7 Best Smart Smoke Detectors to Buy in 2022

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Best Smart Smoke Detectors

Technological innovation has introduced smart smoke detectors that alert consumers about an impending outbreak. Your smoke alarm is now a smart device that sends notifications on your smartphone or gadget if there’s a fire nearby, giving a consumer absolute peace of mind. The best smart smoke detectors in the market feature nightlight integration, carbon monoxide sensors and are engineered with standard AI technology. Our comprehensive guide includes a few smart smoke detector reviews that should sufficiently pitch you in about the leading brands in the market.

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Comparison Of 7 Best Smoke Detectors

7 Best Smart Smoke Detector Reviews

You can upgrade a hardwired smoke detector into a smart alarm system that is connected to your smartphone for increased efficiency. Such smart devices do an adequate job of instantly warning you if something happens in your home, especially when you’re away. Picking a reliable model is necessary that complies with standard safety norms. Here’s a list of the best smart smoke detectors, tried and tested so far:

1. Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector


Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector
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Nest Protect smoke detector has been designed to offer user-friendly control, with smart sensors that last up to a decade. One of the leading brands in the market, Nest Protect delivers optimized detection in its alarm system and also features a silencer mode that can be controlled with just the touch of a button.

Larger than the standard model, Nest Protect is one of the best smart smoke alarms that measures around 5.3 x 5.3 x 1.5 inches and has a square shaped body with rounded corners. The alarm box weighs around 1.65 pounds and sports a sophisticated white/black frame that features a circular LED button for different functions. While the yellow light signals smoke and carbon monoxide levels, the red light denotes a critical level. Another useful asset is that it automatically lights up if there’s presence in the room at night.


Nest Protect smoke alarm uses a split spectrum sensor that can detect fires, carbon monoxide fumes, heat, and humidity. The photo-electric sensor is better at catching smoldering fires, and it also features a secondary wavelength that catches fast burning fires. The smoke detection system sounds an alarm after 18 seconds once it detects smoke within a range of 5 to 10 feet. Net Protect offers alerts that are voice activated, and therefore will inform the user of the kind of emergency detected i.e. either smoke or carbon monoxide, and the room in which this is occurring.


In terms of performance, the Nest Protect smoke alarm features six long-life batteries and comes with a 2-year warranty. The smoke detector also offers consumers with safety checks, heads-up alerts, periodic home reports, pathway lighting at night and sound checks. An emergency clip can also be recorded using the Nest Cam for added security. Through the Nest application and wireless connectivity, consumers can easily monitor room conditions, control the Nest Thermostat and integrate the smoke alarm system with a smart home hub for energy efficiency.





  • Photoelectric sensor can detect large smoke particles produced from smoldering fires
  • Photoelectric sensor can differentiate between vapors, smoke and false threats
  • Electrochemical sensor detects CO leaks from blocked chimneys, cars left running and fuel burning appliances
  • Silence button is a convenient feature to stop false alarms
  • 85-decibel siren is loud, precise and indicates clear warnings
  • Battery powered setup can function even when there’s power failure
  • Inexpensive & durable


  • Doesn’t feature remote access control
  • Doesn’t feature verbal warnings
  • Test button doesn’t function properly
  • It cannot be interconnected with other First Alert systems
  • This system isn’t hardwired and solely depends on batteries
  • Regular battery replacement is a pesky investment

Our Verdict

First Alert SCO5CN model is ideally the best battery operated smoke detector in the market that may not offer remote access control but it is a sturdy alarm box that is easy to install and is incredibly affordable. Ideal for beginners, this smoke alarm system does not have any fancy functions but it does detect smoke and CO threats accurately, hence does a relatively better job than most high grade AI engineered models.

3. Honeywell Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector


Honeywell Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector
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Honeywell is one of the top rated brands in the market for smart innovation gadgets so it isn’t a surprise that their production line also houses smart smoke detectors. A contemporary edition is the Honeywell 5808W3 model that features a wireless photoelectric smoke/heat detection system.

This smart smoke detector is a sophisticated model, with a rounded white frame and measures approximately 5.7 x 5.5 x 2.6 inches. The total weight of the smart gadget is around 0.7 pounds and it boasts a user-friendly design that’s easy enough to install. In case of residential installations, the device will function effectively with any 5800 series wireless receiver/transceiver however if you’re thinking of commercial installations, then you’ll need the 5883H receiver. The mounting base that is sturdy features a versatile fit, and has been engineered with large ports to easily accommodate anchors for surface mounting.


