11 Best Smart Plugs For Alexa and Google Home

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Best Smart Plugs For Alexa

Smart plug outlets are the most economical way to automate your home with smart devices especially if you have an Alexa & Google Home enabled gadgets. Some of the best smart plugs for alexa help save on energy costs, and give remote access control to consumers for managing a smart home setup. Independent and versatile, Alexa compatible smart plugs allow digital assistant integration especially if you’re eager to turn your space into a fully automated home. Here is a comprehensive review of the leading products in the market.

Top 11 Best Smart Plugs For Alexa

1. Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Lite by TP-Link (HS103P2)

Measuring 2.6 x 1.6 x 1.5 inches in size, the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi smart plug is a white, rectangular shaped device that comes with a 2 year warranty, and features a matte finish. The design of this smart plug is simple, and sophisticated with the ability to control loads up to 10 amps.


  • UL certified to promote safety, this utility smart plug features a standard electrical outlet that works best with lamps, fans and small electronics.
  • You can program schedules at designated times for different smart appliances connected to the smart plug.
  • The Away Mode improves security by switching off certain electrical devices (for e.g. light bulbs) at random moments.
  • The smart plug is 1.5 inches thick, with a compact housing that allows it to blend easily into your outlet without interfering with adjacent power sockets.
  • The countdown feature allows you to set a timer that can switch off automated devices, and the voice control option is compatible with Alexa, Microsoft Cortana & Google Assistant.
  • Connects easily with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network giving access to any light-duty electronic device
  • Can be programmed to conduct periodic checks
  • The Kasa app is compatible with TP-Link smart home devices
  • Compact design gives the smart plug a versatile fit
  • Remote access control through the Kasa app allows easy monitoring through smart phone & iOS device

  • Is not the best device for controlling a smart security system
  • Doesn’t follow through with IFTTT recipes without Wi-Fi connection
  • Is only compatible with devices that are Android 4.1 or higher and iOS 9.0 or higher
  • Energy monitoring is only efficient for HS103P2 models
  • Only light-duty electronics can be controlled using this smart plug

Our Verdict

TP-Link is a leading brand in smart technology, and their latest edition, the Kasa HS103P2 model can easily connect with smart devices like Alexa & Google Assistant. The Kasa smart plug is small in size, simple and easy to install without the need for technical assistance. The smart plug is perfect for beginners, and apart from energy monitoring it also allows remote access control for better reliability.

2. Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon has also released an independent smart plug that functions with Alexa voice control. This device is one of the best smart plugs for Apple HomeKit and measures around 3.2 x 1.5 x 2.2 inches in size. The device boasts a large, white rectangular shaped design that has a sophisticated appeal and an LED button on the side that indicates if it is switched ON/OFF.


  • Amazon smart plug functions only with Alexa voice assistant in its integration process and does not support any other voice control device.
  • While the smart plug requires a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, the Alexa application is easy to use, and install on Fire OS, iOS devices and Android smart phones.
  • You can set up unique routines through the Alexa application for the smart plug that allows you to control devices for e.g. turning the lights on at specific time intervals.
  • You can connect a range of smart devices with this plug, like a coffee maker, electric kettle, lamps, fans, humidifier etc.
  • The easy plug and play device has a simple setup program that assures clear, concise and consistent performance from Alexa while handling smart devices.
  • This smart plug doesn’t require a separate hub
  • Has the easiest installation procedure for multiple Alexa enabled devices
  • Alexa application can be programmed to perform task under different timelines
  • Primarily functions with small, and basic smart appliances for convenient energy efficiency

  • Is not the best device for controlling space heaters and security alarms
  • Doesn’t pair with Google Assistant
  • Lacks surge protection when lightning strikes
  • This smart plug is slightly pricey for the limited number of features it offers

Our Verdict

Amazon released its own smart plug this season and it’s a decent option to consider if you have Alexa enabled devices at home. The device is slightly pricey as compared to most smart plugs that offer better features, and broader compatibility. But the installation process is simple enough to understand, although this device does lack an ‘away mode’ function that limits its reliability.

3. Kasa Smart WiFi Plug (HS100)

The Kasa TP-Link HS100 is relatively larger in size as compared to the HS103P2 smart plug measuring approximately 3 x 2.6 x 3.9 inches. The smart plug can simulate schedules even if you aren’t at home, so if you want certain lighting to be turned on/off at periodic intervals, the HS100 is a heavy duty smart device.


