Eufy by Anker Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Perfect Cleaning Partner 

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Are you looking for a cleaning product? But confused about which product to go with. If this is the case, then you have landed on the right page. In the ocean of robot vacuum cleaners, it’s pretty challenging to pick out a good product. It’s alright to do a little bit of research before going shopping. Thankfully, we have already got you covered.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best product by doing a complete review. The device is the eufy by Anker Robot vacuum cleaner. Also, the eufy cleaner comes in a compact design with all the vital features to do basic chores.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s begin our journey.

Eufy by Anker Robot Vacuum Cleaner:


The eufy robot cleaner has improved a lot in many aspects from the previous variants. The new slimmer style has the same power to get the job done. The upgraded model now measures 2.85m with consistent suction power.

Suction Capability: In robot vacuum cleaners, suction power matters the most. As you cannot compare the suction strength with a manual cleaner yet, it must be good. Therefore, the eufy by Anker robot vacuum cleaner offers 1300Pa of suction power. That delivers the spotless pure clean that you can see and feel.

Effortless Cleaning: Most of the average robot vacuum cleaners stop working when they contact any high or rough surface. In which carpets and the door ledges are the main concerning things. However, to tackle these problems, large wheels are added to this cleaner. That passes through any obstacle and allows the machine to do non-stop cleaning.

Requires Minimum Commands:

Unlike the traditional cleaners, you don’t need to keep giving commands to your robot. Once you activate the device, it will do things on its own. Also, drop sensor technology is built-in this cleaner. That allows the device to stop to avoid the fall. This system is best if you have stairs in your house. So, do your chores without having any stereotypes. In addition, remote control is also provided for initiating commands while doing your own thing.

Always on the Go: A powerful battery allows the vacuum cleaner to work for a long time. However, when the storm started to get low. You don’t need to take it to the charger manually. Your Anker will go on its own when power is low. It will take few times to charge, and after that, he will start working. The actual runtime of this robot vacuum cleaner is 100 minutes. That’s pretty good to clean your different house settings and portions.

Cleaning system: The eufy cleaner doesn’t have only one mode for cleaning. However, there are four different ones that you can consider. It mainly depends upon your need regarding cleaning. Also, a pre-set vacuuming time ensures effortless cleaning in a single charge. A triple filter system is also available in this cleaner. That primarily depends upon the combination of a dual-layer filter and a one-performance filter.

A large 0.6L bin holds an excessive amount of dust and other particles. Hence, you don’t need to keep emptying the bin over time. In addition, the auto-scheduling ensures an effortless clean throughout the house while letting you rest at the corner.

Things to remember: It’s in your best interest to use the cleaner on low-to-medium pile carpets, tiles, laminated, and hardwood floors. Moreover, it’s not best to use upon high-pile carpets. Also, make sure you keep the cables away from entanglement. To avoid that, some cable ties come with the package, so consider using them.

Also, remember to close the door when going outside. Or, why not installing the max-security Schlage smart locks in your household.


  • Super strong 1300Pa Max Vacuuming Power
  • 3-point cleaning system
  • 1300Pa suction
  • Easy cleaning with robot
  • Ultra-thin 2.85 design
  • A quite clean


  • None

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Buying Guide:

After reading the review, if still, you have some doubts in eufy by Anker robot vacuum cleaner, it’s ok. To clear any second thoughts, we have written a buying guide for you. In which we have mentioned the most crucial factors.

Battery life: The existence of good battery life in a cleaner is a good changer. In robot vacuum cleaners, the runtime varies a lot regarding the model. In which the time goes for 1-3 hours. If your battery can’t last an hour, it’s not a good thing. Therefore, look for a storm in between this time phase. This will allow the cleaner to work more and going less to the dock for charging. Also, look how long it takes to charge the cleaner.

Bin Size: In cleaners’ dust and other particles are stored in the built-in bins. Different cleaners have their own storage space that’s measured in liter. So, keep a close eye on this factor specifically. Never shoot for a bin whose storage is 0.25L. That’s immensely low, and you will have to keep emptying the bin by yourself. A good quality vacuum cleaner has storage of at least 1 liter or more than that. This seems like a minor thing, yet in the longer run, it can be not very pleasant.

Sensors: Sensors in a robot vacuum cleaner take care of falling from heights. It’s written explicitly on vacuum cleaners, whether they have the technology or not. Vacuum cleaners are pretty costly and can cost you hundreds of dollars if got broken. Hence, we must look for multiple technologies for ease of use.

Cleaning Modes: A single-mode is not always enough for proper cleaning. Nowadays, a good vacuum clear must have multiple modes for cleaning. Also, you can engage this operation with the help of a remote. That lessens the workload to a great extent. Even built-in apps are supported by cleaners that you can connect via Bluetooth or wifi.

, the more you look for features, the better the use will be. Cleaning puppy dirt is not possible with this cleaner. However, you can check out the Ultimate Bissell crosswave instead of that.


What are the best features in eufy by Anker robot vacuum cleaner?

Compared to the previous model, this cleaner has a more compact design. It can work on different surfaces for 100 minutes consistently. And, when power gets low, it will go automatically to the dock. Just like that, new cleaning modes and other things are also installed.

How long can these devices last?

A good quality cleaner can easily last for 4 to 6 years. However, you can increase the life span by taking care of the product. Such as; avoiding collision, falls, and other kinds of stuff. But after a specific time, you will be going to require an advanced vacuum cleaner system.


Without any doubt, robot vacuum cleaners are a great piece of innovation. As there are so many brands, the competition is pretty tough in the market. So, does picking up a good cleaner. For that purpose, we review the eufy by Anker robot vacuum cleaner. This product has all the features that you look for in several cleaners. And, from the price point of view, this robot cleaner is also not that expensive.

In case you are looking for a more powerful budgeted cleaner. You can check out the fantastic Roomba 675 review with details.

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