Wink Hub 2 vs SmartThings – Which is the Best Smart Home Hub?

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Wink Hub 2 vs SmartThings

There are tons of automated devices that can compliment your smart home setup but you’ll want your devices to function together efficiently. To create the ultimate smart home, you will need a smart home hub. If you’re fed up of using multiple apps to control your home, a smart home hub brings forth a range of benefits. In this article, we will be comparing Wink Hub 2 vs SmartThings on the basis of function, design, and installation. Both devices are leading competitors in smart home technology so scroll down to find out which device suits you best in terms of price and performance.

What is a Smart Home Hub?

What keeps your smart devices up and running in synchrony? The answer to this is a smart home hub. This hardware device is engineered to serve as a gateway for regulating and operating a range of automated devices. While all your smart home gadgets feature different functions, a smart home hub is what keeps these devices connected. To break it down simply, if you have smart bulbs from different manufacturers but want these devices to function together in the same room, under a single control system then, you’ll need a smart home hub.

Do I Need a Smart Home Hub?

Smart Home Hub

The answer to this is a yes! Smart home hubs provide remote access control over a range of devices with just a touch of a button. A smart hub is a home automation controller with a centralized communication point that is linked with several other devices. Your smart hub can incorporate various communication technologies like the Z Wave or Samsung SmartThings. If you want to turn on the heating system from your office before returning back home or conserve energy, a smart home hub ensures automated control via remote access. This remote access control can be plugged into your smart phone or a tablet through an application.