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Summary: ILIFE V80 Max is an incredibly fast and efficient vacuum robot that will sweep the floor and suck up all the hidden allergens or dirt in your house with perfection.

Quick ILIFE V80 Max Feature’s Review

  • Battery Life 9.5/10
  • Design 9.5/10
  • Hair Clean-up 9.5/10
  • Easy to use 9.5/10
  • Suction Power 9.0/10
  • Quality 9.0/10
  • Durability 9.0/10
  • Deep Clean-up 8.5/10

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ILIFE V80 Max Review

The ILIFE V80 Max vacuum robot is one of the hot-selling robot vacuum that features 2-in-1 cleaning modes i.e. mopping and sweeping. It comes with a remote controller so you can easily drive it for detailed house cleaning or can even control it through its mobile application. 

It is a budget-friendly vacuum robot that comes with an extra-large dust bin and wireless connectivity (i.e. Wi-Fi), but it lacks many other features that are present in high-end vacuum robots. 

This one has an open vent system which is quite unique but it does not work well on carpeting or thick rugs. That’s why it is recommended only for hard flooring like wooden or tiled.  

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Brand: ILIFE

Model: V80 Max

Dimensions: 12.7” x 12.6” x 3.15”

Weight:   5.8 lbs

Floor Type:   Hard floor

Water tank:   Yes

Connectivity:   Wi-Fi

Warranty:   1 year

Bagless:   Yes

Suction Power:   2000 pa

Control:   Remote and mobile app


ILIFE V80 Max comes in a secure package with details on its side. On opening the box you will find a user manual, warranty card, vacuum robot, side brushes, cleaning tool, attachments for mopping, docking station, adopter, extra mop cloth, extra high-performance filter, a remote controller, water tank, battery.

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How To Stat Operating It:

After opening the package, install the filters and spinning brooms. Then put it on the charging station and wait until it gets fully charged. Although, when the robot comes out of the box, it has some charging for full performance, it is recommended to charge it well. 

Install the ILIFE application on your mobile, then search for your vacuum robot and pair it up with it.

For the beginning, use a remote control to operate it, which is pre-programmed and it will be all set to get the cleaning job done.


The design of the ILIFE V80 Max is similar to other ILIFE vacuum models, modern and beautiful. It has a classic round body of shiny black color with some silver detailing on its features like one on power on the button or the lever of the dust bin. 

While manufacturing, a safety bumper is added on its front to prevent damages from accidental hits when it maneuvers around the house. It is equipped with smart features that can be controlled or set via the ILIFE mobile application. All you need is to connect your mobile with your robot vacuum and it will be all set to go. 

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V80 Components:

There are several main components of this robot vacuum, which includes;

    • Water tank: This refillable tank helps in mopping mode to give finishing to the floor. When you fit it inside, the robot automatically senses the mode and starts working on it. 
    • Wheels: It has 3 wheels, one rolling wheel on the front and two on the sides for proper navigation. The rolling wheel helps to change the direction and steer the vacuum in the desired direction. 
    • Side brushes: The side brushes spin during the sweeping mode to collect the debris and dirt and direct them to its suction unit from where the waste is collected. These brushes all increase the cleaning area and cleans the edges and corners effectively.
    • Docking sensors: A couple of sensors on either side of the rolling wheel, detects when a robot is set for charging on a docking station. 
    • Dropping sensors: It also has edge sensors that identify the edges and change the direction of the vacuum robot to prevent tipping over the stairs.

Cleaning Performance:

The ILIFE V80 Max performs well on tiled or wood flooring but does not cleans the carpets or thick rugs effectively. Since the weels are small so they struggle moving over the uneven surfaces, corners, or large debris type. That’s why it is only suitable for indoor cleaning. 

The 2000 pa suction power is enough to collect all the dust particles or debris that comes in its path, but the dust which is stuck inside the fibers of mats can’t be cleaned by this vacuum robot. Therefore, one must run it over a hard floor for effective cleaning.

Cleaning Modes:

The ILIFE V80 Max has four useful cleaning modes to suit your needs. These cleaning modes are;

  • Auto Mode / Path Mode: This mode is ideal for open large spaces. Its artificial intelligence automatically adjusts the suction power to 700 Pa and sweeps the floor in a straight path.
  • Max Mode: It doubles the suction power as of Path mode to 1400 Pa, and provides better performance in less time.
  • Edge Mode: In this mode, the robot specifically focuses on the edges and difficult corners and runs along the walls or staircases for deep cleaning. For this mode, the edge detectors come in handy.
  • Spot Mode: It is for small rooms where the cleanup area is less and the vacuum uses its full power (2000 Pa) to suck the fine particles.

