Roborock E25 Review: A Smart Choice For Everyday Cleaning

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Are you tired of everyday cleaning? Getting exhausted by the energy exertion? Unable to manage household chores and work?

Don’t worry, there is no problem with you, but you need to do ‘Smart Work’. In order to keep a balance of your work and chores, you need to know about an amazing solution to your problem. Robot vacuum cleaners are gaining the interest of many people these days and you need to take a look at them. The robotic vacuums have their prices rising high to the sky but Roborock E25 is one of the affordable ones with the most incredible features. That is why we have chosen to review the Roborock E25 robot vacuum cleaner.

If you are new to vacuum robots then let’s move step by step.

What is a robot vacuum?

A robotic vacuum is a mechanized and programmed machine or device that is used for cleaning purposes. Since it is automatic it works on its own and requires no help to move or clear dirt.

People with hectic daily routines use robot vacuums in order to manage and save time. Instead of spending energy and utilizing time on regular cleaning, people make their life easier by choosing vacuum robots.

As the robot cleaners are automated and technologically advanced, they have several features that allow them to be adjusted. You can set a timer for a specific schedule that you want the vacuum robot to follow. It will automatically start cleaning at the scheduled time without any need for operating or activation.

How do vacuum robots work?

As mentioned above, robot vacuums need minimum to no effort from their owner for operating. They are computerized and work on a specific program. The owner can change the scheduled program when needed according to their will.

The robotic vacuums are moveable and move around the whole house and it simply cannot have a wire that long that is plugged into the wall socket as well as reachable to every corner of the house. So the robot cleaners are powered by rechargeable batteries. When the battery is fully charged the robot rolls around the complete house sucking all the dirt, fragments, and debris on the floor and sucking it in its canister.

The vacuum beeps or gives a signal to the owner when the container is full or when the battery runs low. In this case, either the owner gets the cleaning robots to recharge or they are already programmed by the owner that when the battery runs out they go back to their charging point by themselves, get themselves recharged and return to work.

Different cleaning robots work differently. Some of the robots have the ability to move smoothly on the plain floors and thin layered carpets whereas some have a strong power of moving on the thickly piled mats and rugs and clean the dirt and wreckage on them. It is observed that a robotic vacuum, despite all the great features and good cleaning results, cannot completely replace the straight vertical vacuum cleaner that is used in almost all households. There might be some spots on the floor that require special effortful cleaning or sometimes urgent cleaning might be required which a vacuum robot might not provide.

But if you want to save time from the routine cleaning of the house that might not need your full-time attention then a vacuum cleaner will get the stress of cleaning off your head.

What Is Roborock E25?

Xiaowa manufactured a top-notch robot vacuum cleaner Roborock E25, which is great equipment for cleaning. With the high suction power, long-time battery, and larger canister bin, the Roborock E25 can clean all the gunk that comes its way and is absolutely up to the mark.


Let’s have a detailed look at its features.

The design and organization:

If we talk about the design and how the different parts are aligned then it is important to see the battery, brushes, filters, and cleaning tool.

Battery power:

The 2600 mAh battery is lithium-ion and rechargeable. A fully charged battery can run around for one and a half hours with all the functions activated and working.

Huge bin and Filters:

The dust bin is capacious with a 640 ml space. It can store a large amount of dirt, debris, and little pieces of rubbish. The filters used in the vacuum are washable. Whenever you feel that the cleaning is not up to the mark or the functioning is not proper, there might be an issue with the filters which would be full of dirt and blocked. In such a situation, you can easily take the filters out, wash them and place them back.

Roborock E25 review

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The brushes are a vital part of the vacuum that is involved in cleaning. The brushing system is said to be the dual-action one as it is designed to have both brush bristles that are traditional to every brush and rubber fins.

The traditional bristles allow removing the dirt and fragments on the carpets and rugs whereas the rubber fins clean the dirt, wreckage, and dust on the hard wooden or tiled floors. The dual design allows your bot to roll on all surfaces. It can easily clean the hard plain floor and the carpeted area too.

Cleaning tool:

If the brushes get dirty and tangled with threads, hair or fibers then there is a cleaning tool kit that comes with the packaging. The kit has a sharp blade that helps you to clean the mess by cutting the hair and removing it from the brush.

Smart app control:

Life has become easier with advancing technology. Now instead of using buttons and continuous checking, you can use your smartphone for all these purposes. It is very simple. You just have to download the Mi Home app. The Mi app works for both iPhone and Android phones. The app connects your vacuum cleaner robot to your mobile phone and gives all the control in your hand.

You can set the suction power and adjust the schedule for regular cleaning. The vacuum can be set to work on a daily basis on alternate days, weekdays and weekends, or every day. You can set the timer for cleaning more than one time a day. If you wish you can start or stop the bot to function anytime through your phone. A virtual joystick is also offered in case you need to control the directions.

Mapping system:

The innovative mapping system is programmed within the Roborock E25 robot vacuum cleaner. The system consists of sensors that allow the bot to move around and prevent any accident or bumping into an object that comes its way. In such a case the robot vacuum bot will automatically change the direction avoiding it to get stuck or knocked by the hindrance.

The cliff detection technology and the sensors to prevent falls are used for the stairs. When it comes to stairs the anti-fall sensors prevent the robot cleaner from falling off the stairs. It stops right there and changes direction.

Moreover, some other sensors are also present like accelerometer and deceleration. These sensors are responsible for the adjustment of speed in smaller or bigger rooms. So instead of knocking things down and stocking, it manages its way in your home without causing any trouble.

