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Looking for best robot vacuum under $150?Who doesn’t want to come home to an immaculate floor? Of course no one. But to keep the floor dust-free you would require to mop or vacuum it regularly and in this era, it has become quite hectic to do regular stand-up vacuum sessions. 

Thanks to technological advancement, it has made it possible to have automated cleaning with robot vacuums but most of the top-notch automatic robot cleaners are very expensive but with increased innovation, many bands have introduced the best robot vacuum under $150 to make it accessible for everyone. 

Let’s have a quick look at the Top 6 best robot vacuum under $150

In this article, we will learn about the top features of these robot vacuum cleaners along with their advantages and disadvantages. A comprehensive buying guide is also provided in this post to ease you with searching for the best robot vacuum under $150.

Why Should I Buy A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The robot vacuums are one of the best household robots that you can ask for. These pancakes like robots are incorporated with artificial intelligence. They keep cleaning your house 24/7 and get charged automatically by returning to their dock station.

These vacuum cleaning bots clean the house so quietly that nobody in the house will get disturbed by them. They reach all the hard to clean places easily without any problem and work even on voice command. 

They are equipped with sensors that let them choose the clear path to keep going.

When you are not at home, the robot vacuum cleaners do the job unsupervised and sucks up every bit of dust and pet hair, leaving the house spotless. 

Robot Vacuum Vs Regular Vacuum

Regular Vacuum requires to operate manually whereas, robot vacuum does their job automatically, after being set up by their owners. 

Unlike manual cleaners, these vacuum bots are very quiet while cleaning the house and reach difficult corners that are impossible to clean with an upright vacuum cleaner. 

You have to plug in the manual vacuum to get it started and provide continuous supply to work. Whereas, the robot vacuum is cordless and does not require to be plugged in. Instead, they are powered with rechargeable batteries. 

The robot vacuum comes with a docking station, whenever their battery gets low, these vacuums automatically navigate back to the changing station. 

Although robot vacuum provides great performance they can not totally eliminate the requirement for upright vacuum cleaners. 

They are more powerful than robot vacuum and help in deep cleaning even carpets and couches while self-operated robotic cleaners reduce the burden by collecting up the dirt and debris on the floor and hairy carpets. 

Those who do not want thorough cleaning can perfectly go along with robot vacuum while others can get their intense cleaning done with manual vacuum cleaners.

Best Robot Vacuum 2021

ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Control: Remote | Run time: 90 to 100 mins | Suction Power: 600 pa | Capacity: 300 ML | Battery: Lithium-ion | Charging dock: yes | Floor Type: Tile, Stone, Hardwood, and laminate floor

One of the top best robot vacuum, ILIFE V3s Pro is designed to pick up every minor debris from solid floors including stone floors and laminate. The 3-inch height is perfect to move easily under furniture and tables to clean hard-to-reach places.

While having it at home, you would never see any pet hair or dirt on the floor. The smart bot vacuum is very easy to set up, you just need to turn it on and assign a cleaning schedule in advance. Then leave it to handle your floor cleaning.

If you’re wondering about the maintenance, then it’s pretty simple. After every day, must empty its dustbin to create room for more scrap. To keep its efficiency high, change the filter every month.  All the customers count on the company because ILIFE introduces the best robot vacuum under $150 from time to time.

In the box: a robot vacuum, a remote control, a user manual, 2 extra HEPA filters, 2 side brushes, 1 cleaning brush, a charging station, an AC adapter

Interesting Features 

3 Mode Cleaning: The ILIFE V3s Pro is very easy to operate, just power on by pressing its button or simply by remote. It offers three cleaning modes; edge mode, auto mode, and space mode, which you can select from its remote.

Tangle-free Cleaning: Usually, the fine hair gets tangled up at the suction mouth of the vacuum and block it but, ILIFE V3s Pro has opted for a unique design and powerful motor that picks every crumb and hair without getting stuck anywhere.

Infrared Sensors: The sensors are attached to the front and bottom to keep the bot safe. The underneath sensor makes the robot vacuum smart enough to detect stairs and edges to protect them from falling over. While the wide set of sensors on the facing side prevents obstacles that come in its way.

Big Rover Wheels: The much larger wheels keep the cleaner going smoothly over any surface type including carpets and bumpy floor while doing its job. 

Self Charging: After 90 mins of the perfect cleaning session, the vacuum robot automatically finds its charging station to return back and take some rest. 