In terms of technical aspects, this smart smoke detector is different from the many smart alarms available. Since it focuses solely on smoke detection and its varying types therefore the smart gadget doesn’t feature CO detection. The intended use of the device includes LED status indicator that identifies troublesome conditions through the red/green LED signal buttons. While the green denotes constant conditions, red signals abnormal conditions and an alarm is set off instantly. The robust RF field strength is significantly effective at detecting smoldering fires and the AI-based algorithms in the detector’s software monitors false alarms.


You can expect steady monitoring of your home’s thermal conditions with Honeywell’s wireless smoke detection system. Automatic adjustment of the device’s sensitivity ensures the elimination of false alarms that often set off due to consistent dust build-up. The smart smoke detector sends signals to the control panel when the detector needs to be cleaned and features an easy to remove detector cover that facilitates efficient chamber cleaning. Once the control panels are equipped to process signals, the smoke detector will recognize changes, and send distinct alerts for tampering, smoke/heat detection, battery conditions, and maintenance.


  • Smoothing algorithm minimizes nuisance alarms
  • Easy to install and highly durable wireless battery
  • The thermal detector senses pre-freeze conditions if the temperature is below 41 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Micro-controller features a 4.0 Mhz clock that logs in maintenance alerts
  • Robust fire detector with increased RF field strength
  • Battery powered setup can function even when there’s power failure
  • Light indication system is energy efficient


  • Doesn’t feature remote access control
  • Doesn’t combine CO detection in its technology
  • Not an appropriate choice for smart technology beginners
  • Is an expensive Z wave enabled smart gadget
  • The unattractive design makes it less appealing to the eye
  • Complaints have been fed about the device having an early expiry date
  • Volume of the siren is incredibly loud

Our Verdict

The Honeywell smart smoke detector – 5808W3 is ideal for home owners who wish to build and implement an entire smart home system. You can easily connect and integrate Honeywell devices into your smart home ecosystem that pairs well with Z wave enabled hubs. This smart smoke alarm is not as budget friendly as you’d want it to be, but it features quality detection and high grade monitoring of your smart thermostat.

4. Onelink Wi-Fi Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm


Onelink Wi-Fi Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm
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First Alert has introduced another hardware pedigree in the form of OneLink smoke detector that is hardwired and pairs specifically well with Apple devices. Like most leading smart smoke alarms, OneLink combines smoke and CO sensors into a single unit for increased efficiency and responds quite well to changes in the environment.

First Alert’s OneLink Wi-Fi enabled smoke smart alarm is engineered to replace 120 volt AC hardwired alarms with ease. The square shaped design has a sophisticated feel and the alarm box measures around 1 x 5.8 x 5.5 inches in size. Unlike most smoke detectors, this model is slightly on the heavier size weighing 1.45 pounds and has broad exteriors. There aren’t many smoke detectors that function efficiently with Apple, however, this model pairs extremely well with HomeKit, and sends notifications to your iOS device.


Highly compatible with iOS devices, this smart smoke detector keeps homeowners informed about the smoke and CO levels in the house, sends notifications and also drafts out self-checks. The CO smoke detector will instantly alarm the consumer of an impending threat, and will also deliver info about the kind of emergency it is and the location. The LED central ring can be used as a night light which helps illuminate pathways in case of a power failure. The silent mode in the smart alarm facilitates muting false alarms or test alarms with just a press of the button.


In terms of performance, First Alert’s OneLink smoke and CO smart alarm features photoelectric sensors that can detect smoldering flames. Since the system’s sensitivity is acute, it can easily differentiate between cooking fumes, vapors, and shower steam. The electrochemical CO sensor is high grade technology that can detect multiple leaks coming from different sources. The smart alarm integrates easily with several other OneLink smart alarms, communicating efficiently through a Bluetooth mesh. This ensures that your smart alarm system will respond altogether even if only a single alarm is set off.


  • Combines smoke & CO sensors for smart detection
  • Easy to install and highly durable 10-year battery
  • Adjustable nightlight feature is a handy application
  • Designed primarily for HomeKit enabled devices
  • Comes with an add-on Environment Monitor that monitors temperature, humidity etc


  • Is a very pricey smoke alarm
  • Push alerts don’t function in time
  • False alarms are excruciatingly loud
  • Test button in the alarm doesn’t trigger notifications
  • Design is relatively too simple

Our Verdict

In terms of performance, for Apple HomeKit users, OneLink smoke detector is certainly a good buy if you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks. The price is relatively steep however the device is integrated with a 10-year powered battery. The smoke detector isn’t a very reliable smart gadget since it fails to send across push notifications in time, and the alarm system takes quite some time to alert homeowners. It should certainly be avoided by homeowners who’re using smart technology for the first time since the operation is not very user friendly.

