Shark Robot Vacuum: Get Rid of Your Indoor Debris

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We all know the importance of a Shark Robot Vacuum for indoor cleaning. As the name indicate it works on the principle of vacuum, more precisely negative vacuum.

The head part of the cleaner sucks up debris by creating negative pressure on the head part. The negative pressure is induced by a powerful electric motor sucking the dust inside the dust collector. There are many measurements that should be considered while using such an electrically operated vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner has to have a quality filter. Because the air just doesn’t get out of the cleaner as it gets in. The air might be very dangerous if it gets out without filtering. You can use the best-handled vacuum for pet hair so you can clean debris from all over your home.

It might take lightweight dust particles with it and can cause breathing problems. Here we have brought to you Shark Ion Robot Vacuum and Shark IQ Robot Vacuum.

Here we will be reviewing its detailed features and also you will find the best for your indoor cleaning purpose.

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum

Shark ion robot vacuum consists of a Tri-brush cleaning system that incorporates side brushes, channel brushes, and a heavy-duty brush roll that take care of debris from all the surfaces. It also has a Wi-Fi controller system that can be operated with a mobile app. You can get the best robot vacuum for pet hair to clean hair mess all over the place.

The Shark Robot Vacuum voice control system really gives you customized control over this shark ion robot vacuum. Its compact design and easy to operate configuration make it a hot demanding indoor cleaner that not only cleans the debris and dust but also filters the air for your safety.

General Information

Dimensions: 12.6 x 12.6 x 2.6 inches
Weight: 5.51 pounds
Battery: 1 C battery required
Included Components:

  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Filter
  • Side brushes
  • Charging dock
  • Shark ION Robot


Shark Ion Robot Vacuum: Premium Features

POWERFUL CLEANING: Tri-Brush system incorporates other brushes to clean all types of surfaces and effectively clean debris. It has the ability to clean almost all sizes of debris with its powerful suction from all types of surfaces

SMART SENSORS: Shark Ion Robot Vacuum comes up with smart sensors that can detect ledges and stairs and can avoid damage to walls and delegate furniture. It can create a sense that it really knows your home

RUNTIME: Unlike most of the vacuum cleaner shark robot ion vacuum gives you 90 min of quality cleaning runtime

APP CONTROL: Talking about its features that are put behind most of the vacuum cleaners is its customized App Control. You can even start cleaning or schedule it using the app. Shark ion robot vacuum can also recognize your voice and accordingly.

EFFECTIVENESS: This Robot Vacuum has a slim design that helps us to manage some space. Also, its slim design allows this vacuum cleaner to reach inaccessible areas to clean dust and debris. The best robot vacuum for pet hair cleans every single hair from carpet, furniture or floor.


  • Simple controls on vacuum
  • Easy control with App
  • 1 hour of cleaning time when fully charged
  • Easy to empty dust canister


  • inefficient navigation
  • poor deep pile carpet cleaning
  • Required more maintenance



Shark IQ Robot Vacuum

If you have been using a vacuum cleaner and tired of its manual operation then you got to see Shark IQ Robot Vacuum.  This Robot Vacuum combines convenience and great performance. When this Robot vacuum is done cleaning it can empties the dustbin into a bagless base and have the capacity to hold 30 cleaning session dust and debris.

Its smart and high-quality sensors can easily detect ledge and walls and even can clean them easily.  It also comes up with App control system that allows you to have super easy customized control even voice control.

General Information

Dimensions: 12.9 x 12.6 x 3.5 inches
Batteries: 1 Lithium battery required
Included Components:

  • 1. Extra side brushes
  • 2. Self-Empty Base
  • 3. Shark IQ Robot

Item Weight: 6.92 pounds


Shark IQ Robot Vacuum: Premium Features

POWERFUL SUCTION: If you have an indoor debris mess and stuck-on dust on your floor then Shark IQ Robot Vacuum is going to be your best companion. Its ultra-powerful suction motor can take care of large mess easily. It has hard rotating brushes that can scrub almost all types of surfaces.

PET HAIRS: It’s well-aligned brushes make it even more effective for carpet and can easily suck pet hairs easily. It can clearly distinguish between carpet surface and floor because of its high functioning sensors.

PRECISE RESUMING: This smart Shark IQ Robot vacuum has an excellent runtime. If somehow it drops in the battery it can go to its charging slot automatically. After done with charging can resume the cleaning where it left before.

APP & VOICE CONTROL: You can even have very customized control with its app and even can speak to the vacuum cleaner and make a timetable of cleaning as you want.

LOCATION: Its smart functionality allows you to see its current location and how much job is done. If you want it to explore more locations to clean it will understand it perfectly and will do the job effectively.


  • Powerful suction
  • Can cleans multiple surfaces
  • 1 hour of cleaning time when fully charged
  • Smart  App control


  • Make Noise
  • 4-hour charging time
  • App gets crashed sometime

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