  • Despite being a single unit monitoring system, this smart plug allows a maximum pull of up to 1800 watts, that is enough to keep track of heavy duty appliances like a dehumidifier or the air conditioner, especially their energy efficiency.
  • With the ability to plug in with a range of TP-Link based smart devices, the smart plug is UL certified to function up to 15A and offers great flexibility via remote access control through the smart phone or iOS devices.
  • It can plug into any standard outlet, features an Away Mode that ensures security benefits. This allows for reliable monitoring of smart devices when you’re not around by turning on/off smart lighting systems.
  • The countdown time feature is such that it efficiently saves energy by shutting off smart devices while you’re away at work. You can schedule timelines for devices, and once the timer sets off, the devices will automatically be turned off.
  • The scheduling benefits of the smart plug help you track your family’s activities at home like for e.g. if you want better control of your child’s everyday routines then the smart plug can be programmed to shut the television off, during study time.
  • Voice command feature in this smart plug is Alexa and Google Assistant enabled and all you need to do is assign a name to each smart plug. The Kasa application is free to use, and easy to understand for beginners as well.
  • This smart plug doesn’t require an independent hub
  • Is the best device for controlling space heaters, dehumidifiers and security alarms
  • Offers multiple IFTTT recipes to perform automated tasks under different timelines
  • Convenient energy efficiency control in industrial households, commercial setups etc

  • Large boxy size can be unappealing with minimum compact fitting
  • Can only pair with TP-Link based smart devices for functioning effectively in a smart ecosystem
  • TP-Link’s smart plug lacks minimal security verification as an added safeguard on mobile devices
  • Doesn’t feature a smart button that can turn off the light on the TP-Link smart plug

Our Verdict

Easy to setup and use, many consumers find that the TP-Link HS100 is an efficient buy. It delivers remote control access of your smart devices alongside real time data about the energy consumption of your house. For the multiple programming modes it offers, this smart plug is incredibly affordable especially if you already have TP-Link’s Wi-Fi smart bulbs installed at home.

4. HeimVision Wi-Fi Smart Plug

HeimVision smart plug sports a compact design measuring 4.9 x 3.3 x 2.1 inches in size and is a lean, rectangular shaped smart plug. You can control each outlet of this 2-in-1 smart plug individually via Alexa voice command. Offering hands-free control, this smart plug is quite expensive but ideal for home owners who have multiple smart devices at home, and need safe monitoring.


  • The ergonomic design packs in two smart plugs into a single unit that provides a convenient solution for consumers who face space occupancy issues with the outlet.
  • Energy monitoring efficiency keeps your electricity bills under check since the smart plug manages appliances that use a lot of power, and this cycle can be viewed on the Smart Life application.
  • Since the smart plug can be controlled remotely, you can now activate and deactivate smart home appliances in your household, just about any time and any place through the Smart Life application on your mobile devices.
  • Voice control feature is compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant, and can be used to perform certain functions, and manage smart devices at home. The device is not only ergonomically efficient, but also portable and can easily be transported.
  • Schedule distinct tasks for smart devices at home, or use the timer to power devices at your convenience. You can set the timer to turn on/turn off electrical systems like the smart thermostat, light bulbs and kitchen appliances at particular timelines.
  • It is an affordable buy for two smart plugs that are engineered into a single device
  • Is ideal for monitoring lighting systems, dehumidifiers etc and programming IFTTT recipes for individual devices
  • Offers multiple IFTTT recipes to perform automated tasks that can be timed according to your needs
  • Records energy usage consistently in large domestic households, and commercial setups etc

  • Installation process can be tedious and confusing for beginners
  • Countdown unit does not function without a wireless connection in case of power failure
  • The smart plug outlet does not feature surge protection in its dual assembly
  • Cannot be used to plug in devices with high voltage surge like air conditioners

Our Verdict

Right from creating multiple schedules for smart home appliances to deactivating devices that have a heavy power usage, this smart plug is close to perfection. The outlet design of the HeimVision smart plug is wide and broad since it packs in two smart plugs within a single unit. The two smart receptacles can be independently controlled without obscuring wall sockets, for a secure smart home ecosystem that’s monitored efficiently.

5. TECKIN Smart Wi-Fi Plug

The TECKIN Smart Wi-Fi Plug is a mini smart device that works with any kind of Wi-Fi router and doesn’t require a smart hub. The design of this smart plug is highly efficient since it stacks two plugs into a single unit, one atop the other. Measuring approximately 3.3 x 2 x 1.2 inches in size, this sleek white device is another affordable smart plug in the market.