5. Kidde Wireless Smoke Detector Alarm


Kidde Wireless Smoke Detector Alarm
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Sporting a sleek and stylish frame, Kidde wireless smoke detector alarm is a fan favorite for many homeowners who like to build smart home ecosystems. Although it does require professional installation, this battery operated smoke alarm system is probably the most versatile in terms of detecting different types of fires.

The rounded body of this smart smoke alarm is ergonomically efficient and gives off a sophisticated appeal. Measuring 7.2 x 2.3 x 9.1 inches in size, this reliable smoke box is lightweight and weighs around 0.9 pounds. It uses radio frequency to transmit and receive messages and comes with two universal adaptors for battery backup. One of the best features of this smoke detection system is its capacity to pair with 24 devices, out of which 12 can be smoke detectors. Therefore it is the perfect pick for commercial setups or if you have a large residential space.


Kidde smart smoke detector is perfect for large homes and consists of all standard features that you’d expect from a modern smoke detection system. If the batteries are on the verge of wearing out, the smoke detector gives out an audible chirp to inform home owners of the low battery status. Even though the smart smoke alarm doesn’t feature CO detection, you can add a CO detector into your smart alarm system separately and interconnect the devices together. The wireless feature will allow you to install this smoke alarm box even in remote spaces like the garage or a detached workshop.


This smart smoke detector is a wireless device that contains an ionization sensor that is designed to detect fast burning flames but not smoldering fire. Since smoldering fires burn for quite some time, the ionization sensor will eventually detect the threat and set off the alarm however this facility isn’t a full proof measure. But since the device features interconnectivity with at least 12 different kinds of smoke detectors, you can build an excellent fire deterrent smart system that can recognize different types of fire threats right from toxic fumes to electrical fuses that cause breakouts.


  • Can connect with different smoke detectors, CO detector, and lighting systems
  • Easy to install and is insured with a 10-year warranty
  • Customer support for Kidde is excellent and very resourceful
  • Convenient device can connect with up to 24 other devices
  • Easy installation reduces hassle and expense for rewiring the entire house


  • Is a pricey investment when multiple devices are required for different detection functions
  • Doesn’t feature voice activated alerts
  • Doesn’t feature a LED powered night light
  • Ionization sensor can only detect fast burning fires and doesn’t catch smoldering flames
  • Since it is battery operated, you will need to consistently replace them

Our Verdict

Kidde 21026044 wireless smoke detector alarm is perfect for smart homes that have multiple rooms and is even a popular choice for commercial setups. The biggest advantage of installing this sophisticated smoke alarm is the interconnected system that ensures concise communication with devices as many as 24 within the same smart ecosystem. So for consumers who prefer versatility, and want to keep integrating more smart alarms to their system, this device is appropriate.

6. Leeo Smart Alert Smoke/CO Monitor


Leeo Smart Alert Smoke/CO Monitor
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One primary thing to note about Leeo Smart Alert monitor is that this is not a smoke/CO detector but predominantly functions as a nightlight. The smart device monitors the alarms you’ve setup in your house and will send a notification to you once these alarms go off. The device can be integrated within a smart alarm ecosystem.

Unlike other smoke detectors, this smart alarm monitor sports a simple bodied frame that’s sleek white in color and circular in shape. This device is a temperature monitoring system and also functions as a bright nightlight. Measuring approximately 3.5 x 3.5 x 2 inches, the device is a plug-in safety gadget that sends notifications to your smartphone if the smoke and CO alarms go off in case of an emergency. You can listen to the alarm, dismiss the alert, or call 911 through the app for immediate assistance. It doesn’t have a complicated setup and directly connects with your home’s Wi-Fi.


You can start using the device by first testing it with your alarm system at home. If you already have a smoke alarm and CO detector at home, then push the test button on the alarms, and wait till the application receives a notification from Leeo device. A push notification will inform you the type of alarm that’s been set off, and if you don’t respond, you will receive a phone call. The call will be a playback recording of all that’s been happening at your place. The color changing nightlight gives an ambient glow and the application allows you to control about 16 million color choices.


