Best Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaners – Get a Clean House With No Effort

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Are you tired of cleaning? Do you find it difficult to clean all the areas and corners of your house? Do you need help with cleaning? Then we have an amazing solution to your problem. We came with the best Coredy robot vacuum cleaners that are exceptionally smart and clean even the toughest of the areas and dirt.
While looking for a robot cleaner you would want the robot vacuum cleaner to have:

  • Strong suction power
  • Longer battery life
  • Perfectly angled brushes
  • Safety technologies
  • Navigation system
  • Large canister bins
  • Good filtration system
  • Smart app control
  • Cleaning plus mopping

Good for you that all the Coredy Vacuums mentioned below have all these features. Let’s have a look.

How do robot vacuums work?

The robot vacuums work on a simple principle. They already come assembled, programmed, and ready to use. You will have to take a careful read of the manual guide first in order to understand the functions. You can then set a time for cleaning and the bot will automatically come out at the scheduled time and start cleaning.
If you feel that the bot is not working properly on some areas such as carpets this means you need more suction on that place. For this, you can switch to the Max mode which automatically gives the highest suction power for perfect cleaning. During cleaning if something big comes its way the navigation system will allow the bot to change direction without getting harmed or harming other things around in the house.
When the bot is out of charge it will automatically come back to its base and get recharged.

Coredy R300 robot vacuum cleaner:

The Comedy R300 provides a clean house in no time. The bot can be scheduled for cleaning and it automatically comes out at its programmed time. Giving you the perfect cleaning from side to side and edge to edge.

Best coredy robot vacuum cleaners

  • Powerful suction: The strong and powerful suction of 1400 PA catches most of the dirt and dust and even the tiniest of the rubbish such as hair strands and threads leaving your house clean.
  • Bushes: The side brushes can move along the walls at an angle of 27 degree. It won’t leave any thread or hair or debris even in the corners of the house and clean every end with perfection.
  • Anti-collision and drop sensor technology: The anti-collision property saves the bot from bumping into items, walls, and furniture avoiding scratches whereas the drop sensor system prevents the robot vacuum from falling off the stairs. In both cases, the robot cleaner uses its navigation system, stops when there is a problem or threat, and changes its direction.
  • Double filter system: The double filter attached to the dust bin allows maximum dirt to pass through into the bin and prevents the dust and dirt from getting back to the floor through the air.
  • Anti split dust bin: The dust bin has a capacity of 300 ml and holds a maximum amount of dirt for a longer time. This saves your time of emptying it again and again.
  • Auto-adjust cleaning head: The auto-adjust cleaning head moves on all surfaces without any problem. It can climb onto the thick carpets and move on uneven floors easily cleaning everything that comes its way.
  • Cleaning modes: The different cleaning modes that R300 offers are auto mode for routine regular cleaning, spot mode for cleaning stubborn spots and patches, edge mode for cleaning the corner of the wall and side edges. The noise mode is also very important as it lowers the noise to the least providing soundproof cleaning without disturbing anyone.

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Coredy R550 robotic vacuum:

Coredy R550 cleaning vacuum offers perfect cleaning of the house with minimum noise of the vacuum and incredible results. Smart app control has made its usage easier for you. You can sit on the couch and control all the functions of the bot and locate its presence to see if everything is fine with the bot.

  • Suction power: The strong suction power of 1400PA offers maximum cleaning and sucks most of the type of debris and dirt leaving the floor clean. The suction can be used at a lower level in less dirty places but in areas that need more cleaning and high power such as carpets then you can switch to Max mode and the suction power will automatically shift to 1400Pa for perfect cleaning.
  • Battery power: The Lithium-ion battery has a power of 2600 mAh which has the ability to clean the house for about 120 minutes per single complete charge. This means that almost all rooms of your house will be cleaned in a single go.
  • Automatic recharge: When the battery of the robot cleaner gets low, it automatically goes back to its charging base to get recharged. Hence the robot cleaner is always ready to clean the whole house.
  • Cross barrier: The robotic vacuum cleaner has a cross barrier ability of max of 0.8 inches. Two wheels and the auto cleaning head moves across the whole house and on all types of floors managing its position and movement on floors and carpets as well.
  • Anti-collision system and safety feature:
    The R550 has an anti-collision technology that avoids colliding with walls, furniture, and other big items that come its way. Instead of colliding and bumping into them the cleaner uses the navigation system and changes its direction. Another safety feature is the anti-drop technology which prevents the bot from falling down the stairs instead it changes its way.
  •  Mopping system:  Mopping is a necessary part of cleaning and R550 offers a mopping system that cleans the whole floor leaving it nice and shiny. The bot comes with an attachable mop as well.
  • Brushes: The side brushes have the ability to clean at a 27-degree angle. It leaves no spot or debris on the edges and sides of the walls.