  • The smart plug can monitor the energy consumption in your house, and also delivers scheduled reports of the nature of consumption. You can easily keep track of appliances that use more voltage now since the smart plug records units independently for each device. This mini smart plug features a sleek design, that’s compact and ergonomically a convenient fit.
  • You can streamline daily routines with this device that makes your space an efficient smart household. Multiple appliances can be checked in real time, and you can track the status of multiple devices like coffee maker, water heater, smart fan etc.
  • Using the Smart Life application, you can set schedules or place a timer for distinct devices if you want to activate or deactivate their operation. Connected electronics can easily be controlled via remote access based on these time routines.
  • It is very affordable and features two smart plugs that are packed into a single device
  • Is excellent for monitoring lighting systems, smart switches, security alarms etc and programming IFTTT recipes for individual devices
  • Can be programmed to perform different automated tasks scheduled at specific timelines
  • Helps lower electricity bill by switching off power hungry devices when the devices are not in use

  • Smart plug modules don’t remain consistently connected to the Wi-Fi because of range issues
  • The smart plug is easily serviceable in the US however if you want to use it anywhere outside, you’ll need a transfer adaptor
  • The smart plug outlet has not been designed with surge protection in its dual assembly setup
  • Customer support is located in Asia, therefore difficulty in troubleshooting problems

Our Verdict

The TECKIN smart Wi-Fi plug is ideal for consumers who like IFTTT programming since the device allows smart integration of scheduled tasks. It is a reliable and economical smart plug that secures outdoor lighting that’s prone to overheating by switching off such devices, once the timer sets off.

6. Wemo Insight Smart Plug

The Belkin Wemo Insight is the best Alexa smart plug, a larger model in size as compared to the Wemo Mini and measures approximately 2.48 x 2.48 x 1.98 inches in size. The Wemo Insight offers wireless control of the plugged-in devices through the Wemo application. UL certified, this smart plug supports up to 15A and features high standard electrical safety protection.


  • With the ability to monitor and control multiple appliances at a single given moment, this smart plug is one of the best devices in the market since it works with even the most demanding of all devices. It comes with overload protection that allows you to connect heavy duty devices like air conditioner, space heaters etc.
  • You can schedule high power gadgets, and smaller electrical appliances to turn on/off at set timelines. Apart from monitoring energy consumption on a regular basis, the smart plug features the efficient Away Mode that supervises appliance functionality (for e.g. light bulbs stay on) in your absence.
  • IFTTT web based service is applicable in this smart plug that lets you to set up different tasks for distinct devices efficiently. Wemo Insight can flash your lighting system, cook-up coffee right before your favorite TV series or shut off appliances when you aren’t home while using different IFTTT recipes.
  • Features built-in surge/overload protection
  • Is compatible with Nest & Apple HomeKit
  • Hands-free experience through voice command via Alexa & Google Assistant
  • Helps lower electricity bill by switching off power hungry devices like window & wall AC units

  • Is quite pricey for homeowners who don’t have a fully functional smart ecosystem
  • It does not feature the night mode
  • Lacks two-step verification on the application
  • Can only function with single line light switch

Our Verdict

Belkin Wemo Insight is a versatile smart switch that lacks a few usability options however it is considered a high grade model. The cost is definitely on the steeper side with this smart plug but for consumers who have multiple smart devices, and want to create an automated ecosystem at home this device is perfect since it offers overload protection for heavily powered gadgets.

7. Etekcity WiFi Smart Plug

Etekcity smart plug features a single electric receptacle that connects with your home’s Wi-Fi network giving you access to controlling a range of smart devices. Measuring 2.4 x 1.2 x 2.2 inches in size, you can schedule tasks, monitor multiple devices and pair them together to get an energy efficient smart ecosystem at home.