The Controls:

The ILIFE V80 Max can be controlled in three ways;

  • Control via ILIFE App on smartphones: When you want to try advanced features like start or resume and scheduling cleaning cycle, then use ILIFE mobile app.
  • Push button on the vacuum robot: If you want to control it manually, then you can easily turn it on, resume, or stop by pressing a push button. Near this button, you will find an indicator that will let you know when the robot is successfully connected to the Wi-Fi.
  • Remote Control: By having an option of remote control, you can easily drive your vacuum robot physically. For this, you won’t need to pair it up with any device or won’t even require a Wi-Fi connection. It is very easy to operate the robot with a remote and control various features; Max clean, start or pause, manual navigation, change mode, return to the charging station, check battery life, scheduling a clean-up.


Where maneuverability of V80 Max is concerned, it meets the expectations of all users. It is a decent low-profile vacuum robot that sweeps easily under the furniture and could make steep turns when having any obstacle in its way.

The navigation of this small helper is about average because it would clean the same area over and over again which significantly increases the clean-up time. That’s why it can’t be considered the fastest or highly efficient cleaning robot.

But when it starts running out of bacteria, its battery sensor tells the robot to get back to the charging station and it easily navigates back to its socking stand when it refills its juice. 

Instead of taking random pathways, it runs in straight lines which is a good point to avoid surprising hits because it lacs obstacle detectors, or digital mapping otherwise its performance would be much better.  

Those who don’t have pets at home consider it as a good option to pick for an ideal cleaning robot.


The maintenance of the ILIFE V80 Max is very simple and quick. You just need to make sure that its dust bin gets empty on a daily basis, regular charging, and the filters are clean.

The dustbin of this vacuum is pretty large so you won’t need to check it very frequently but if it is on auto-mode then you would have to empty it every night. Since there is no bristle brush roll, you are spared from unclogging them or cleaning the debris stuck in the vent.



  • Affordable price
  • Excellent performance
  • Large dustbin; less frequent clean up
  • Remote control system
  • App-enabled vacuum robot
  • Powerful suction power
  • Finds docking station quickly
  • No water tank 
  • Little noisy
  • Not much functionalities in the app
  • Less effective on thick carpets
  • Sometimes get stuck on cable or difficult corners
  • Lack digital mapping

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ILIFE V80 Max Cleaning Tests for reliability

The test was done before starting something about ILIFE V80 Max. The performance was evaluated in the house by activating all the vacuums of the ILIFE brand.  

On 3 various surfaces, all the ILIFE vacuums were tested:

  • Hardwoods
  • Low pile carpet
  • High pile carpet

Similarly, 4 types of rubbles were put in front and the performance was measured.

  • Dry cereal
  • Rice
  • Kitty litter
  • Sugar

So, the results were in favor of ILIFE V80 Max. It has more spark than any other vacuum by ILIFE.

 Final Words

The ILIFW V80 Max is an amazing robot friend that minimizes the cleaning workload from your shoulders. Although it’s not a smart robot that does everything on its own, it enables the users to operate it with user-friendly three modes; remote controller, mobile app, or push button. 

It is specifically made for flat and smooth surfaces, if run over uneven or rough surfaces it might get stuck or the cleaning efficiency would be reduced. This robot looks very stylish when moving around the house and cleaning up the messy floor. It is great for everyone with no pets at home because it can clean everything but not fine pet hair. 

Get your hands immediately on this vacuum robot because it is difficult to find such a great vacuum robot at a surprisingly affordable price.

Customers views on amazon

According to a customer from the USA, ILIFE V80 Max is a pretty good device for picking up pet hair and crumbs on the carpet or floor. You can enjoy cleaning by sitting and doing your other work without charging the ILIFE V80 Max again and again.

The other customer was having less budget but according to her ILIFE V80, Max can be managed even when money is tight.


Q1:How long does ILIFE endure?

It has an expected battery life of 140 minutes. But 120 mins with mixed-mode was also witnessed while testing it. It suits the big houses where there are many rooms to clean.

Q2: Can we consider ILIFE V80 Max to be good technology?

A: ILIFE V80 Max fulfills all the expectations of a standard vacuum when it was tested. The price it is demanding is justified with so many features. With the medium-pile carpeting, don’t go for ILIFE V80 Max but if you have hard surfaces of the floors and the rooms have low pile carpeting, it’s one of the most outstanding robot vacuums you can get at the price of $300.

Q3:Does ILIFE V80 Max work with Alexa?

A: It isn’t Wi-Fi-empowered, so you can’t utilize it with Google Assistant or Alexa. Not at all like with the Roomba 690 or the Botvac D3 Connected, you can change out the V8s’ dustbin with a water tank and fabric mop to clean tough floors in your home.

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