Best Schlage Keypad Deadbolt That Offers Unbreakable Security

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There are many occasions when we happened to lose the keys when out of home and had to call the locksmith to you in opening the lock. If you don’t feel safe in hiding your door keys under the mat or in the flower pot, then Schlage keypad deadbolt lock call helps you really well. We have brought you the best keypad security system that will make you get rid of all traditional keys locks for your home.

These key locks can be compromised if someone expert is around. But as the technology advances, the lock system also adapting digital systems along with better security than key locks. If you somehow lost your keys you have to call a locksmith to get into your own home – and have to pay the money too. That is the agenda of this article to make you worriless and give you better alternatives.

SCHLAGE Camelot Keypad Lock

We have tested and tried SCHLAGE Camelot keypad lock and found the expected results. It is the best choice with a flex locking system. This lock can make your door safe either it is your office – if you want to – or your home door. The material is durable and strong that doesn’t allow anyone to break into the door.

You can set your password for opening the door using digits on the keypad from 0 to 9. When the password is entered you need to pull the lever after the access is granted to open the door. This Schlage keypad deadbolt home lock comes up with a battery with an exceptionally long life and provides you flex lock option


  • You can lock the door with strong and durable material that is not easy to break or breach
  • The security of the lock can be controlled with your smart device also when to open and close.
  • The lever of the locking system adds extra security to have access to the door after the password entered


  • The keypad is not that smooth and soft. You have to press the key hard to enter the password
  • The battery needs continuous monitoring as some users reviewed that battery died sooner than predicted
  • You have to check manually whether the lock has set or not every time you go out.


SCHLAGE Z-Wave Connect Camelot Deadbolt

What scares people from digital equipment? Most of the rational people think digital systems can be compromised, so does the analog system. But the digital locking system is more secure than most of the traditional door locks with keys. SCHLAGE z-Wave connects Camelot deadbolt offers the security and best locking system that can be operated with its touch screen.

The keyless entry feature allows you to make to synchronized and connect to Amazon Alexa and google connect. That means you can even control this locking system with your own voice without any worry. Once you have installed the smart lock with your door and integrated it with your smart home system, you will be able to lock and unlock the door from anywhere for visitors or your pet.


  • Offers more security than the traditional lock and will offer very smart security in terms of locking the door
  • The keyless password entry allows you to enjoy more security that can only be accessed by the code you have set
  • You can control this smart locking system with your voice from anywhere for visitors or your pet


  • The voice control feature sometime don’t respond, you to speak 2-3 times to access the feature
  • The material of the locking system is not that great but it will work


SCHLAGE Touch Camelot Lock

If you are really considering the security breach that can be done with the traditional key lock, then you should think of the keyless smart security locks. What we recommend to you is SCHLAGE touch Camelot lock that will surely resolve your tensions effectively.

This keyless smart security lock comes up with a touchpad that has 0 to 9 numbers to set the code for your home entry door. This lock cannot be picked by thieves because of the security and smart features it comes up with. It also will not allow any intruder to access the lock by any means. The only way to get a grant is to know the password of the smart comes up with an excellent battery that will give you 24/7 security and one extra backup battery if somehow the main battery is not working.


  • In terms of security, this the best available security smart lock with strong and durable locking material
  • This lock comes up with anti-theft features that don’t allow anyone to pick it up or breach its security system
  • The battery is very good and has 1 extra back up battery for emergency purpose


  • The keypad is touch to enter the password. You have to press touch number of times to access the password

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