Smart Door Knob: Perfect Electronic Door Lock System 

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Are you struggling to find an intelligent lock system for your home? Don’t know what features to consider in a brilliant door knob? Many people often find themselves in this situation. And due to lack of knowledge, they eventually end up picking the wrong door knobs. However, the solution is still available in the market, and you have to reach out for it. Let’s review the Smart door knob.

In the upcoming years, it’s suggested the smart lock market will generate over $10 billion in revenue. To help you out, we have already done some research for you. In this article, we will do a review of the Kwikset intelligent key door knob system. You can easily set up 30 user access codes in the Kwikset intelligent system. Moreover, these locks are also BHMA certified, ensuring a high level of durability and security level.

Now, without further ado, let’s figure out some of the more intriguing features.

Kwikset SmartCode 917 Keypad System:


  • Re-key technology
  • Pick Resistant
  • Bump proof
  • 3-year battery life
  • BHMA certified
  • Three entry modes
  • Keyless entry convenience

Design: There’s no restriction in using these door locks in specific spots in the home. The Kwikset system works perfectly in places such as; home offices, garage doors, side doors, rental property, and many more. Besides that, the door lock has an innovative and slim design. The lock fits effortless in small doors and doesn’t take much space. These intelligent door knobs come in two styles; the contemporary style and the traditional one.

Also, the Halifax lever is entirely reversible. That means you can straightforwardly fit it in the left-handed and right-handed doors.

Access codes: Also, you can set up and customize 30 user access codes. Hence, unlike the traditional models, you don’t need to keep toggle in-between the few remembered access codes. Furthermore, with the availability of several access codes, your space will become much safer.

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Battery life: 9V battery is built in the Kwikset doorknob to keep the lock working; as there’s no other way to facilitate power. However, you don’t need to worry much about running out of power. The intelligent key doorknob can last for three years. Hence, you will not face issues while managing the electronic lever. Alongside that, the usage of the lock may also vary in lifespan.

Entry modes: There is a total of three entry modes in the 917-door lock. In the disable passage mode, the door auto-locks it. That means, whenever an entry is required, you will have to enter the access key or code to unlock and then go through. By enabling this mode, the caretaker and other workers will know not to lock the maintenance closet or other restricted sites.

Also, to keep the garage, back doors, and other areas secure, the Auto-lock feature works best in these situations. After every entry, the door remains closed. And, to cross that, the availability of code or key is necessary. The passage mode resembles a lot with the previous one. Once activated, anyone can pass through the door, and this feature is best to establish in internal offices and other such spaces.

One-time user code: You can also set the access code for one-time use. This feature serves best in situations like; when you hire some contractor to repair something. Moreover, you don’t have to delete the access code. After the 24 hours window, the code automatically got terminated. The one-timer user code feature is rarely to be seen in these budget smart lock doorknob.

BHMA also verifies the 917-keypad system. After the series of tests and procedures, the certification procedure comes into the process. Also, according to IEEE XPLORE, most intelligent door locks are based on Bluetooth control technology. Therefore, all the features mentioned above all stand on the highest criteria of durability and security standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How to install a Kwikset smart key doorknob?

There are several videos available on youtube on how to install Kwikset intelligent dog knob. However, instead of doing that, try to deal with the fitting by hiring a professional worker. It might cost some extra bucks, but he knows how to get the job done correctly.

How much does the Kwikset 917 cost?

Besides the availability of superb features, the Kwikset 917 only costs $106.80. Along with that, you will also get a 10% discount. This offer is only available on Amazon; however, the price charges may differ on other purchasing platforms.

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Buying Guide:

Innovative door knob systems come in multiple styles and variants. Yet, there are some specifications that every door knob must possess. To help you out, we have to point them out in these guidelines. Once done reading, you will get a proper understanding of what you are missing in the content.

What you are looking for: In this advancing era, the door lock system comes in three different styles. The conventional door locks are the simplest ones. These locks system is highly durable and doesn’t cost that heck of money. However, the traditional system lacks convenience and other advanced features.

Nowadays, the smart lock system is among the highly used. Not only do these systems deliver high-tech security, yet along with that, there are many other advanced features in them. You can set different access codes and set up additional security codes. However, models such as smart door knob wifi are pretty expensive.

Last but not least, Retrofit systems also work pretty amazingly. But, from the durability point of view, these models cannot sustain much.

 Easy to use: Some door locks are pretty annoying to operate. For instance, few models lag when you try to get in or out. As a result, it develops quite an annoying environment for the user. Therefore, before you purchase, check out the security features in detail, whether they work smoothly or not. Also, try to read some of the reviews from the previous purchases. You can get a better idea from that.

The lifespan of battery: Intelligent locks are operated with the help of built-in batteries. The power almost controls all of the systems. Therefore, it’s essential to have good battery life in smart locks. In this regard, look for that door knob that can run for over two years. Thus, you don’t have to keep replacing the battery over time. Otherwise, if the battery runs out of time, it will be impossible for you to get into the house.

Final Thoughts:

To entirely secure the house, an intelligent door knob contributes a great deal. With the enhanced features, you can establish a much better and secure network in locks. However, it’s pretty challenging to find a suitable door knob. That’s why we consider doing a review of the best door knob system. So, if you were looking for a budget-friendly product, then the 917-Keypad intelligent home system will serve your purpose best.

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