home.

Maintenance of Robotic Cleaner: Since the irobot Roomba 675  is an entry level robot vacuum cleaner, some users find it hard to take care of it. Maintenance is not as easy as it may seem. It has too many parts that you may need to remove and dissemble to do a thorough cleaning of the vacuum. 

The robot has a suction feature to trap dust and dirt inside, it goes right into the dirt compartment. And you may need to empty out this compartment after every use and you don’t wish for the dirt to stay trapped inside the vacuum as it is not hygenic.  

You also need to clean the brush rolls that work with the beater brush to remove the pet hair.Long story short, you may need to spend some time cleaning out different parts of the vacuum cleaner before you use it again

robot vacuum

Filter cleaner

Although the irobot Roomba 675  has a filter cleaner that can be cleaned by tapping over it, you need to do extensive cleaning on the inside. Instead of cleaning this vacuum robot everyday I’d suggest you clean it once or twice a week to maintain its cleanliness and good condition. 

Whenever you clean the robot cleaner, make sure to remove the dust from the wheels as well. They spin all over the surface and they need to be thoroughly cleaned. If possible, wash them before assembly so they have no dust to leave on the floor during the next cleaning procedure. 

Sensor cleaning

The sensor must never be washed off with water. You can use a damp cloth, it should neither be too wet or too dry, just damp enough to wipe off the dirt, dust and debris.   Clean the sensor smoothly so it can work effectively next time.


Even if it is the starting level robot cleaning, it still has an advanced navigation and mapping system.  The iRobot Roomba 675 can predict dust on the floor through mapping and does the work with more precision than you expect. 

With the best rolling brush, the robot vacuum cleaner works pretty smoothly over the fiber of the carpet and slides itself under the floor or furniture. The robust cleaning can be expected as it can navigate on the floor for extensive cleaning with no hassle.

Recurring cost

You also have to take care of a robot cleaner no matter how expensive or ecomionical it is. There are some recurring costs associated with the iRobot Roomba 675 as well. 

  • You may have to replace the filter within 12 months. If you use the cleaner regularly and more extensively you need to do it twice in a year. 
  • The wheels also depreciate with constant rolling and sliding on the floor. You need to replace them once in the whole year. 
  • Additionally you may have to change the internal parts and replace the brushes to renew the vacuum cleaner for better cleaning.

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Buying Guide

Roomba 675 review gives a wonderful cleaning with amazing features. This 675 Roomba review is connected to the WIFI and can be controlled from the app to clean all over the place accordingly.

The irobot Roomba 675 review is set up and can also be assisted by Alexa voice control. This is a very durable vacuum and it cleans debris, dust, dirt, and other things easily. The suction power is amazing and you can find out this vacuum at a very reasonable price.


Is the Roomba 675 worth it?

This has amazing cleaning features and the best performance with a great value price.

Does the Roomba 675 empty itself?

It can empty itself and once it docks at its charging base.

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