  • Home automation becomes easier with the Etekcity smart plug that comprises of a white, compact smart plug that’s sleek in aesthetics and highly durable. The Voltson smart Wi-Fi outlet will stay connected with the smart plug, giving you access to VeSync application.
  • Compatible with both Google Assistant & Alexa, the smart plug presets schedules such that you can either turn on or turn off specific devices, when you need them to be. It can set timers for appliances, based on Sunset/Sunrise and features the Away Mode for added security.
  • The smart plug read energy consumption for all the smart devices in the household, giving you a record of electricity being used on a monthly basis. You can set the timer on such devices to ensure too much energy isn’t being consumed in your absence.
  • Abnormal power protection allows you to set a maximum threshold of energy consumption
  • Features IFTTT recipes applicable on different devices for unique task management
  • Offers hands-free experience through voice command by Alexa & Google Assistant
  • Helps control electricity costs by switching off high voltage devices

  • Currently IFTTT support is not available as part of their customer service
  • It doesn’t feature night mode therefore can’t be used as a nightlight
  • Limited security checks don’t feature a two-step verification on the application
  • Smart plug requires a reboot in case there’s a power outage

Our Verdict

Etekcity smart plug can easily pair with Android and iOS devices such that you get the comfort of monitoring your smart ecosystem remotely. Incredibly affordable, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant etc and can be plugged into a traditional wall socket as you monitor multiple connected devices.

8. AISIRER Smart Plug

AISIRER mini smart plug outlet is a consumer friendly device that’s affordable, and has been designed using high grade material for durable efficiency. Featuring IFTTT recipes that help program different small appliances, it is one of the best smart plugs for Alexa, and is meant for indoor use only, featuring a Wi-Fi plug, and a quick setup guide in the box.


  • Energy monitoring system records power used up by appliances for maximum energy efficiency. The smart plug is ETL and FCC certified, and measures approximately 2.76 x 1.57 x 1.14 inches in size bringing forth high performance of two smart plugs within a single unit.
  • Apart from setting schedules for multiple smart devices, and offering remote access control to users, the smart plug also features a countdown function that sets timelines on high powered devices to save on energy.
  • With a conveniently compact frame, the smart switch fits into electrical sockets without being an obstruction. You can install the Smart Life application or, the eFamilyCloud application to integrate digital assistants like Alexa or Google.
  • It features two smart plugs that are packed into a single, sleek model
  • Can efficiently operate power loads till up to 15A for maximum work efficiency
  • You can create routines through the app for different appliances like for e.g. programming the coffee maker for an early morning brew
  • Features over current protection for highly powered devices

  • Smart plug only functions on Apple devices that are iOS 8 and above
  • Schedules need to consistently be re-synced when there’s a power outage
  • The smart plug outlet does not feature night mode in its dual assembly setup
  • Customer support is not very efficient

Our Verdict

AISIRER mini smart plug provides simple smart commands that help consumers control home appliances with ease, even remotely via your smart phone and iOS device. The smart plug is a budget friendly option for consumers who want quality and quantity both in terms of device supervision and overload protection.

9. Meross Smart Power Strip

Unlike smart plugs that feature single receptacle, the Meross Smart Power Strip is Wi-Fi enabled and features 3 AC and 2 USB ports. The smart plug can be controlled individually from just about anywhere through the Meross application. Measuring 9.4 x 2.1 x 1.2 inches in size, the power strip is composed of PC flame resistance material that’s ETL & FCC certified.


  • Voice control feature in this smart plug supports Google Assistant, Alexa and runs IFTTT recipes for programming tasks like turning lights on/off, monitor the thermostat etc.
  • The installation guide is easy to go through while setting up the smart plug. To initiate factory reset process, you’ll need to press and hold the starter button for 5 seconds minimum.
  • You can automate functions of various smart devices at home through the Meross application, like setting a timer on air conditioner to cool or a radiator to warm the interiors of the house before you reach back.
  • The maximum load capacity of a single outlet is around 10A while for three outlets, the load capacity is close to 16A. It features a power cord that’s 5.5 foot long and offers sufficient extension for plugging in other appliances.
  • Designed into a smart strip that features multiple outlets for efficiency
  • Can efficiently operate power loads till up to 10A & 16A
  • Surge protection is available in this smart power strip
  • USB ports allow you to connect and charge hardware devices

  • The smart plug does not work with Wink 2
  • When your phone is 5 ft away, the signal strength decreases
  • The smart plug outlet does not feature night mode in its dual assembly setup
  • Customer support is not very efficient

Our Verdict

Meross power strip is excellent for smart home automation and affordable for beginners but an ideal choice for commercial setups. The device is reliable since it features an auto-off mode that saves on energy, and IFTTT recipes help customize tasks for distinct gadgets. It features 1800 watt capacity which is relatively more as compared to other smart plugs therefore is useful for a large smart home setup that requires surge protection.