  • Gives you access to a range of local emergency numbers
  • Monitors multiple alarm systems within a smart home ecosystem
  • Provides multiple IFTTT recipes for your smart devices at home
  • Calls your family and friends in case of an emergency
  • Provides visual alerts when CO and smoke alarms activate
  • Can sense an alarm system activate within 75 feet of range


  • Is not an independent smoke alarm or a CO detector
  • Doesn’t function properly without a Wi-Fi connection
  • Is an expensive investment if you’re looking for a versatile smoke detection unit
  • Temperature and humidity tracking isn’t very accurate
  • It does not support international customers, therefore, has restricted usage
  • Does not function without a power source hence is useless if the electricity goes out

Our Verdict

If you want a device that offers an automated platform for keeping regular smoke alarms and CO detectors in check, Leeo smart alert is a good option to consider. It isn’t an affordable choice if your space is large, and you’re in need of multiple smart smoke alarms but it can integrate with varying devices. Despite the fact that the nightlight color changing mode suffers from a lag, every now and then, Leeo smart alert is a good addition if you are looking to enhance your smart security system.

7. Onelink Safe & Sound by First Alert


Onelink Safe & Sound by First Alert
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One of the latest editions of First Alert is the OneLink Safe & Sound that features voice alerts and is compatible with Amazon Alexa. First Alert is one of the leading brands in the market for smoke detection systems and is also one of the few to release a device that’s compatible with Apple HomeKit. This OneLink model is one of the best smoke detectors so far.

At 7 x 7 x 2 inches, the OneLink smart smoke detector is an all white, compact and rectangular shaped alarm box that features rounded corners and edgy design. The rounded square in the middle is ringed by LED that changes color to blue when Alexa is activated. The device can be controlled via remote access through OneLink’s application and also functions as a nightlight. Since it is compatible with HomeKit, you can program the device to turn on or off at scheduled timelines.


This hardwired alarm system needs power for adequate functioning, especially since Alexa comes built-in and requires more than just a battery for running consistently. Installing OneLink Safe & Sound can be slightly tricky since you’ll need an adaptor plug to connect existing wires in the junction box. The alarm system will connect to HomeKit if you’re using an iOS device, otherwise, it will connect to your local Wi-Fi network.

Smoke & CO Detection

For smoke alerts, the device uses photoelectric sensors for detecting smoldering fires and in addition also features a CO detector. Within 5 feet range, the electrochemical sensors on detecting CO levels get activated after a span of 30 – 33 seconds, and within the 10 feet range the alarm goes off after 100 seconds. Like Nest Protect, OneLink will also alert homeowners about the type of emergency happening and the room where there’s an outbreak. You will have the option of silencing the alarm through the smartphone


Through the OneLink you can connect with Alexa, Pandora, Spotify and also iHeartRadio, etc. However, this device doesn’t feature all of Alexa’s functions for e.g. you can’t use it to make a whole-home radio hence no interconnectivity with other Alexa devices and you can’t use the Alexa Drop function. Apart from being a useful Alexa compatible smoke detector, the audio performance of the Safe & Sound alarm is clear, loud and concise, especially since its design uses the ceiling as a reflective surface.


  • Bluetooth speaker function allows you to stream music directly from Bluetooth enabled devices
  • OneLink application lets you choose a color, and set the brightness in the nightlight mode
  • Verbal cues include sound alerts, and verbal instructions
  • Supports HomeKit & Siri Control
  • Omni-directional speaker provides crisp, concise and deep vocals


  • One of the most expensive smart alarms in the market
  • Cannot sync with other Alexa devices to play music
  • Nightlight doesn’t dim entirely and resets often
  • Bluetooth disconnects constantly
  • Routine tests will need to be performed by home owners since the device doesn’t have a self-check repository

Our Verdict

OneLink Safe & Sound smart alarm hasn’t yet reached the efficiency it should possess for a smart smoke & CO detector. The price is extremely steep and therefore isn’t budget friendly despite being compatible with Alexa & Apple HomeKit. In its place, Nest Protect is a better alternative since it is cost effective, provides more smart features and is also compatible with Alexa Voice Control.

Best Smart Smoke Detector Buying Guide

Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

Smoke and CO detectors are an essential part of your smart security system that ensures your home stays safe, and you’re well informed of a threat if, and when it happens. Smart smoke detectors are technically very reliable since you receive alerts and notifications on your smartphone. These can either be hardwired alarms or battery powered, and the variety so far is immense.

