Pool Blaster Vacuum Review: Cleanse dirty pool in an instance 

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Cleaning the pool for the summer is not an easy task as it requires a significant amount of time to purify it completely. If we look for the traditional ways of cleansing, it’s going to be a pain in your a**. However, this discussion is now in the past, as there are several products available. These machines are in the form of a vacuum. And, their work is almost the same as common vacuum cleaners.

In the marketplace, there are numerous top competitors of vacuum cleaners. But picking the right vacuum is not that easy.

Therefore, it’s a good thing to do a little bit of research before going shopping. To help you out, we have already sorted this part out for you. Yes, you heard me right! By searching on multiple platforms, we have found a suitable cleaner for you. In this article, we will do the pool blaster vacuum review. This cleaner can run consistently, delivering the power required for cleaning.

But before we begin the pool blaster vacuum review. First, let us tell you why we choose this product specifically.

Why choose the water tech pool blaster?

There are few specs in this cleaner that make it superior to the other products. Let’s give them a little insight. The pool blaster is capable of cleansing 33 gallons per minute. Along with that, the functionality is entirely free from central filter systems. This dirt cleaner weights minimum, making it convenient to use. In case you have a deeper pool, you can attach a telescopic pole with it. Alongside the rechargeable battery, this cleaner can run for 45 consistently.

When going for the pool cleaning. Make sure you close the outside door. For safety purposes, we have a remedy for you. Check out some of Schlage and Kwikset’s intelligent locks.

Power structure: Pool vacuums also come in two power standards. Which cord cleaners are the least favorite as they create a mess in maintaining. To tackle that problem, the Pool blaster store makes this machine cordless. And, eventually, it runs by the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. So, work free from the tension of the cord and hoses. Also, for cleaning spas and ground-level pools, this device is best to go with.

Battery timing: But with a cordless pool vacuum, it’s essential to have a good runtime error. Also, in this zone, the pool booster entirely falls on the expectation of these users. With a single charge, you can use the pool blaster for 45 minutes consistently. Here you also don’t need to keep unplugging the vacuum due to the fear of system heat-up.

Effective cleaning: Stop worrying about the cleaning procedure as the pool blaster vacuum offers 33 gallons of suction per minute. But for cleaning on technical areas. As dirt and debris is not the only thing, you are fighting with. A 7.5-inch vacuum head is primarily installed for general cleaning. However, you can also remove it for making the procedure more successive. So, pulling out leaves, twigs, leaves, and dirt will not be an issue for you.

Innovative Functionality: Besides the high-tech features, it’s superbly easy to start this vacuum. The push-button functionality is enough to keep the system streamlined. The pool blaster vacuum weighs a minimum, making it immensely easy to use in in-depth cleaning of the pole. The void is oriented in such a way that you can attach a telescopic pool pole with it. Thus, it’s superbly easy to adjust an additional attachment with it.

Besides the outdoor cleaning, taking care of the inside of the house is also essential. To cater for such minor tweaks, consider using the intelligent Eufy by Anker Robot Vacuum cleaner.


  • Rechargeable battery for long-lasting runtime
  • Cleans 33 gallonsper minute
  • 45 minutes consistently runtime
  • Attachable reusable filter bag


  • Sluggish startup system

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Buying Guide:

To clear remaining extra thoughts. We have written a buying guide for you. In which we have mentioned some of the most intriguing factors.

Check out the Design: Pools are of many types and sizes. Therefore, it’s necessary to go with the right pool vacuum. Otherwise, what you will do, if you purchase the wrong size? In this regard, check the availability of attachment addition. As if you are a little tight on budget, you can also work with that. After that check, if the vacuum works with a cord or is free from it. With a cord system, you can do cleaning consistently for hours. However, it’s pretty challenging to manage them due to their limited range.

In contrast, the cordless cleaner runs on rechargeable batteries. Hence, once charged, you can do cleaning easily without any fuss of the hose. The only drawback these variants have is that you can use them only for an hour or two. So, make a purchase carefully here.

Battery life: In the case of battery attachments, it’s essential to make sure how long it primarily survives. The life span varies differently from products. As some vacuums can last for 2 hours, yet they are pretty expensive. However, at least your vacuum must have a runtime of 45 minutes. In this duration, you can clean a section of the pool with ease. And after that, recharge it for another session.

Although using a pool vacuum for hours can make your backache so don’t push yourself so hard on the first day.

Cleaning Operation: Your cleaner must provide you with enough suction power to contract other elements. As leaves and other waste also comes in the pool with time. The suction rate must also be reasonable to clean the pool rapidly, as some destitute vacuums take hours to clean the pool. This mostly happens due to poor suction. However, the suction rate of 33 gallons/min is pretty good, which we have mentioned in the pool blaster vacuum review.


What are the included items in the pool blaster vacuum?

The pool blaster vacuum is almost the whole package. The accessories that come with the package are;

  • 5’’ vacuum head
  • Soft bristle brush
  • A wall charger
  • Multi-dimensional filter bag
  • Two disposable micro-filter bags

How long can the battery last of this vacuum?

As this pool vacuum is cordless, hence the working time is limited. With the once complete charge, the pool blaster vacuum runs for 45 minutes consistently. After that, it requires a license. Yet, the working power is excellent and will pull off the job in a minimum period.

Final Thoughts:

From the ocean of pool vacuums, we find this specific product for you. And, there is no doubt about the operational performance of this machine. You can run this machine for 45 minutes consistently, with a power of 33 gallons per minute. So, what’s stopping you from buying this great pool vacuum? People with busy life always prefer this product. And we all also suggest the same as it is one hell of a product.

For cleaning the pool, there are also some minor accessories. That can be a source of great aid. For that purpose, check out the best pool vacuum hoses.

Let us know in the comment section, how helpful you find the pool blaster vacuum review.


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