Shark Mop Robot Vacuum [Brief Guidance]

Shark Mop Robot Vacuum
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Mopping and cleaning hard floors are no harder now as we are revolving around the latest technology by running robot vacuums. The Shark Mop Robot Vacuum cleans floors, tiles, bathroom, kitchen, and hard bare floors very efficiently with no mess.

Here is some shark mop robot vacuum that is listed and appreciated by the consumers for home and office use. For floor cleaning, carpets, and mats the Roomba i7 robot vacuum review is the perfect one you can choose.

Shark IQ Robot Mop Robot Vacuum

shatk iq

This shark robot mop vacuum comes with great features to clean floors, tile, and spotted areas the corners, and floor of every type. It keeps cleaning all the stains and spots very efficiently.

This robot vacuum is smart in cleaning as it avoids, mats, carpets, and other hittings. It can be controlled from the remote and is operated by the Alexa voice and Google Assistance. The shark robot vacuum and mop combo clean the house about 1000sq feet.

It belongs to the charging mode itself when the battery is running and resumes again when fully charged. For security reasons use an electronic deadbolt lock for security assistance.


  • Good navigation
  • Efficient and easy to clean


  • Battery issues
Customer’s Review from Amazon: What surprised me most about the unit is its ability to transverse from tile to carpet without any issues. Excellent job on carpets, under sofas, beds, cabinets, etc. Remember to relocate any wiring or it will gobble it up. Well worth the cost. In addition, the mapping feature allows you to programs which rooms, after about a week of self-running around the house, to select which areas to cover each day, if need be.


Shark IQ Robot XL RV101AE vacuum


This steam mop robot vacuum is best called for itself emptying its bin it has a cleaning brush roll that is exceptional and with powerful suction to clean the dirt and the large debris as well.

It comes with mapping cleaning and is a very relatively price that can be affordable. The Shark Mop Robot Vacuum cleans all the houses and the areas that are map in less time. It also cleans up the stains and the spots from every corner even though. For bare floor cleaning Kirby, vacuum reviews are best known and to buy.


  • Excellent suction
  • Useful home mapping
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Reasonable price
  • Empties itself


  • Loud operation
Customer’s Review from Amazon: Everything else is Perfect and probably better or as good as the almost double as expensive Roombas. They really need to fix the software for the mapping, however. The robot actually maps properly as you can see the areas it went after each run, but the software takes forever to complete the map and messes up.


Shark ION Robot Vacuum AV751


This shark robot vacuum comes with Tri-brushes, channel brushes, and multi-surface roll brushes that are perfect for floor cleaning and the edges, corners as well.

It can be controlled by the voice, remote control, and starts cleaning as it is operated. This shark robot vacuum and mop combo is small in size and makes a very easy cleaning beneath the floor, under kitchen cabinets, bathroom cleaning, and furniture.


  • Affordable
  • Smart cleaning
  • Tri brushes to clean the floor perfectly


  • Run time is very short
Customer’s Review from Amazon: I bought this vacuum for my daughter for her birthday. She was very surprised! She tested it out and she was so amazed! Her sag is still trying to find out what the hell is this thing!!!


Shark AI Robot VACMOP RV2001WD


This shark robot vacuum that mops come with the feature of perfect cleaning. It cleans mop and floor cleaning in a very efficient way. This is an auto-dirt emptying Vaccum with an advanced navigation system.

It is controlled by Alexa’s voice and by your phone wherever you are. The Shark Mop Robot Vacuum can mop the floor clean the carpet as well can pick large debris too. So pet lovers will love this vacuum too for the perfect pet hair cleaning.


  • Low noise
  • Good enough battery life
  • Automatic recharge


  • More demanding
 Customer’s Review from Amazon: I upgraded from a $100 robot Vacuum to a Roomba. The Roomba was not as good as my old $100 vacuum. This Shark is much better than the Roomba with the same price range. Much much much more intelligent. It has a better app and mapped my house perfectly the first time. The Roomba never entered my kitchen and never mapped more than 40% of the apartment.


Shark ION R75 Robot Vacuum


This robot vacuum comes with a 3 roller brush that cleans and takes out stains and spots from the floor. It is charged quickly and cleans rooms one by one as operated.

It also cleans the floor under furniture and the kitchen cabinets very well. This can be operated by your phone by an app. Also, it works with Alexa voice control avoiding walls, stairs and damage.


  • Impressive cleaning functionality
  • Great value for money
  • Convenient controls and effective navigations


  • The battery may run out fast
 Customer’s Review from Amazon: Fantastic! Keeps up with the endless supply of dog fur. Very quiet. It’s become, my favorite family member. When it got stuck under the couch, it sent me a message that it was stuck and powering off. How considerate! The receptacle is large and easy to empty. Shark brand delivers a good product again!



Cleaning the carpets and also mopping the floor is not an easy task. But if you may get both in one vacuum and at a very reasonable price so you may ask for nothing.

The robot vacuum that may clean the home, carpets, the pet hairs but also the bare floors, bathrooms, kitchen very well mopping is quite a good choice to have one for your home too. We hope our article may help you to get the gadget according to your need.


Does Shark ion map your house?

It cleans your home, and map your floor as well very perfectly-being less complicated

How do you know when a shark robot is charged?

If you press the DOCK button it starts charging and when it’s fully charged the blue light will cycle as a sign.


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