  • Easy to operate and control
  • Suitable for all-terrain types
  • Bigger wheels to glide over uneven surface
  • Option to customize cleaning scheduling
  • Low profile vacuum can reach all places and cleans thoroughly
  • Best robot vacuum for pet hair
  • Works with Alexa


  • Can only run smoothly on empty floors
  • Can get stuck in closed places

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SereneLife Pure Clean PUCRC95

Control: Electronic Remote | Run time: 90 mins | Suction Power: 24 w | Weight: 5.9 lbs | Battery: AA batteries | Charging dock: yes | Floor Type: Hard carpet, tiles, and wooden floor

Another amazing robot vacuum, Pure Clean PUCRC95 by SereneLife that takes care of your floor with its amazing cleaning performance. After turning it on, it starts wandering around your house and cleaning its way. 

Don’t worry about the missing corners, this small vacuum robot has a height of about 3.1” which is just right to glide under your beds and couches to sweep every uncleaned patch. 

It runs with a reasonably fast speed and could bump into things but it quickly finds its way back to cleaning for up to 90 mins. When it senses the low battery, it finds and gets back to its docking station to get ready for another cleaning round.

In the box: a robot vacuum, a charging station, an adapter, 2 pc sweep brushes, a mop attachment and a remote control 

Interesting Features

Smart Self-Program: This feature comes in handy especially in your absence. You can set up your schedule and leave the bot to work around the clock. It will keep the settings and strictly stick to the cleaning schedule unless you change it. 

Underneath Rotating Brushes: The dual sweeping brushes increase the cleaning capacity of the vacuum. The brushes are attached to both sides and rotate at a reasonably fast speed to gather all the crumbs and hair to its center from where they get collected. These brushes help to clean the difficult edges where other robot cleaners can reach.

Anti-Fall Cliff Sensors: It is equipped with a smart anti-fall sensor that easily detects the edges and diverts the vacuum robot from its route, preventing falling over the stairs and other high places. 

Auto Charging: The Pure Clean has a built-in battery sensor that lets the bot know when it needs to return to the charging station. Also, the rechargeable battery gets quickly charge to run for 90 mins a long sweeping session. 


  • Affordable Price
  • Pet-friendly robot vacuum
  • Automatic charging
  • Dual sweepers that expands the cleaning area
  • Clean super hard floors
  • Decent speed
  • Dry mopping


  • Manual missing
  • Hits hard on things
  • Little loud
  • Not suitable for thick carpets
  • Small bin
  • Need to buy separate batteries

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Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Control: Remote | Run time: 110 mins | Suction Power: 1500 pa | Capacity: 600 ML | Battery: Lithium-ion | Charging dock: yes | Floor Type: Wood, Tile, Carpet and Hard floor 

Yeedi K600 is the most powerful robot vacuum that is equipped with turbo mode and innovative brushless motors. 

On normal mode, it sweeps very silently around the house while for deep cleaning, double press the power button to activate the turbo mode that does the job even more effectively with the suction power of 1500 pa. 

Despite the powerful cleaning, the compact design keeps the noise low that it won’t be noticeable. Plus, the combination of side brushes and rubber rolling brushes gather the dirt, pet hair, and scrap to the point from they get picked up and locked securely in the dust bin.

The robot vacuum is covered with premium quality glass that is resistant to scratches. So, if you have a pet at home then your concern about the safety of your mini vacuum robot is eliminated, the cover is not only anti-scratch but it also solid enough not to break on biting.  Yeedi K600 is among many best robot vacuum under $150.

In the box: Yeedi K600 robot vacuum, side brushes, multi-function cleaning tool, filters, charging station, powerful adapter, and a user manual  

Interesting Features

Triple Filter System: The Yeedi K600 vacuum bot is not just an ordinary robot vacuum that does light cleaning. This auto vacuum has a 3 filter system, that increases the efficiency to suck all kinds of pet hair, allergens, mites, or their eggs and debris. 

Anti-collision Sensors: To protect it from getting bump into furniture and walls, the anti-collision sensors let the robot know if there is any obstacle in their way or not. 

Drop sensor: The drop sensor keeps monitoring the nearby area and identifies the stairs or trenches immediately and changes the direction of the robot vacuum. 