A good smart detector will recognize fire, and also track carbon monoxide levels in the house using different types of sensors. Different smoke detector types offer distinct functions – ionization sensors can catch fast burning fires, and photoelectric sensors can detect smoldering flames before it erupts.

Benefits of Smart Smoke Detectors & CO Alarms

  • Smart technology in advanced smoke detectors & CO alarms allows remote access control through your smart phone or iOS device.
  • 24/7 monitoring is one of the best benefits in smart home detection for smoke, and CO fumes especially when some devices have long battery life.
  • Automatic alerts in smart smoke detectors will inform proper authorities of an emergency when you’re not at home.
  • Wireless alarm systems in smart smoke detectors can function simultaneously with multiple other devices or different types of detectors for added security.

Things to Consider while Buying Smart Smoke Detectors

Installation Process

Buying Smart Smoke Detectors

It is necessary to buy a smoke detector system that operates on a battery source and is also hardwired. In case of power failure, a steady battery source will be useful. Most smart smoke detectors are easy to install and require very little professional assistance since they come with instruction manuals.


Many smart smoke detectors offer interconnectivity which means that your smart alarm should be able to sync with other devices in your smart home ecosystem. Some smoke detectors also pair well with smart home hubs, which is another feature to consider if you have either ZigBee or Z wave ports.


Always choose a smart detector for smoke and CO that comes with reliable and long term warranty of at least 5 to 10 years. You must also check if the batteries need regular replacement so if you have a commercial setup, the investment can be a hefty sum if not checked beforehand.

Smart Technology

Leeo Smart Alert Smoke Alarm

Many smart smoke detectors offer remote access control, geo-mapping and voice control options. Nightlight is another additional feature that many smoke detectors offer. Some smoke detectors can also monitor temperature and humidity levels in the house.


The basic function of a smart smoke alarm is to alert consumers of a threat either through vocal alarms or by sending notifications to your smartphone. So ensure the detector comes with testing, and also a mute button to check false alarms.

Best Smart Smoke Detector FAQs

Q1: Do I need to Replace my Smoke and CO Detector Continuously?

The lifespan of smart smoke detectors vary but the standard norm is to replace the device once every 10 years or make upgrades like adding a CO alarm box, or strobe lights.

Q2: Which Smart Smoke Detector is Best for Big and Large Setups?

The best smoke detector for a large setup is the Kidde wireless smoke detector alarm that allows consumers to connect 24 devices within a smart home ecosystem.

Q3: Where should you Avoid placing Smart Smoke Detectors?

A smart smoke detector should not be placed anywhere close to water since the device can short circuit. You should place one detector on each floor, if your house is a large building/duplex, in the bedroom, hall or close to the fireplace and near the kitchen.

Q4: Where should I install my Smart Smoke Alarm?

The ideal space for installing a smart alarm is the ceiling since it provides an ideal reflective surface for detectors that contain either photoelectric or electrochemical sensors.

Q5: Should I place a Smart Smoke Detector in the Kitchen?

If you’re thinking of installing smart smoke detectors in the kitchen, choose one that has acute sensitivity and prevents false alarms like First Alert’s OneLink Safe & Sound smart alarm.

Q6: What Devices can be Paired with my Smart Smoke & CO Detector?

Tech-savvy homeowners can add a range of devices to pair with their smart smoke detection system like Alexa Voice Control, HomeKit in the case of OneLink and even a smart thermostat, for added security. You can also sync smart smoke alarms with smart air quality monitors for efficient CO detection.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a beginner in the world of smart technology and have a moderately spaced apartment or home, the most consumer-friendly option that is also cheap would be First Alert’s battery operated OneLink Smoke & CO Combined smart alarm. Many homeowners don’t entirely focus on smart technology, but actually prefer their alarm system to feature basic functions like detecting the presence of smoke and CO. In this case, First Alert’s battery operational smoke & CO detector proves to be durable, reliable and also cost-effective.

But the device that suits both novice consumers and also homeowners with a smart setup is the Nest Labs Protect. According to many smart smoke detector reviews, this device is a lifesaver since it responds quickly and also self-checks its system periodically. Engineered with dual sensor technology, Nest Protect is an effective investment since it brings forth quality control and ensures reliable alerts through your smartphone. With an integrated lighting system, Nest Protect is the best smart smoke detector that is compatible with a range of devices. It is a tad bit pricey however the device is an all-in-one unit that’s hardwired, and also battery operated.

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