The motion detection sensor makes the cleaning bot visible on your mobile app. You can see and keep a track of your bot while it cleans your house. The history of cleaning is also recorded and kept stored that you can see in your free time and check if the robot is performing its task properly.

Although the vacuum cleaner robot always comes back to its charging point if it gets lost somewhere or is unable to get back to the dock then you can use the option of locating it from the app. The voice warning allows you to know if there is a problem.

Multiple suction levels:

With the multiple suction levels you have four mode options; silent, strong, standard, and max. You can adjust the mode you need. The even stronger mode is the carpet boost mode. With this model on the suction power automatically sets to a higher level. While cleaning the robot itself detects the kind of floor and carpet and knows what suction power is needed.

Spot cleaning mode:

If you feel that some area of your house is not properly cleaned even after the whole cleaning is done or you feel that a spot of dirt is a stubborn one, then you can convert to the spot cleaning mode. You can either use a remote app control method for this or simply pick up the robot vacuum and place it on the affected or untidy area and then allow it to do its task. This mode allows the robot to clean in a spiral way while removing the dirt or spot.

Mop mode:

After the cleaning is done, mopping the floor is also very necessary. How amazing it is to know that the Roborock E25 can mop the floor for you. The mopping system is detachable and you can easily attach it when needed. The mop consists of a pair of microfiber cloths. The water reservoirs make the mop cloth ready by making it wet and moistening it. The mopping leaves the floor clean and shiny.

How to use Roborock E25?

It is very simple to use Roborock E25 and if you are controlling the bot with an app control then managing it becomes a piece of cake. You have to schedule a time for everyday cleaning and the bot will come out at the same time every day cleaning the house and then mopping it afterward as explained in detail earlier.

If you want to clean at a different time then you can simply turn the device on and command it to clean. As it cleans it goes in a z-pattern, from one side of the room to the other side cleaning all the in-between areas and doing its best not to leave any spot untouched. While cleaning it maintains its specific speed and avoids all household items and hindrances. By overcoming all the obstacles coming it’s the way it also prevents itself from falling off the stairs.

As it cleans the middle portion of the floor it manages to clean the edges of the house too, so that you can be satisfied with the cleaning. It automatically adjusts its suction level as it moves over the thick carpet and sucks all the dirt, dust, and small particles.

The app control and mapping system allow you to have a complete charge on the vacuum robot. You can also read the manual guide and follow instructions to prevent any problem.

Roborock E35:

Roborock E35 works like E25. It cleans up quickly and provides the perfect mopping. The different suction levels can be adjusted in order to cope with the type of floor in contact. The suction level is different for plain wooden or tiled floors and thin and thick carpets. So the E35 vacuum robot manages the level of suction accordingly. A total of 13 different sensors are installed in the vacuum cleaner that all together provides the ability to avoid bumping into obstacles, cliff sensing and falling off the stairs.

The app control allows you to keep a track of your E35 bot that where it is and how it is performing. The large battery power of 5200 mAh gives approximately of two and a half hours of continuous functioning.

Roborock E25 review

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Roborock E25 vs Roborock E35:

Roborock E25 Roborock E35
Weight 6.61 lbs 6.61 lbs
Colour Dark Grey Dark Grey
Width 13.78 inch 13.78 inch
Height 3.54 inch 3.54 inch
Battery 2600 mAh 5200 mAh
Rechargeable battery Yes Yes
Mapping System Yes Yes
Map Sensor system Gyroscope Gyroscope
Scheduling program Yes Yes
Suction Power 1800 Pa 2000 Pa
Level of Noise 60 dB 60 dB
Mopping System Yes Yes
Canister Size 640 ml 640 ml
Washable filters Yes Yes
Battery run time 100 min 150 min
WiFi Connection Yes Yes
Google Assistant Yes Yes
Cleaning Mode Silent, standard, turbo, max Silent, standard, turbo, max
Anti-drop Sensor Yes Yes
Virtual walls No No
Carpet boost mode Yes Yes
Selected room cleaning No No
Zone cleaning No No

Roborock E25 vs Roborock E20:

Let’s see the difference between the Roborock E25 and Roborock E20.

Roborock E25 Roborock E20
Weight 6.61 lbs 12.3 lbs
Mapping System Yes Yes
Mopping mode Yes Yes
Navigation Inertial Navigation Inertial Navigation
Sensors 13 Sensors 13 sensors
Suction Power 1800 Pa 1800 Pa
Battery life 100 min 100 min
Rechargeable battery Yes Yes
Carpet mode Yes Yes
Spot cleaning Yes Yes
App control Yes Yes
WiFi connection Yes Yes
Washable filters Yes Yes

What to like about it?

There is a number of reasons to like the Roborock E25:

  • The great value: Although it is expensive but still affordable as compared to other vacuum cleaning robots.
  • Mopping ability: Its ability to mop the floor after cleaning provides a complete sense of cleaning.
  • Mapping system: The different sensors allow the vacuum to work smartly.
  • Huge Canister: the large dustbin gathers most of the dust, dirt, and debris of the house.
  • Easy maintenance: It is very easy to wash the filters and remove the dustbin to throw away the rubbish.
  • Easy functioning: It is super easy to operate and use.
  • App control: You can have full control over the robot cleaner and manage all the settings while relaxing on the couch.

Critical customer reviews to notice:

  • Mopping is not up to mark but still, at least it maintains most of the cleanliness of the house.


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