Self-Charging: Just like other smart vacuums, Yeedi K600 doesn’t require you to sit and inspect it continuously. It keeps working for hours and returns to its charging dock whenever its battery gets low.


  • Most powerful robot vacuum
  • Very silent while cleaning
  • Ideal for deep cleaning and picking up fine pet hair
  • Longer battery life
  • Turbo mode increase the cleaning speed and efficiency
  • Equipped with anti-collision and anti-drop sensors
  • More advanced design


  • Difficult to clean up filters
  • Side brushes are not that much effective]

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SereneLife Pure Clean PUCRC25 V3

Control: Touchpad | Run time: 55 mins | Suction Power: 1200 pa | Charging time:  3 hours | | Battery: Lithium-ion | Charging dock: yes | Floor Type: Wooden floor, Linoleum, Tile, Carpet and Hard floor

If you are tired of sweeping and cleaning then get your hands on Pro Clean PUCRC25 V3. It is the most versatile yet the cheapest RoboVac on the list. It is equipped with everything that you would ever need to keep your floor clean and shiny. 

Unlike other models, it gets started by touching the power-up button on the screen panel. This robot vacuum is of perfect 2.9” ultra-thin size that enables it to glide and clean every possible out of reach corners. Plus, the rotating brushes on either side also increase its cleaning area so it could remove dirt even stuck in edges. 

The mini pure clean RoboVac has a powerful suction power that picks pet hair and other debris easily without getting clogged and the built-in HEPA filters keep the fine dust and other waste locked in the dust cap.

It is equipped with advanced sensors that keep it safe from rolling down the stairs or get damaged. Also, it navigates itself back to its docking station when the battery gets low.  RoboVac never ceases to amazes us by offering some of the most affordable and best robot vacuum under $150.

In the box: Smart Robot Vaccum, Power Adapter, Washable Dust Filter, Rechargeable Battery, and 2 pc Detablable Side Brushes 

Interesting Features

Keep off from stairs: This smart robot is equipped with an anti-fall sensor. That keeps on tracking the surrounding area and on identifying a gap it changes the working direction of the robovac. That’s how it keeps safe from tipping over.

Efficient Brushing: It has sweeping brushed on both sides, which rotates at a fast speed and pushes the dirt and debris inwards so it gets sucked up. Therefore, these rotating brushes not only extend the cleaning area but also enhance the efficiency. 

Obstacle Sensor: Generally, the robot vacuum gets constantly hit by home furniture and walls which could damage your smart home appliance. So, Pure Clean V3 has a smart sensor that detects every obstacle in front and navigates itself automatically to avoid it. 


  • Most Affordable robot vacuum
  • Very Low profile vacuum robot
  • Powerful suction capability
  • Anti-fall and obstacle sensors
  • Batteries included
  • Touch panel control


  • Does not include manual
  • Less features

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Shark ION RV871 Robot Vacuum

Control: Voice Control | Run time: 90 mins | Battery: Lithium-ion | Charging dock: No | Floor Type: Tile, Stone, Hardwood, and laminate floor

Looking for a RoboVac with a much larger dust collecting capacity and with better control? Then check out Shark ION RV871. This amazing vacuum robot has something little extra than other robot vacuums under $150. 

This top-notch vacuum has a tri-brushing system that would not leave any dust particles left behind. It easily goes under your bed, couches, table, and kitchen counters to sweep and clean the floor thoroughly. 

It even runs over the carpet and sucks all the hidden dust. Plus it can pick every kind of dross and litter scattered on a place without making any noise.

The Shark ION RV871 has an edge over other automatic robot vacuums with its voice command functionality. How cool it looks to have a vacuum cleaner that works on your voice commands?! Now you can control your cleaning schedule remotely by using the SharkClean app on your phone. Shark is one of many best robot vacuum under $150.

In the box: Shark Ion RoboVac, a charging station, a lithium-ion battery, 2 extra side brushes, and 2 filters (1 extra)

Interesting Features

Easy Voice Control: You can control and run your robot vacuum on voice command which makes it very easy to control. It is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, you just need to connect it with these devices and give commands even remotely and your cleaning job will be done even in your absence. 

Hi-Tech Cliff Sensor: The cliff sensor is mounted under the robot which easily identifies the stairs and other gaps ahead to avoid them by changing its direction. 

Proximity Sensor: Its powerful proximity sensor keeps on monitoring the materials on the front to avoid hurdles in its way of cleaning. This way this smart robot vacuum never gets stuck even in closed corners.