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 Coredy R500 robotic vacuum and mop:

Coredy R500 offers one of the easiest ways to keep your house clean all the time. The robotic vacuum automatically starts cleaning on the scheduled time and path in a wall to wall movement. Large climbing wheels allow the robotic vacuum to easily climb thick carpets and clean uneven surfaces. It gives a careful cleaning with an ultimate sense of relaxation to you.

Best coredy robot vacuum cleaners

  • Cleaning modes: Coredy R500 offers 5 different cleaning modes which are auto cleaning, max floor cleaning, spot cleaning, edge cleaning, and dry/wet floor cleaning. The variety of cleaning modes provide a clean house with perfect and spotless cleaning all the time.
  • Suction power: The high-level suction power can reach a maximum of 1400 PA is 30 times more strong than other robot vacuums of its kind. You can use less power where there is little dirt and increase the vacuum mode to MAX which will automatically adjust to 1400PA and give efficient and powerful cleaning.
  • Battery life: The battery life 2600 mAh which gives a 110 min to 120 min time to complete continuous cleaning in a single full charge.
  • Mopping modes: Coredy R500 offers both mopping modes of wet and dry. The water tank has a storage capacity of 300 ml water and cleans most parts of the house without frequent refilling.
  • Dust bin: The dust bin is a larger one with a dirt storage capacity of 550 ml. it can hold maximum dirt and dust particles during the cleaning process with least requirement of frequent emptying and cleaning of the bin.
  • Filters and brushes:
    The brushes are of roller type made up of v-shaped rubber. The tangle free mode is perfect for cleaning the thin strands of hair, pet hair, threads without forming any tangles. The air filtration system gets out all the dirt and dust, especially tiny particles.
  • App controlling system:
    The smart app controlling system provides the easiest cleaning of the whole house with maximum comfort and relaxation for you. You can control the device from your couch through your smartphone app and also locate its presence to check if the robot cleaner is doing its job properly.
  • Sensor technology and anti-collision system:
    The sensor technology prevents the robot from falling. This will save your robot from falling off the stairs and edges by using the navigation system. Moreover, the anti-collision system uses 12 infrared sensors and a combination of pressure sensitive bumpers that avoids any accidental bumping into the walls, furniture and other items.

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Buying Guide for Best Coredy Vacuum Robot Cleaners:

  • House flooring: Robot vacuums work differently on different floors. Wooden or tiled floors do not require too much power but a carpeted floor needs high-quality cleaner vacuums with strong suction power. So you have to choose a robotic vacuum cleaner according to the floor of your house.
  • Suction: All the vacuum cleaners are made with a variety of suction levels. The most appropriate suction levels are 1200, 1400, and 1800 Pa. You can pick a vacuum cleaner with suction power that is good enough to clean your house. Since the flooring matters a lot, if you have a carpeted floor then a powerful suction is required.
  •  Smart App control: Most of the cleaner robots have WiFi connectivity installed in them, you can connect and control it with your smartphone app. Using the app can be tricky at times so try to buy a robot cleaner that provides you easy control options.
  • Cleaning ability:
    Robot vacuums vary in their cleaning ability. Some robotic cleaners have the ability to suck only tiny particles of dirt and rubbish on the floor but some can pick up wreckage of a little big size as well. On the contrary, some vacuum cleaners are unable to pick up small pieces like thread or pet hair but easily suck larger particles.
    So while purchasing, it is important to consider that the vacuum cleaner has the ability to pick up all types of debris, even tiny strands of thread, especially if you have pets at home.
  • Cleaning modes: Vacuum cleaners offer different modes of cleaning like cleaning, sweeping and mopping. Some vacuum robots offer all of them but some offer few modes of cleaning. Since cleaning is incomplete without mopping and you are investing lots of money in it, it is better to buy one with all types of cleaning modes present.
  • Battery life: Cleaning requires a lot of time so larger battery life is necessary for vacuum cleaning. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner you buy gives a good battery time so that you are able to have a completely clean house.
  • Low noise level: Vacuum cleaners can be noisy but you don’t want noise pollution in your house for a continuous 1 or 2 hours. It will disturb everyone in the house and you will get tired of it. it is better to pick a vacuum cleaner with a very low level of noise.
  • Type of brush: Some robot vacuums don’t have brushes at all whereas some have brushes of different types such as tangle-free brushes, self-cleaning brushes, some are made of rubber and some have thickened bristles. All of the brush types have different functions. Although all of them are clean, some can clean carpeted areas and some are good at floor cleaning. You can choose them as per your need.
  • Dust bin storage capacity: The dust bin is a box that contains all of the rubbish, debris, and dirt of the house. A bigger box has the ability to hold a lot of wreckage without the need for frequent cleaning. But for a small dustbin, you have to clean and empty it again and again during the cleaning time. This can be hectic and annoying at times. So it is better to buy a robot vacuum with a larger dustbin capacity.

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