Kirby Vacuum Review – Kirby Avalir Vacuum Cleaner

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Summary: Old but Gold! Kirby Avalir is the best Kirby vacuum cleaner model that sweeps all the dirt or debris, leaving behind a spotless floor and carpets. we are doing a complete Kirby vacuum review.

Kirby Avalir Specifications

Weight: 46.9 lbs

Model: B08193G689

Product Rating:  9.0/10

Dimensions: 40” x 23.2” x 10.8”

Designed for: Tiled floor, all types of carpets, wooden floor, and another hard flooring

Kirby vacuum review



  • Strong cleaning mechanism
  • Worth the price
  • The shampoo is included in the kit
  • Ideal for all flooring types, hard carpet, and thick rugs
  • Self-propelled technology makes cleaning much easier
  • Easy to push
  • Smooth functioning
  • Durable vacuum cleaner
  • Strong built quality
  • Some people find it a bit bulky and heavy
  • Costly

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In this review article, we will have a deep insight into the reasons to purchase Kirby Avalir. Plus, we will also discuss the features of the Kirby Avalir Vacuum Cleaner to see whether it could meet your sweeping requirements or not.

Reasons to Buy Kirby Vacuum Cleaner

Unlike other low-end vacuum cleaners, Kirby vacuum cleaners feature everything that you would need to keep your house dirt-free. Also, if you have pets at home then no model can remove the pet fur or hair better than Kirby.

Kirby vacuum cleaners feature strong and long bristles that brush the dirty carpets so that even sticky particles get separated to be sucked up by the vacuum cleaner. The Kirby features broad floor heads with the strongest suction power that pulls in every fine or minute dust particle and hair.

Kirby vacuum cleaners can also be used for shampooing carpets with their branded cleaning kit. With some moisture, they brush and clean the carpets like no other.

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Kirby Avalir Vacuum Cleaner

Kirby Avalir vacuum cleaner is by far the most popular vacuum cleaner among pet parents because it can suck all fine and sticky hair stuck in thick carpets and couches.

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This vacuum has a high-tech shampooing system that is tailor-made for carpet cleansing applications. Not only is it handy for cleaning floors but also has a tough resilient texture.

It cleans a variety of floors such as laminate wood, tiled floors, marble floors, hardwood, linoleum, and vinyl with ease.

Another benefit of this vacuum is its designated shampoo formula which contributes to fresh fragrance and makes your floor squeaky clean.

Most users highly rated its Kirby functionality which makes this vacuum suitable for interior cleaning and became a game-changer in the household market.

Another factor that hyped the customers is its strength and durability. It is also the best vacuum for people who own carpets, mats, or rugs because it makes the task so easy.

Features and Functionalities of Kirby Avalir Vacuum

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This functionality is referred to by the company TechDrive, which makes it so easy to pull and push in the process of cleaning. There is a level at the rear side that allows users to disengage this feature. Another cool thing about this feature is that it is so easy on the hands so no strain on the wrist or arm. When users turn this feature on, cleaning becomes so effortless.

Oftentimes while cleaning carpets, the wheels get stuck in the pile which is a nightmare for anyone. Self-propulsion solves this problem so users don’t have to live with twisted wrists and tired arms.

The lightweight of this vacuum is also likable among users because it takes less effort to clean and it is easy to push or pull. If you don’t feel like using TechDrive functionality, you may switch it off and on when needed.


Apart from the features above, the one thing every vacuum should have is strong suction and control controls. With Kirby Avalir, users get a powerful airflow.

It comes in handy while clearing high-pile carpets because it creates an air seal that allows the carpet to lift to prevent damage. In many traditional vacuums, it becomes a hassle in carpet cleaning.

How do users access this remarkable feature? Kirby placed a button on the vacuum’s handle which could be used to control the airflow.

Long Power Cord

Reachability is one of the driving factors in wired vacuums like Kirby. However, you won’t have to stress with this incredibly powerful vacuum because its cord stretches to 29-feet long.

It makes it perfect for home cleaning. The one thing users would love to have added to Kirby is the automatic feature for winding and rewinding the cord.

So, performing this task manually could be a daunting task for some people. Let’s hope they add this feature in the next Kirby.

Conversion to Many Different and Useful Cleaning Units

Kirby has an all-in-one capability which makes it so versatile for different tasks in respect to cleaning your home. It is easily convertible to 12 different modes and unique settings.

From a machine useful for mopping, vacuuming to clean the bare floors, shampooing carpets, sanding, and waxing of hardwood floors to painting the walls, the usability and features conversions are endless.

It makes it super convenient for users because they don’t have to carry multiple machines for different cleaning chores.

Having said that, just like anything in life it comes with a cost, and pricing-wise, Kirby tends to be on the higher end and with its super diverse functionalities takes a bit of time for the user to understand and get used to all the tools and attachments.

Indicator for Brushroll

Some carpets and hard floors require brush roll on for better cleaning so knowing when the motorized roll is on can save a lot of clearing efforts. With Kirby, you will know if the brush is spinning or not.

Its super helpful magnet at the side of the brush roll powers the led light. It doesn’t flash the lamp until the magnet is rotating and produces current so you can always be sure when the brush is in a stand-by position.

This feature minimizes the risk of damage to your expensive flooring and delicate carpets.

Kirby vacuum review


Kirby is a well-known brand in the market that assures great quality products and Kirby Avalir vacuum cleaner is one of the successful models of its vacuum cleaners range. Although it’s expensive, it is a secure investment that will serve you for a lifetime.

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