Roborock s5max Review With Large Reservior & Electric Controlled Mop

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Summary: Roborock s5max is the latest and the powerful model than the previous Roborock S5 and S6. The much bigger and electric water tank controls the water flow on mop mode, and the better navigation features make it an all-rounder to keep your house spotless.

There are many amazing vacuum robots out there on the market which claim to keep your house clean but when it comes to mopping, they fail. Here, the Roborock s5max proves itself with better technology and full control by its mobile app. 

Today, we’ll review the best of the vacuum robots – Roborock s5max along with its features and specification which make it stand out. 

Quick Review of Roborock s5max

  • Remote Control    10/10
  • Suction Power       9.5/10
  • Mopping                  9.5/10
  • Carpet Cleaning   9.0/10
  • Deep Cleaning      9.0/10

Roborock s5max Color Option

This vacuum robot has two color options; back and white. So, you can pick whatever suits your home interior better. But remember, the black color is less likely to get stained as compared to the white one. 

Roborock s5max Specifications

Dustbin size 460 ml
Mopping Electric pump controlled mop
Water tank capacity 290 ml
Battery power 5200mAh
Battery run time 2.5 hours
Suction power 2000 Pa
Area coverage 185 M2
Mapping Smart LDS
Mobile Application Yes

roborock s5max review

Roborock s5max Unboxing

This vacuum robot comes in a white packaging box with features on the top right corner while the logo and model are mentioned on the left side. At the back of the box, can see the main components that you will be getting with this robot vacuum. 

On opening the Roborock box, the first thing that you will get is the mopping pad which is supposed to stick under the base of the robot vacuum so water won’t drip on the floor. Under the mopping pad, you will get a couple of user manuals. 

One guide is for the mobile application and the other is for setting up the Roborock s5max vacuum robot and the maintenance of this robot vacuum. It also includes the labeling of different components along with the method of setting its attachments with their respective modes.

In this guide, you will learn how to connect your mobile phone with your Roborock s5max and this is done through the Roborock mobile application. This application has all the functionalities of the robot vacuum. The good thing about this manual is that it’s not written in just English, you will find other languages for the reading convenience.

Then on the side, there is a cord to plug in the dock. After lifting the first layer of cover, you would find the smartest vacuum robot on the entire market with intensive suction power and mopping capabilities, in the plastic bag. 

Besides, you will get the attachments which include the mopping pad with a bracket to attach them. There are no extra pads like some of the other vacuum robots. The mopping attachment also has a couple of springs to keep the mop on the floor.

Lastly, you will get the portable charging dock which is similar to those that come with S5 and S6 models of Roborock smart robots. 

roborock s5max review



  • Most powerful vacuum robot
  • Easy to set up
  • Great mopping efficiency
  • Upgradable navigation software
  • Long run time
  • Intense suction
  • Alexa connectivity
  • Electric water tank
  • Bigger dustbin than the previous model
  • No-mop zone
  • Pricey
  • Tricky bin
  • Unable to differentiate between hard floor and carpet
  • Can’t pick every pet hair
  • No extra mopping pads or side brush

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Roborock s5max Feature Review

Roborock s5max Design: The design of Roborock s5max is sober and elegant with two buttons on top and a distance sensor in its middle which is much similar to Roborock S5 and Roborock S6 with some slightest differences. 

All its side brushes are made of rubber which is pretty durable and better as compared to bristles.  There is a rubber seal just behind the front brushes to direct the dirt towards its suction mouth. 

Don’t worry about the maintenance of your little helper, it also has a blad and a brush for cleaning the brushes and all the debris or hair clogged on the entrance of the suction chamber.

Large Water Reservoir With Electric Controlled Mop: The most important improvement in the previous Roborock S5 and Roborock S6 vacuum cleansers is the size of their water tanks. In old models, the water reservoir was too small that it got emptied quickly and required multiple refills. 

But this model features a different design of water tank which can hold up to 290 ml water which is enough to keep the mop damp for cleaning your floor. 

The water tank is attached to the mop and allows the water to flow down due to gravity. If the robot vacuum is done cleaning then remove the water reservoir otherwise it will keep leaking and will create a mess for you.

Don’t worry about its mopping capabilities, the mop attachments have two springs that will apply enough pressure to keep the mop on the floor to wipe off the stubborn stains.

Dust Cup Capacity: The design of Roborock s5max’s dust bin is similar to Roborock S5, the only difference is its quite bigger size to store a little more dust. The dust caps have HEPA filters at their back to keep the pathogens or flees/ticks store in it. 

Also, the opening of the bin is narrow enough to prevent the dust from getting out of it but it makes it tricky to empty the bin. You would need to tap the HEPA filters to dislodge the clogged material.

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Multi-Level Mapping: This feature makes this vacuum robot the best among its competitors. After releasing Roborock S6, this feature rolls out with Roborock S5max which offers 4 different levels of maps for cleaning. Generally, houses have 2 stories, so this feature is more than enough.

It enables the users to do various modifications on the map like creating or erasing walls and naming the rooms so the Roborock s5max can easily identify the area in the house for cleaning. With this feature, you can also create a no-mop zone, divide rooms, no-go zone, and so forth. This provides a lot of flexibility than you can ever expect from a robot vacuum.

It also allows drawing the map of your house or a room with the “create map” option. You can easily draw the obstacles that the robot must avoid in the room.

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Laser Sensor For Navigation: Smart sensing capabilities are the major strength of this vacuum robot. It uses LIDAR technology to navigate the robot vacuum which can sense the obstacles in its way. You can draw the pattern for the Roborock s5max to follow easily. 

The laser sensor basically scans the room and identifies the things that you have created on the map on the mobile application.

Mop Settings: It offers four different options for the water flow; only once, low, medium, and high. It can be adjusted depending on the mess on your floor. Moreover, the cleaning modes are also available in the app, where you can choose any mode that suits your cleaning requirements. If you want to clean your carpets, then go for the turbo mode. Otherwise, it provides excellent cleaning performance even on the silent or gentle mode.

Final Words

The Roborock s5max is the smartest vacuum robot that provides excellent cleaning performance with super suction power and the biggest water tank. The no-go zones will prevent the robot from entering the restricted area. Similarly, the no-mop zones will be identified by this robot vacuum and it will just clean it and won’t mop in that zone. 

This robot is also compatible with smart home devices like Alexa, so it will keep working even when you’re not around. This voice command feature makes it an amazing robot vacuum with so much flexibility. 

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