Best Smart WIFI Light Switch That Offers Easy and Customized Controls

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Everyone in the world is now shifting their home security towards smart devices. This smart trend is getting huge day by day. Here we are presenting your best wifi switch that will offer you convenience and scheduling ability. When it comes to wifi light switch and plug, you will be amazed at what they can offer you.

I have installed this smart switch and plug in my home – and it is now the necessity of my house in every room. You can control them with a mobile device. And even you can turn on or off with individual lights or appliances directly from the smartphone.

 Wemo Light Switch: Best of the Best

Sometimes when we get home and finds that our house is practically a hot place of heat. You saved energy and money for the whole day as you have turned off the fan or lights before leaving home. But now you have to wait for 30 to 60 minutes to cool down your home.

That’s where the Wemo Light switch comes in and will offer you what you can’t imagine. You can use connectivity to turn on the fan even before you arrive at your home. The app allows you to connect to your home appliances through wifi connection whenever you want.

You can even program the device to operate on what if condition. You can set that if there is rain then X if not then perform Y. there are some improvements that are needed to be done. But it’s our top choice because it offers much more than other devices on the market.


  • You can program your appliances like the fan and air conditioner, etc. when you are away from your home
  • You can even program your appliances with respect to the environmental factors
  • This wifi light switch offers a feature like none other in the same category


  • The app lags functionality and sometimes get crashed while using it

Lutron Caseta: Convert Existing Lights to Smart Lights

There are many home security smart devices that can be controlled with Alexa. Here we are presenting you Lutron Caseta’s best wifi light switch that offers you complete control using Alexa and Google smart Assistant.

You can control this smart switch for ordinary incandescent dimmable LEDs or any halogen bulb. Connect your smart switch with Alexa and have voice control over your appliances. If you love your old lights and not in a mood to replace them, you can still install this wifi light switch for them.

Also, all of those appliances that are connected to power through the Lutron Caseta wifi light switch can be voice-operated using Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, and many others.


  • You can turn your fancy non-smart bulbs into smart voice controllable lights
  • This best wifi light switch is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, and other smart products
  • You can connect up to 40 o 50 Lutron devices with this smart switch
  • Very user friendly and offers you simple installation and de-installation


  • The bridge connection has only a limited range of 30 feet

Ecobee Switch+ Smart Light Switch

There are many things that we love about this best wifi light switch. It’s not just about turning on the lights. The ecobee comes up with a bunch of hands-free features including asking Alexa for things like lights, news, music, and others. You can choose to turn the lights on or off whenever you want with ease.

You can program the wifi switch to turn off the lights when no one is around and also turn on at sunset. This smart switch with some premium features will make your life a lot easier than ever. The smart wifi switch allows you to schedule your lighting that will be automatically turned on or off accordingly.


  • You can choose to turn on or off from far away distances using its connectivity from the device app
  • You can choose to smartly control your outdoor device
  • You can even schedule the lightning time at night after that they will automatically be turned off from this best wifi light switch.


  • The firmware should get some updates and need some fixes and improvements

Philips Hue Dimmer Switch

The Philips Hue Dimmer Switch has much more to offer. It can replace your normal current bulb switches and will provide you functionalities to your custom switch dumb bulbs. You just need to replace your current switches with this wifi controlled light switch. It also has the remote control to turn the light on or off

If you have a Philips Hue Bridge, then you will be able to connect your switch to your smart devices via wifi and control your smart switch from anywhere in the world. This Philips Hue dimmer switch comes up with other smart sensors that offer you more controlling option regarding environmental parameters


  • Control your smart lights easily from your bedroom or from your backyard
  • You can connect with wifi network using Philips hue bridge allowing you to control it from anywhere in the world
  • You can even control the device from Alexa using your voice


  • Some user reported that they are experiencing loose connectivity

TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

TP-Link smart wifi light switch is a great choice for the starter. If you often forget to turn off the lights before going to bed, then this wifi light switch will help you a lot. This device can be remotely controlled from the KASA app it comes up with. This wifi switch is equally effective for both light bulbs and ceiling fans.

The device is compatible with Amazon Alexa that allows you to control this smart wifi light switch with your own voice. It’s very simple to use and install. In its comfortable price range, it offers more than any available smart switches.


  • The device comes up with the easy-check option to let you know which light is turned on or off.
  • You can control any feature remotely from anywhere far
  • You can even pair this device with amazon echo and control the device with your own voice.


  • It’s a beginner device that offers only a limited number of features

Elgato Eve HomeKit Enabled Light Switch

The Elgato Eve Homekit smart light switch allows you to have smart in-wall switching for your appliances. You can use this device with any traditional bulb, fans, or other. It can be a very simple but effective addition to your home switching. This wifi smart switch is compatible with CFL, LED, incandescent, fluorescent, and even halogen lighting.

Like other smart switches, it is easy to operate and easy to install which requires no further renovations. Unlike others, this kit is highly compatible with Apple Homekit that allows you to control the switching from your apple device mobile or iPad.


  • You will be getting a number of lighting option that can be controlled with its app easily
  • It is super user friendly and very simple to install – it will take a maximum of 15 minutes to make it ready
  • It works with HomeKit and supports Apple device wifi connection


  • The app may need some bug fixes and improvements

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