  • Extra-large storing cup
  • Compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • 3 rotating brushes
  • Outstanding cleaning and dusting performance
  • Comes with extra accessories


  • Can get stuck on the edges of carpets
  • Not so high suction power

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Tenergy Otis Robot Aspirador

Control: Remote | Run time: 90 mins | Suction Power: 1200 pa | Capacity: 9 L | Battery: Lithium-ion | Charging dock: yes | Floor Type: Tile, Carpet, and Hardwood floor

Tenergy Otis Robot Vaccum is another versatile robocav on the list after Pure Clean V3. This stylish house robot keeps the dust off with 4 unique cleaning modes and Turbo power that takes the sweeping to the next level. It is also one of the best robot vacuum under $150.

It comes with a much larger and easy to use remote to control the operation of the vacuum robot. The 9 L bag capacity allows the bot to keep collecting debris and crumbs for over 90 mins. 

The 1200 pa suction power is enough to efficiently remove all the dirt and pet hair from the floor or carpet. When the battery gets drained up, it searches and navigates back to its charging dock.

In the box: Terergy Otis Robot Vaccum, batteries, 2 sweeping brushes, and a charging dock 

Interesting Features

Turbo Cleaning Power: This robot vacuum has a feature to go Turbo with powerful lithium-ion batteries that increase the suction power to remove the finest particles.

4 Custom Cleaning Modes: It offers unique cleaning ways that you can set according to your requirement and schedule them. These modes include; Double mode, Edge mode, Auto mode, and spot mode.  


  • Extra capacity in dustbin
  • Can pick up smallest and finest particles
  • 4 cleaning modes to choose from
  • Customize the cleaning routine
  • Turbo power


  • Can’t find the charging station easily

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Buying Guide for Best Robot Vacuum 

Although there are many cheap models available in stores still you have to be very careful while picking the best of the best in your budget range. For that do consider the following factors while making a purchase.

Floor Type: When you are looking for a robot vacuum, the first thing that you must check is whether it is built for the type of floor that you have at home or not. Many vacuum robots are made for just hard floors and short carpets. While very few are designed to run over multiple terrains to cleanup. 

Suction Power: Generally, the vacuum bots are smaller in size and are designed for light clean up that ease the job with stand-up vacuum cleaners. Such cleaners have a low suction power of just 600 pa. 

If you want deep cleaning and a bot that could pick up every crumb on your floor then go with the one that has more suction power and such vacuums are often equipped with turbo power systems that boost the suction up to 1200 pa. These automatic vacuum cleaners are very effective in cleaning up the finest and minute dirt particles or pet hair.

Dustbin Capacity: Every vacuum requires its dustbin to be emptied before continuing the cleaning job. Normally, a robotic waste cup gets full in a day and requires disposal. If you want your vacuum to run longer with less frequent bucket emptying sessions then go with the one that has more capacity. The decent dustbin capacity for a vacuum robot is 9 Liters. 

Battery: The quality of the battery mainly decides the faith and performance of the robot. Some companies use low-quality batteries that drain up quickly and fails to provide enough power to maintain the moving speed. 

Therefore, the vacuums with lithium-ion battery are the most recommended as they not only provide more power to keep the bot running and sweeping around but they also have a longer shelf life. 

Cleaning Modes & Customizability: Cleaning modes are basically provided to customize the robot for the clean of a specific area. Some robots have multiple cleaning modes while others work on just a standard random mode. Therefore, check the mode options and the customizability that whether you can set up your own cleaning schedule or not. 

Vacuum Control: If you stay at home and want to control the vacuum robot with a controller, then go with the one that has a remote control or touch panel. Or if you spend most of the time outside the home, then purchase the one that has compatibility with smart home devices like Alexa or Google assistant. 

Accessories: Always check what you will be getting with the robot vacuum, usually, the accessories may include detachable brushes, docking station, powerful adapter, batteries, and filters. If any of these missing then it definitely gonna add you the cost. So buy wisely and pick the one that comes with complete accessories.

Final Words

A  robot vacuum cleaner is a must to have in-home as they don’t only assist you with cleaning but they also keep the allergens, mites, and other disease-causing agents away from your pets and your kids. In this post, we have discussed the 6 best robot vacuum under $150 and a detailed buying guide. I hope this post will help you with your search. Good Luck!

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